Baltics Travel Guide eBook

There are few areas of the European Union that have been explored less than the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

While Tallinn, Estonia has seen a massive influx of tourism in recent years due to its capacity as a cruise ship port and Riga, Latvia has increased in popularity as budget airlines have begun to offer cheap connections, the rest of the Baltics remain relatively untouched by foreign tourism. This makes Baltics travel an appealing option for those looking to get truly off the beaten path in Europe.

This book is filled with all the essential information needed for you to begin to plan your Baltic adventure.

Our Baltics Travel Guide Book Includes

  • How To Budget – Learn exactly how much each part of your Baltics trip will cost
  • Sample Itineraries – Recommended stops throughout Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania as well as tips for planning your itinerary
  • Safety Information – Information on common scams and how to stay safe during your travels
  • Detailed City Guides – Extensive city guides with things to do, places to eat, where to stay and day trips for all major cities and tourist destinations in the Baltics
  • Transport and Accommodation Tips – Guidance on how to get between places and finding accommodation in the Baltics
  • Historical Context – Cultural and religious nuances as well as regional cuisine to try throughout the three nations

All our knowledge comes from extensive, first-hand experience of travelling through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. We fell in love with this under-visited corner of Europe and are passionate about urging travellers to venture a bit off the beaten path to explore the Baltics for themselves!

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