How to Get from Baku to Sheki & Things To Do in Sheki

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Sheki

While the majority of people travelling through Azerbaijan, might just spend a few days in Baku and then hop back on the night train to Tbilisi or fly home, it’s definitely worth taking the time to explore other areas of Azerbaijan. A popular option is to travel from Baku to Sheki and then cross the border overland to Georgia. While there aren’t a huge number of things to do in … Read More

How to Get From Sofia to Thessaloniki by Bus, Train or Car

sofia to thessaloniki

If you’re undertaking a long trip through the Balkans, chances are at some point you might be wondering how to get from Sofia to Thessaloniki or vice-versa. Looping through Greece is a popular option for travellers who are spending a few days in Bulgaria and want to explore some of the highlights in Northern Greece such as Meteora before venturing to Albania. Luckily it’s incredibly straight forward to get from … Read More

ClaimCompass Review: How To Claim for a Delayed Flight

When it comes to travelling, there are few things more frustrating than a delayed or cancelled flight. Not only does it leave you with less time to enjoy your destination, but it might also mean hours of waiting time at the airport. In July 2018, we, along with hundreds of other passengers, were left stranded in London when AirBaltic first delayed and later cancelled our flight to Tallinn. Some passengers … Read More

How To Travel By Bus From San Diego to Ensenada via Tijuana

San Diego to Ensenada by Bus

Despite events that have occurred at the San Ysidro Border Crossing – the world’s busiest land border crossing – travelling through here remains a relatively straightforward experience for travellers. While many visitors who wish to travel from San Diego to Ensenada will opt to drive through the border crossing, it can actually be an easier and quicker experience to opt for public transport between these two cities and to leave … Read More

10 Tips for Planning An Iceland Trip

Iceland is simply a magical place to travel to. It’s unlike any other place that I’ve visited in the past, both in terms of the amazing sites that you can see but also the logistics associated with travelling around this beautiful country. There are, however, a number of things that make Iceland a unique travel destination that should be considered when planning an Iceland trip. Here are our top ten … Read More

A Traveller’s Guide To Latvian Food And Drink

3 days in riga

One of the reasons people love to travel is to learn about and try the local food. I’m no different in that respect however for me, this goes far beyond eating at a hip restaurant or finding an authentic hole-in-the-wall takeaway place. I love to understand how and what locals eat on a day-to-day basis and one of the best ways to do this is by browsing supermarket aisles or … Read More

Is Krakow Worth Visiting? The Pros and Cons

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to visit Krakow. It was a destination that had caused me something of a heated mental debate — I had heard such mixed reviews of the city that I was sitting firmly on the fence as to whether to visit at all. There were a few reasons, however, that pushed me over the edge and I found myself visiting Poland’s second-largest … Read More

Prizren or Pristina: Where To Go In Kosovo

prizren old town

I didn’t know what to expect when I went backpacking in Kosovo, but after spending a week there I found a warm and welcoming country with plenty to offer. The two main cities, Prizren and Pristina, both have something different to offer travellers and I strongly recommend trying to fit both cities in your Kosovo itinerary. They are only separated by a 1.5-hour bus ride making it incredibly easy to … Read More