Pula or Rovinj? Where to Stay in Istria

Is Croatia expensive? A Croatia trip cost guide

Heading to the Istria region of Croatia and can’t decide between staying in Pula or Rovinj? While the coastal region of Dalmatia with impressive cities like Dubrovnik and Split jump continually draw hordes of tourists each year, many travellers are looking for an alternative area in Croatia to visit without the crowds and all of the implications that mass tourism can bring. This is why visiting the northwestern region of Istria … Read More

7-Day Istria Itinerary: Explore Pula, Umag and Rovinj

Planning the perfect Istria itinerary can prove to be a difficult task, especially with the so many visitors to Croatia flocking to the Dalmatian coast rather than to this gorgeous and historic region. Croatia continues to grow as a popular holiday destination, with images of its ancient coastal cities and crystal clear Adriatic waters littering the pages of travel blogs and magazines and enchanting us in our Instagram feeds. And … Read More

Zadar or Split: Which Croatian City to Visit?

Church of St Donatus & Zadar Cathedral’s Bell Tower

Choosing between staying in or visiting the cities of Zadar or Split on a trip down Croatia’s coast can seem like an impossible task. On the surface, these cities seem to be fairly similar and can seem to offer more or less the same things to see and do. However, once you dig a bit deeper, you will find that both Split and Zadar are diverse and dynamic cities that … Read More

The Perfect One Day in Zadar Itinerary

Cathedral of St Anastasia

Often overshadowed by the Adriatic gems of Split or Dubrovnik, the lovely city of Zadar located in the northern Dalmatia region of Croatia is a wonderful destination to visit in its own right. Compact and filled to the brim with history, you can see so many of the sites of the city by spending just one day in Zadar, making it a perfect destination to break up the drive down … Read More

Plitvice or Krka: Which Croatian National Park to Visit?

Krka Waterfall

While many tourists flock the Balkan nation of Croatia for its incredible Adriatic coastline and vibrant, historic cities, there are some absolutely gorgeous inland national parks that are worth visiting as well, the two most famous being Plitvice Lakes and Krka. However, if you’re pressed for time and need to choose between visiting Plitvice or Krka, that’s when the decision can get difficult. On the surface, the two national parks … Read More

Ljubljana or Zagreb: Which City Should You Visit?

Ljubljana's lovely riverside

Should you visit Ljubljana or Zagreb on your next trip to the Balkans or Central Europe? Is Slovenia or Croatia more suited to your travel desires? Both of these capital cities are located within about 2 hours of each other but can offer significantly different things to travellers. One boasts a fairy-tale-like Old Town that is completely pedestrianised, the other is a metropolitan urban centre with a number of interesting … Read More

Split or Dubrovnik: Which Croatian City to Visit?

Dubrovnik's City Walls are one reason to choose Dubrovnik over Split

Should you visit Split or Dubrovnik on your trip to Croatia? It’s a question that many potential visitors to this beautiful Balkan nation ask themselves frequently, especially if they’re short on time and want to get the most out of their trip to Croatia. While both cities aren’t all the far from each other and can offer similar things to travellers, they are also distinct enough that you can have … Read More

How to Enter Kosovo Legally

Balkans itinerary

As of the beginning of 2017, 111 UN member states recognise Kosovo as an independent country. However, Serbia still sees Kosovo as part of Serbia which means there is no hard border between the two countries. This has caused a large amount of confusion for travellers who wish to enter Kosovo from Serbia or alternatively enter Serbia from Kosovo due to conflicting information available online. There have also been reports … Read More