Is It Worth It To Visit Skopje: Macedonia’s Unusual Capital

Visiting Skopje Macedonia's Unusual Capital

Skopje is an unusual city. Walking along the banks of the Vardar River and seeing the large Neo-Classical style buildings you could be mistaken for thinking this city is similar to Paris or Budapest or other grand European cities that are based along a grand river. However, there are two crucial things that you realise when you visit Skopje that make the Macedonian capital different: the fact that the majority of these … Read More

Five Best Places To Visit In Albania

Beautiful and fascinating Albania, nestled between its more developed neighbours along the Adriatic Coast, is still relatively undiscovered on the mainstream European tourist trail. The country is still waking up from years of isolationism and whilst tourism is increasing to some coastal areas, particularly close to Greece, the country as whole remains one of the few unexplored countries left in Europe. If you’re unsure which cities to include on your … Read More

What To Do In Kotor For Three Days

visit kotor city walls

Montenegro has quickly established itself as one of the hottest new destinations in Europe. Tourism has returned here since the sharp decline during the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s. And with its prime location, nestled between Croatia and Greece on the Adriatic Coast, it was only a matter of time before tourists ventured here and away from its more popular neighbours. A perfect way to explore the highlights of Montenegro … Read More

Sofia: Bulgaria’s Underrated Capital

Sofia itinerary

Bulgaria was a country that had piqued my interest from the beginning of my Eastern European travels. I can be a bit of a dork about ancient civilisations and had heard that the country boasts some of the best preserved Thracian ruins in the world. Combine that with a world-class wine country, a diverse landscape, and top-notch beaches all at very affordable prices, you could say that I had high … Read More

Prizren or Pristina: Where To Go In Kosovo

prizren old town

I didn’t know what to expect when I went backpacking in Kosovo, but after spending a week there I found a warm and welcoming country with plenty to offer. The two main cities, Prizren and Pristina, both have something different to offer travellers and I strongly recommend trying to fit both cities in your Kosovo itinerary. They are only separated by a 1.5-hour bus ride making it incredibly easy to … Read More

Visit Novi Sad and Nis: Serbia’s Second Cities

Balkans itinerary

If you only have time to visit one city in Serbia, make sure it’s Belgrade – it’s one of the best cities in Europe! However, like is often the case, the largest city isn’t always representative of the whole country and the people that live there. It’s therefore worth considering to visit Novi Sad or to visit Nis (or more accurately Niš) – two of Serbia’s smaller cities. This will … Read More