What To Do In Kaunas: Lithuania’s Edgy Second City

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Are you planning a visit to Lithuania’s second city and are wondering what to do in Kaunas? Lithuania is a country you see popping up more and more in the travel industry, boasting an off-beat and affordable option for a European escape. However, most people venturing into this southernmost Baltic nation tend only to set their sites on the baroque charms of its capital Vilnius or for the pristine white … Read More

Things To Do In Liepaja: A Two-Day Itinerary

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Are you thinking of heading to one of Latvia’s beautiful coastal cities and are looking for the best things to do in Liepaja? Liepaja, Latvia’s third-largest city, doesn’t see nearly the amount of foreign tourism that it deserves. Situated along the Baltic coast about 60 kilometres north of the Lithuanian border, Liepaja is a charming city boasting an interesting history, numerous lush parks and open-air markets, and one of the … Read More

Where to Stay in Riga, Latvia: The Best Hotels, Airbnbs & Hostels

Riga, the capital of the Baltic nation of Latvia, has experienced significant growth in tourism over recent years. This has been driven by a number of budget airlines operating flights from around Europe, its affordable prices and unique culture that makes it a great stop for a weekend break or as part of a longer Baltic travel itinerary. Travellers wondering where to stay in Riga are spoiled for choice as … Read More

Where to Stay in Vilnius: The Best Hotels, Airbnbs and Hostels

3 Days in Vilnius Itinerary

Vilnius, the charming capital of Lithuania, is often overlooked by travellers on a short Baltics itinerary who tend to favour the other Baltic capitals of Tallinn or Riga. This is undoubtedly a great shame, as Vilnius has a lot to offer travellers with several interesting neighbourhoods that are perfect for a few days of exploring. Wondering where to stay in Vilnius? This article outlines all the best places to stay … Read More

A Guide To Latvian Food And Drink

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One of the reasons people love to travel is to learn about and try the local food. I’m no different in that respect however for me this goes far beyond eating at a hip restaurant or finding an authentic hole in the wall take away place. I love to understand how and what locals eat on a day to day basis and one of the best ways to do this … Read More

Finding Paradise on a Baltic Beach

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The Baltic countries are a relatively unexplored area of Europe and those who do end up visiting tend not to venture any further than the capital cities. This is an immense shame, however, because this small corner of Europe has so much to offer any traveller — including miles upon miles of beautiful, pristine coastline. We had both been keen to visit a Baltic beach before leaving the region but … Read More