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How to Visit Graz in One Day: Austria’s Charming Second City

The beautiful city of Graz, Austria

For travellers venturing to Austria as part of a larger Central Europe itinerary, chances are that a visit to Graz doesn’t make the cut. While places like the capital of Vienna, Mozart’s birthplace of Salzburg or overtouristed Hallstatt get most of the attention, most tourists don’t make the detour to visit Graz. This is undoubtedly a great shame as Graz provides visitors with an incredible mix of historical sites to … Read More

How To Travel from Vienna to Graz by Train, Bus & Car

Graz's Famous Clock Tower

Neither Maggie or I were huge fans of Vienna during our previous Central Europe travels. So when we found ourselves flying to the Austrian capital after exploring Cyprus for over a week, we were on the lookout for other cities we could visit. As we’ve both always been a fan of ‘second cities’ such as Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Tartu in Estonia & Kutaisi in Georgia, we decided to travel from … Read More

4 Days In Budapest On A Budget

Budapest — easily classified as the crowning jewel of Central Europe — is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after destinations on the continent. This is no surprise, as Hungary’s capital city is not only absolutely beautiful but is packed to the brim with historical landmarks, a fantastic arts scene, and an unrivalled nightlife. These, combined with the fact that it is incredibly easy to visit Budapest on a … Read More

10-Day Czech Republic Itinerary: Explore Beyond Prague

Olomouc Travel Guide: Visit Olomouc

Over the past few years, tourism numbers in the Czech Republic have skyrocketed with over 18 million people visiting the country each year. However, most visitors to this beautiful Central European nation tend to only set their sites on the Gothic charms of Prague and rarely venture far from the capital city. Contrary to the typical tourist path, though, there are many incredible places to visit. Whether you are backpacking … Read More

Jeseniky Mountains: Hiking in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Itinerary

Our decision to travel to the eastern part of the Czech Republic was made on something of a whim. We had both mentioned previously that we were keen to explore more of this beautiful country, but it wasn’t something that had jumped to the top of our plans. When we were scouring for flights, however, to figure out where to go on our next adventure, we found that flights to … Read More

Olomouc Travel Guide: Why You Should Visit Now

Czech Republic Itinerary

I first visited Olomouc in May 2010. I had never heard of this city before but I met a traveller in Slovakia who spoke very fondly of it. He described it as having the beauty of Prague without the hordes of tourists. This piqued my interest significantly as, at that point, I had spent a month in some of Central Europe’s most popular destinations and was eager to find more off-the-beaten-path … Read More

Ostrava Travel Guide: Things To Do, Restaurants & Places To Stay

Ostrava Attractions

The Czech Republic is certainly no stranger to foreign tourism, with foreign visitor numbers falling well over 18 million annually. However, most tourists visiting this Central European nation tend only to set their limits on Prague, perhaps taking a day trip to Cesky Krumlov or maybe a brief stopover in Brno while en route from Vienna or Bratislava. What often gets overlooked, however, is the Czech Republic’s third largest city: Ostrava. Located … Read More

10 Day Backpacking Poland Itinerary

In recent years, backpacking Poland has become an increasingly popular option for visitors embarking on a backpacking trip through Central Europe. While, many travellers on a multi-country Euro trip will likely only make a brief stop into Poland, it’s entirely possible to spend a significant amount of time purely exploring the country on its own. Poland has a wonderful mix of lively cities, fascinating history and easily accessible nature, which … Read More