The Perfect Malmo Day Trip from Copenhagen

Malmo Old Town

Planning a Malmo day trip is one of the best things to do if you’re spending a few days exploring the Danish capital. Copenhagen itself is a great destination in itself to visit for many reasons. From its incredible food scene to some of the friendliest people and world-renowned architecture, another benefit to visiting is its proximity to Sweden. If you’re spending time in Copenhagen and would like to experience … Read More

Is Stockholm Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Stockholm

Old Town of Stockholm

The city of Stockholm is a great destination for anyone searching for a trip full of culture, art, history, and incredible food. But what are the prices in Stockholm like? The question, “is Stockholm expensive?” is one that will likely take reign of your thoughts when planning a trip to Stockholm as Sweden is known for being a pricey destination. But is a trip to Stockholm a feasible option for … Read More

The Ultimate 3 to 4 Days in Stockholm Itinerary

Beautiful Stockholm

Planning the perfect Stockholm itinerary can be a bit overwhelming when you consider how much this metropolis has to offer. The city of Stockholm is easily one of the most vibrant and cultured European and Scandinavian capitals. The city itself boasts a wide array of art, gastronomic delights, green areas, fashion, and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. The history of the capital goes back to 1252, and on … Read More

Is Copenhagen Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Copenhagen

Colourful buildings on Copenhagen's harbour

Is Copenhagen expensive to visit? What are the average prices in Copenhagen? These are questions that countless would-be travellers to the Danish capital ask themselves before planning a trip to this lovely northern European city. With a reputation for being incredibly expensive, many potential visitors plainly assume that there is no real way to save money in the city and that a trip to Copenhagen is one that is bound … Read More

Copenhagen or Stockholm: Which City to Visit?

Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen

Is Copenhagen or Stockholm the right city for you? The Scandinavian capitals are two of the most visited cities in the region, both with beautiful surroundings, and thriving scenes of art and culture, with a truly stylish air that’s unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Perhaps you only have time to visit one of the two, or your budget will only allow you to visit one. In that case, you’ll … Read More

How Much Will an Iceland Trip Cost in 2023?

Iceland is a destination that is on many a traveller’s wish list, but it is often pushed to the back due to the fact that it is well-known that an Iceland trip cost can be incredibly expensive. I had wanted to visit Iceland for years but never saw it as an option due solely to finances. However, after spending a week exploring this beautiful country, we found that it is … Read More

The Best Hiking Boots for Iceland (Winter or Summer!)

Enchanting photos of Iceland’s spectacular landscapes fill our Instagram feeds as more and more people are taking advantage of extended layovers in order to experience this beautiful country for themselves. However, is also a land of inclement weather and the landscape is mostly rugged and rural so it imperative to find the best hiking boots for Iceland as you will be spending an extended period of time trekking through some wilderness. … Read More

The Best Coat for Iceland in Winter (and Summer!)

While you maybe already have a general idea about what to pack for an Iceland trip, we thought that we would go in-depth about one of the most important items you need to bring with you when you visit this gorgeous country: the best jacket or coat for Iceland. Whether you’re looking for the best coat for Iceland in winter or summer, autumn or spring, there is no denying that … Read More