The Best Horseback Riding in Iceland: Tours & What to Expect

Horse Riding in South Iceland

While the mere thought of our trip to Iceland had me starry-eyed and dreamy as I was filled with images of breathtaking sub-arctic scenery, black sand beaches, and cascading waterfalls, there was one thing that I was looking forward to beyond all else, and that was riding an Icelandic horse. I love animals of all kinds and have been riding horses since I was a little girl, so finding the … Read More

The Best Hotels Near Keflavik Airport and Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Early morning or late evening flights can be stressful, particularly when arriving or leaving from a new country. That’s why if you’re flying into Iceland it might be worth staying in one of these hotels near Keflavik Airport. Many flights to Iceland land late at night or depart early in the morning meaning that rather than dealing with finding a way to get to the airport in the middle of … Read More

10 Best Stops on the Reykjavik to Vik to Jokulsarlon Drive

Visit South Iceland: Beyond the Golden Circle

One of the main reasons behind Iceland’s surge in popularity in recent years has been the increasing number of visitors using Iceland as a short layover when they cross the Atlantic. A common three day stop involving Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon & touring the Golden Circle means that many travellers in Iceland miss out on some other fantastic South Iceland attractions that are located on the Reykjavik to Vik to Jokulsarlon … Read More

The Best Pants for Iceland in Winter or Summer

Iceland is known for its dramatic scenery and ever changing weather, which makes packing for a trip to this Nordic country a complicated task no matter the season. In a country where it is possible to experience the climate of all four seasons in one day, finding the best gear to keep you warm and dry throughout your visit is absolutely essential. And while many people might concentrate on finding … Read More

Complete Guide to Iceland’s Golden Circle Stops (with Map!)

The Complete Guide to Golden Circle Stops

For most travellers on a short trip to Iceland, after spending a day or two in Reykjavik and soaking in the Blue Lagoon, their last day is spent touring the famous Golden Circle, easily accessible as a day trip from Reykjavik. While many tour operators stick to the four most popular Golden Circle stops, there are a number of spectacular additional stops possible if you self-drive the Golden Circle. That being … Read More

The Ultimate 6-Day South Iceland Itinerary

Visit South Iceland: Beyond the Golden Circle

Iceland has always been a dream destination of mine. Like for most people when travelling to a destination that they’ve dreamed about for years, I had grand illusions of packing as much as possible into my 6 day Iceland itinerary.  I wanted to travel all around the Ring Road and see everything that Iceland had to offer. However, the more I researched, the more I realised that it simply wasn’t … Read More

11 Essential Iceland Car Rental Tips

Iceland Car Rental Tips

In order to experience the best of Iceland, you simply need to get around by car. While you can certainly see the popular sites of Iceland by taking day trips from Reykjavik, you would undoubtedly miss out on seeing a lot of off the beaten path spots as well as simply having the flexibility to enjoy Iceland at a leisurely pace. Unless you plan on hitchhiking around, you’ll most likely … Read More

One Day in Reykjavik on a Budget

Iceland, once regarded simply as a frozen island somewhere in the north Atlantic, has seen an absolutely massive boom in tourism over the past decade. This is largely attributed to North Americans en route to Europe taking advantage of the opportunity for an extended layover. But, if there’s one thing Iceland is famous for, it would be its breathtaking scenery. Or its thousands of cascading waterfalls. Or its spirited Icelandic … Read More