11 Essential Iceland Car Rental Tips

Iceland Car Rental Tips

In order to experience the best of Iceland, you simply need to get around by car. While you can certainly see the popular sites of Iceland by taking day trips from Reykjavik, you would undoubtedly miss out on seeing a lot of off the beaten path spots as well as simply having the flexibility to enjoy Iceland at a leisurely pace. Unless you plan on hitchhiking around, you’ll most likely … Read More

One Day in Reykjavik on a Budget

Iceland, once regarded simply as a frozen island somewhere in the north Atlantic, has seen an absolutely massive boom in tourism over the past decade. This is largely attributed to North Americans en route to Europe taking advantage of the opportunity for an extended layover. But, if there’s one thing Iceland is famous for, it would be its breathtaking scenery. Or its thousands of cascading waterfalls. Or its spirited Icelandic … Read More

What To Pack & What To Wear In Iceland

Visit South Iceland: Beyond the Golden Circle

It can be difficult to figure out what to wear in Iceland and piecing the perfect Iceland packing list can be an especially daunting task. Iceland has extreme weather conditions and even though it might be bright and sunny one minute, the next minute could bring an apocalyptic snowstorm with winds strong enough to transport you to Oz. It is very common to experience every season within the span of a … Read More

Is Copenhagen Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Copenhagen

Colourful buildings on Copenhagen's harbour

Is Copenhagen expensive to visit? What are the average prices in Copenhagen? These are questions that countless would-be travellers to the Danish capital ask themselves before planning a trip to this lovely northern European city. With a reputation for being incredibly expensive, many potential visitors plainly assume that there is no real way to save money in the city and that a trip to Copenhagen is one that is bound … Read More

How Much Will an Iceland Trip Cost in 2021?

Iceland is a destination that is on many a traveller’s wish list, but it is often pushed to the back due to the fact that it is well-known that an Iceland trip cost can be incredibly expensive. I had wanted to visit Iceland for years but never saw it as an option due solely to finances. However, after spending a week exploring this beautiful country, we found that it is … Read More

The Perfect 2 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary

Copenhagen skyline

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a popular city-break destination for those looking to spend a couple of days exploring this lovely and vibrant Scandinavian city. While there are a seemingly infinite amount of things to do in the Danish capital that visitors could easily fill more than a week with activities and day trips, spending 2 days in Copenhagen is an excellent way to get a great feel for … Read More

The Best Coat for Iceland in Winter (and Summer!)

Iceland continues to grow as one of Europe’s top travel destinations, especially as the prospect of a prolonged layover on this subarctic island nation gain popularity. Because of its unique climate with little weather variation between the seasons, Iceland is also very much a year-round destination. However, there is no denying that no matter the season, Iceland can be a cold, damp, and windy place. While we have already written … Read More

The Best Gloves for Iceland in Winter or Summer

Visit South Iceland: Beyond the Golden Circle

Iceland is undeniably a unique destination. The sites and attractions of this small country are absolutely spectacular however the climate can be unforgivable which means you need to be prepared. After all, there is nothing worse than having your trip to Iceland ruined because you didn’t pack the right gear. One of the main things that travellers often overlook is ensuring that they have the best gloves for Iceland travel … Read More