What To Pack & What To Wear In Iceland

Visit South Iceland: Beyond the Golden Circle

It can be difficult to figure out what to wear in Iceland and piecing the perfect Iceland packing list can be an especially daunting task. Iceland has extreme weather conditions and even though it might be bright and sunny one minute, the next minute could bring an apocalyptic snowstorm with winds strong enough to transport you to Oz. It is very common to experience every season within the span of a … Read More

10 Tips for Planning An Iceland Trip

Iceland is simply a magical place to travel to. It’s unlike any other place that I’ve visited in the past, both in terms of the amazing sites that you can see but also the logistics associated with travelling around this beautiful country. There are however a number of things that make Iceland a unique travel destination that should be considered when planning an Iceland trip. Here are our top ten … Read More

Exploring Freetown Christiania

Christiania flag

After a months-long travelling drought, I found myself nearly as excited for our weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark as I have been before embarking on much longer journeys. It was a city that I had always been keen to visit but had never been able to justify as part of a longer European trip due to budget constraints (Copenhagen is expensive!). However, due to the laughably inexpensive flight deals one can … Read More

Best Places to Eat in Copenhagen on a Budget

Mad & Kaffe brunch best places to eat in copenhagen

Copenhagen isn’t a cheap city by any measure. Danes, however, love to eat out which has led to the foodie scene exploding in Copenhagen over the last decade. This makes it a real shame if you come to the Danish capital and don’t check it out. We spent a lot of our long weekend in Copenhagen hunting for great affordable eateries. So with that in mind, here are some of the … Read More