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How Many Days in Berlin? Planning a 2 to 4-Day Itinerary

Berlin Skyline

Since the fall of the wall that divided it, Berlin has grown to become a leading European city break destination. Much of this Berlin owes to its links to both the Cold War and World War II- as the frontier of where West met East during the former and as the centre of Nazi power during the latter. Besides the historical and cultural gems that Berlin boasts, it lays claim … Read More

Weekend in Geneva Itinerary: 2 Days on a Budget

A Weekend In Geneva On A Budget

A weekend in Geneva was never on my radar. In fact, beyond hiking or skiing in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland as a destination wasn’t something I had considered. It wasn’t because I thought there was nothing worth seeing in the country but rather I could never justify travelling to Switzerland because of the cost compared to other more affordable European countries. Nevertheless, my parents had always wanted to explore more of … Read More

Is Berlin Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Berlin

Museum Island Berlin

Berlin is a city synonymous with the Cold War era, no thanks in part to the dividing wall which ran through it. The wall’s destruction was one of the most significant events in modern Europe and the reunification of Berlin, and Germany in general, kick-started a transformation that has seen the city become the capital of the fourth-largest economy in the world. Before travelling or even deciding to travel, one … Read More

The Two Sides of Visiting Dresden

The Two Sides of Visiting Dresden

Dresden wasn’t a city I had ever intended to spend much time in. However, after my initial plan of spending a couple of weeks in Berlin in summer went by the wayside due to accommodation shortages in the German capital, I found myself visiting Dresden. I hadn’t done much research about the best places to visit in Dresden but after spending a few days wandering the streets, I was intrigued to … Read More

Cool Places to Eat in Berlin

Cool Places to Eat in Berlin

When travelling, I’m always a big advocate for sampling regional food and drink. Most of the time, the terms local and national cuisine are synonymous, however, in Berlin, this is very much not the case. Traditional German food — such as giant slabs of meat, sauerkraut and bratwurst — is certainly available in Berlin, however, many locals prefer to indulge in the plethora of international options which are often cheaper and … Read More

Berlin Street Art: Nine Pieces to Look For

Lucy and her cat: Berlin street art

Berlin is cool. That phrase almost goes without saying as millions of people from all over the globe flock to the German capital each year. And there are a million cool things to do in Berlin! After the fall of the wall and the city was reunited, the city soon became a sanctuary for artists and creative types — a lifestyle that was smashed as much as it could be … Read More

Eight Cool Things To Do In Berlin

Cool Things to do in Berlin

If somebody mentions the words ‘alternative’ and ‘cool’ while describing a city, there’s a pretty good chance they’re talking about Berlin. Berlin’s alternative culture has evolved significantly over the last few years, with many of Berlin’s famed squat houses being shut down as officials try to reclaim the prized real estate where these buildings stood. Nevertheless, for a traveller, there are still many alternative and cool things to do in Berlin. … Read More