How to Buy Premier League Tickets in England

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Football in England is a religion. So if you’re planning on visiting the UK or have been living here for a while, seeing a football game live is simply one of the best experiences you can have. Unfortunately, its popularity and the fact that most tickets are sold to season ticket holders means getting tickets isn’t as straightforward as you might be used to in other countries. Nevertheless, with a little bit of planning, it’s still possible to obtain tickets. Here are some tips on how to buy Premier League tickets or any football tickets in England so you can see a live game!

1. Sign up to the team’s member base

If you’re a huge fan of a particular team and are living in England or planning your trip far enough in advance, I suggest signing up for a basic team membership. This allows you priority access to tickets about 4-8 weeks before match day. Membership costs vary by the club but expect to pay around £20-40 for big clubs such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.

I recommend that you do this as soon as possible as some clubs have waiting periods before you can purchase tickets. For example, I recently signed up for a Tottenham membership, however, had to wait a couple of months before being able to buy tickets for games against other big clubs. This is done to prevent rival supporters buying tickets from other clubs!

For most of the major clubs, tickets rarely go on sale to the general public so your best option to buy Premier League tickets in England is directly from the club.Keep an eye out on the club’s website for when different matches’ tickets go on sale.

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2. Buy from a reputable reseller

Most of the major clubs have a relationship with an authorised ticket reseller such as StubHub or their own ticket exchange that allows season ticket holders to sell tickets for games they can’t attend. These tickets are usually sold at a premium so this isn’t necessarily a budget-friendly way to buy football tickets. However, as these are official relationships, you will have more comfort knowing that the tickets you buy are genuine. 

Go on the official club’s website to see where season ticket holders are authorised to sell tickets. I would recommend avoiding buying Premier League tickets from other third party websites as, at best, these tickets are extremely overpriced or, at worst, they are a scam and you’ll never see the tickets!

3. Buy tickets on match-day

It is possible to sometimes scalp tickets on match day outside the stadium, particularly for clubs with big stadiums like Arsenal. To do this, I suggest arriving at the stadium a few hours before and walking around near the main entrances to see if anybody gets your attention. Have a price in mind that you’re willing to pay and be prepared to walk away if the person is overcharging.

I recommend buying tickets from people who are also going to the game and might have a spare ticket rather than obvious touts where scams are more likely. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

If you can’t find a ticket on match-day, head to a pub near the stadium and enjoy the game with a pint in hand instead! Sometimes, in the dead of winter this is actually the best way to experience an English soccer game! 

4. See a Championship or a League One game

Whilst the advice in this article has focused primarily on how to buy Premier League tickets, some football purists will argue that the big clubs have lost a lot of their atmosphere as they’ve become international brand names (think Manchester United, Liverpool etc.). Therefore, if you want to see a game with a traditional English atmosphere, I recommend checking out a Championship or League One game.

Tickets to these games are almost always available directly on the club’s official website without needing a membership. They typically cost in the range of £10-20 per ticket which is more than half the price of an EPL game.

If you’re in London, check out a QPR or Fulham game, both stadiums are easily accessible by the Tube, are located in central London and have fiercely loyal supporters that guarantee plenty of chanting and a great atmosphere!

Seeing a football game in England is one of the best activities to do as a tourist or long-term resident. It’s also a great excuse for a weekend away in a different city like our weekend in Liverpool to see an Everton game. Make sure you don’t miss out on this quintessential English experience!

Have you been to a football game in England before? How did you buy Premier League tickets? Add a comment below!

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