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The Best Shoes For Backpacking Europe

…of fantastic options available. Wondering what you actually need to pack for your backpacking Europe adventure? – Make sure to check out our complete backpacking Europe packing list! Best Hiking Shoes…

The Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones in Europe

cobblestone streets

…sites and sounds that European cities have to offer. The only problem with that is that a huge proportion of European cities are incredibly old and equipped with cobblestone streets…

The Best Walking Sandals for Europe Travel

Walking Sandals on European streets

Are you planning to visit Europe in the summer and are searching for the best walking sandals for Europe that will keep your feet both cool and comfortable? Well, look…

The Best Pants for Travel in Europe

Comfortable and practical pants are essential when travelling in Europe

…pants for travel in Europe is essential in this. If you’re looking to get your Europe packing list sorted and you’re not sure what kind of pants or trousers you…

How Much Will A Central Europe Trip Cost?

…Central Europe trip. Central Europe Trip Cost: Accommodation Like most anywhere else, accommodation costs are probably going to be where the majority of your money will go on a Central Europe

The Best VPN For Travel to Europe

A computer connecting to a VPN in Europe

for a short trip, it’s worth investing in one of these best VPNs for Europe for a number of reasons. If you’re unsure about what the best VPN for Europe