Salzburg or Vienna: Which Austrian City to Visit?

Beautiful views of Salzburg from the River Salzach

Are you planning a trip to Austria and can’t decide whether to visit Salzburg or Vienna on your travels? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These two cities have a lot to offer visitors but they are very different and have assets that can suit different types of people. Whether you’re looking for a destination for a quick city break or are trying to select the best place to … Read More

Is Vienna Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Vienna

Belvedere Gardens in Vienna

How expensive is Vienna? This is probably one of the main questions you’ll have in mind when planning a trip to the elegant Austrian capital city. In recent years, Vienna has come in first as the world’s most livable city, and spending time in this city full of beauty, elegance, and culture will help you appreciate that title. But do the prices in Vienna come at a high cost?  While … Read More

How To Travel from Vienna to Graz by Train, Bus & Car

Graz's Famous Clock Tower

Neither Maggie or I were huge fans of Vienna during our previous Central Europe travels. So when we found ourselves flying to the Austrian capital after exploring Cyprus for over a week, we were on the lookout for other cities we could visit. As we’ve both always been a fan of ‘second cities’ such as Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Tartu in Estonia & Kutaisi in Georgia, we decided to travel from … Read More