San Francisco to San Diego Road Trip: 10 Days in California

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A San Francisco to San Diego road trip is one of the most beautiful in the entirety of the nation. Getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road might well be one of the most American things there is to do. With so much to see in the diverse nation, it is truly best experienced overland. While you could pick up and drive anywhere in the United States and … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 4 Days in San Diego Itinerary

Balboa Park Gardens

San Diego is one of the most wonderful cities in the entirety of the United States. Boasting countless things to do, perennially beautiful weather, and a laid-back lifestyle that is instantly infectious, San Diego is one of the most the best places to visit in California. With so many things to do (and almost guaranteed great weather to do it in!), planning the perfect 2, 3 or 4 days in … Read More

Los Angeles vs San Diego: Which City to Visit?

Choosing between Los Angeles vs San Diego to visit when you’re planning a trip to California can be a difficult decision. Though the two cities lie only about 120 miles from each other, they couldn’t be more different. With distinct cultures and history, San Diego and Los Angeles make for incredible destinations in their own right, but which is the best place for you to visit? Though both cities are … Read More

The Perfect Catalina Island Day Trip Itinerary

The historic Avalon Casino is must visit on your Catalina Island day trip

Going on a Catalina Island day trip is one of the most unique and fun things you can do when visiting Southern California. Whether you want a break from exploring the urban landscapes of Los Angeles or want a change of scene from the beaches of Orange County, Catalina Island has a lot to offer visitors and it surprisingly quick and easy to reach from numerous ports in either area. … Read More

Where to Stay in Monterey or Carmel, CA: The Best Hotels

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For travellers embarking on a road trip in California, it can be tough to make a decision about which towns to spend the night in. Irrespective if you’re only doing a short trip from LA to San Francisco or whether you’re tackling a longer trip all the way up to Seattle or down to San Diego, staying in Monterey or Carmel is a must. Both these towns are located close … Read More

The Ultimate Seattle to Los Angeles Road Trip Itinerary

Portland, Oregon

The west coast of the United States is one of the most beautiful, dynamic and interesting places to visit in the entire country, and one of the best ways to see the entirety of this area is by planning a Seattle to Los Angeles road trip. Spanning three states and nearly 1,200 miles, there is so much to see when driving from Seattle to LA and it is the perfect … Read More

12 Great Stops on the LA to San Diego Drive

LA to San Diego Drive stops

Driving up the California coast is something that everyone should try to do at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, sometimes embarking upon a complete San Diego to San Francisco road trip or even up north towards Portland & Seattle isn’t a viable choice for everyone — whether you’re pressed for time or only have a limited California travel budget. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of … Read More

How Much Will a California Trip Cost in 2020?

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For many, a holiday to the beautiful state of California is the trip of a lifetime. There are very few states in the USA that encompass so much diversity than this one, where you can spend the morning hitting the waves in some of the best surf in the world and the afternoon hitting the slopes on snow-covered mountains. The California lifestyle is an iconic one, and those seeking it have made … Read More