The Ultimate 7 to 10 Days in the South of France Itinerary

Marseille in the South of France

Planning a south of France itinerary is one of the highlights of visiting this incredible country. France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and, although many visitors will stay in Paris, plenty head down to spend 7 to 10 days in the south of France to soak up the sun on the pristine beaches, visit the stunning mountain ranges or learn about French culture on a … Read More

The Essential Guide to Visiting Paris in Winter

Snowfall in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and each season brings a new perspective to the elegant buildings, spectacular landmarks and incredible gastronomy, especially when the nights get longer and snow starts to fall. Paris in winter is a wonderful sight, and if you don’t mind the cold weather, you should definitely take a trip to Paris in December, January or February to see the city of … Read More

Is France Expensive? A France Trip Cost Guide

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux

France is consistently the most popular tourist destination in Europe, with Paris welcoming tens of millions of visitors each year and only Istanbul and London coming close to challenging for the number one spot. But is France expensive to visit? We’ve worked out a France trip cost so you have a rough idea of how much a holiday in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries will set you back. France … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Champagne Itinerary

Lush Vineyards in Champagne

Planning the perfect Champagne itinerary can seem a bit overwhelming when you think of what this iconic wine region has to offer. The Champagne region is known for golden sunshine, rolling vineyards and the world-famous sparkling wine of the same name. This region in the northeastern corner of France is often visited as a day trip from Paris or as you are passing through on a France road trip. Still, … Read More

8 Best Places to Stay in the Loire Valley

Chataeau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley

With so many wonderful places to visit, whether you’re on a 4 – 5 day road trip or having a short romantic getaway, it can be hard to choose between the best places to stay in the Loire Valley. But unlike other regions, there aren’t so many big cities in the Loire to have a vibrant city break like you might have in Paris, Montpellier or Marseille; the Loire has … Read More

The Perfect 4 to 5-Day Dordogne Road Trip Itinerary

Sarlat la Caneda in Dordogne

The Dordogne Valley is one of the best locations in France for a family holiday, with many quaint villages to visit, prehistoric caves to explore and, of course, the Dordogne River to kayak down and cool off in. 4 to 5 days in Dordogne is perfect to follow the river and visit the must-see destinations in the region, and our Dordogne road trip itinerary will take you through the most … Read More

Epernay vs Reims: Where to Stay in Champagne

Town of Epernay

Picture the rolling hills of the Champagne region, sprawling vineyards and grand chateaus. Whether you are planning a day trip from nearby Paris, dedicating your holiday to this varied region or simply passing through as part of a French road trip, you are sure to have considered the differences between Epernay vs Reims. Both are often referred to as the ‘Capital of Champagne’, so deciding between these two historic cities … Read More

Cannes or St Tropez: Which French City to Visit?

Cannes Harbour

Should you visit Cannes or St Tropez on your trip to the French Riviera? If you have to choose between the two places for your holiday, you’ve got a difficult decision ahead of you. Both Saint Tropez and Cannes are beautiful small cities on the famous Côte d’Azur with gorgeous beaches, incredible cuisine and a splash of luxury so you can live like a superstar for a weekend. But despite … Read More