How to Travel from Tbilisi to Batumi by Bus, Train, Taxi or Flight

Batumi Boulevard

Georgia’s two largest cities – Tbilisi and Batumi – are located on opposite ends of the country. This means that travellers looking to travel directly between the two cities have a number of options for how to get from Tbilisi to Batumi or back the other way. Whether you are looking for the cheapest possible option, the most comfortable, the quickest or are looking to stop at places along the … Read More

How To Get From Kutaisi to Tbilisi by Bus, Train or Taxi

Georgia or Armenia or Azerbaijan

For travellers spending some time exploring Georgia, one of the most common routes that you might at some point need to take is to travel from Kutaisi to Tbilisi. There are a number of transport options that you can take on this route or back from Tbilisi to Kutaisi route including bus, train or taxi. It’s also important to consider whether you’re travelling from or to Kutaisi Airport rather than … Read More

How to Travel from Kutaisi to Batumi by Bus, Train, Taxi or Car

Is Georgia safe? Batumi

With Wizz Air flights to Kutaisi from all over Europe, more and more travellers are starting or ending their Georgia itinerary in the third-largest city. This means that travellers who want to spend some time at the Black Sea are looking for the best way to get from Kutaisi to Batumi or back from Batumi to Kutaisi. Wondering about how you should travel between these two cities? Let us break … Read More

Where to Stay in Tbilisi, Georgia: Best Areas, Hotels & Hostels

Where to Stay in Tbilisi Old Town: Near the Sulphur Baths!

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a city that we absolutely love. So much so that after visiting Tbilisi initially, we decided to spend a number of months living here over the last year. One thing we quickly learned, however, was that for tourists thinking of visiting, it can be difficult to determine where to stay in Tbilisi, as there are a number of interesting areas of the city with … Read More

What is the Cost of Living in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Mtatsminda View

Tbilisi, Georgia is quickly becoming a hotspot for expats, with an attractive tourist visa scheme, western amenities, and overall low prices drawing more and more westerners to the Georgian capital with each passing year. And while most will know that Georgia’s capital is, indeed, affordable, many would like to know what the actual cost of living in Tbilisi is. With a developing digital nomad scene and a laid-back nature that … Read More

The Ultimate Georgia Itinerary: 1, 2 or 3 weeks

Georgia itinerary: Ushguli

Though it has always been a popular holiday destination for citizens of the former Soviet Union, the small Caucasian country of Georgia has only recently begun to gain attention from nations further afield. With huge investments into the tourism infrastructure and budget airlines connecting it with numerous destinations across Europe, Georgia is on the cusp of exploding as the next European hotspot. And because of this, more and more travellers … Read More

Is Georgia Expensive? Georgia Trip Cost Guide in 2022

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Ushguli

For most western travellers, the Caucasian nation of Georgia is still quite an exotic place, an emerging travel destination that many visitors from North America or Western Europe know very little about. Though Georgia is popping up more and more in international travel publications and its cuisine is beginning to gain global attention, people still want to know more about this Eastern European destination and one of the top points … Read More

How to Get from Tbilisi to Borjomi & Things To Do in Borjomi

Georgia itinerary: Borjomi mineral water pavilion

The small city of Borjomi in central Georgia has been a popular destination for tourists since imperial Russian times when the high ranking members of the Russian elite began to notice the healing powers of the city’s natural spring waters. Since then, Borjomi has remained a sought-after destination for those looking to explore Georgia further. With a number of great things to do in Borjomi, the fact that it is … Read More