Cologne or Dusseldorf: Which German City to Visit?

Historical Cologne

With so many places to see in the world and not enough time on your hands, you might be forced to cut a few cities off your German trip, which can leave you contemplating whether you should visit Cologne or Dusseldorf. Being so close to each other, the two urban centres on the Rhine have competed against each other in various categories for centuries. However, these days their friendly rivalry … Read More

The Perfect 1 to 2 Days in Cologne Itinerary

Cologne skyline

Planning the perfect Cologne itinerary can be a bit difficult when you consider al there is to do in this lovely city. Situated in western Germany you’ll find Cologne. Pronounced “Köln” in German, this charming city is a lesser-visited destination for tourists. Most visitors to Germany flock to Munich or Berlin, leaving Cologne as a great destination for anyone wanting the history, food, and culture that Germany is famous for … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Frankfurt Itinerary

Modern Frankfurt

As the fifth-largest German city, Frankfurt is the perfect place to get the right dose of history, culture, beauty and lots of delicious food. If you’re looking to spend 2 to 3 days in Frankfurt, we’ve got a fantastic Frankfurt itinerary for you. So let’s eat some high-quality frankfurters while we explore the “Mainhattan” of Germany along the Main river and experience all that Frankfurt has to offer. Let’s dive … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Hamburg Itinerary

City of Hamburg

Have you always dreamed of eating a hamburger in Hamburg? We have the perfect Hamburg itinerary to help you enjoy your time around that burger. Whether you decide on 2 or 3 days in Hamburg, you will end up leaving with a piece of the city and lots of great memories. Because there are so many things to do in the second-largest German city, your Hamburg itinerary will include all … Read More

Munich or Berlin: Which German City to Visit?

New Town Hall in Munich

Planning a trip to Germany will require holidaymakers to make some tough choices, and one of those will be choosing which city to visit. Many first-time travellers to the country will be debating whether to explore Munich or Berlin before anywhere else. While Berlin is Germany’s trendy capital, Munich offers visitors a deep sense of Bavarian history and German culture. The stark contrast between the two cities will leave tourists … Read More

The Two Sides of Visiting Dresden

The Two Sides of Visiting Dresden

Dresden wasn’t a city I had ever intended to spend much time in. However, after my initial plan of spending a couple of weeks in Berlin in summer went by the wayside due to accommodation shortages in the German capital, I found myself visiting Dresden. I hadn’t done much research about the best places to visit in Dresden but after spending a few days wandering the streets, I was intrigued to … Read More

Cool Places to Eat in Berlin

Cool Places to Eat in Berlin

When travelling, I’m always a big advocate for sampling regional food and drink. Most of the time, the terms local and national cuisine are synonymous, however, in Berlin, this is very much not the case. Traditional German food — such as giant slabs of meat, sauerkraut and bratwurst — is certainly available in Berlin, however, many locals prefer to indulge in the plethora of international options which are often cheaper and … Read More

Berlin Street Art: Nine Pieces to Look For

Lucy and her cat: Berlin street art

Berlin is cool. That phrase almost goes without saying as millions of people from all over the globe flock to the German capital each year. And there are a million cool things to do in Berlin! After the fall of the wall and the city was reunited, the city soon became a sanctuary for artists and creative types — a lifestyle that was smashed as much as it could be … Read More