Is Mykonos Expensive? A Mykonos Trip Cost Guide

Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos

Imagine a Greek island, with whitewashed houses, narrow streets and picture-perfect beaches. There are so many islands that it could be! Now add glitz, glamour and parties that last all day and night! Do you know which island we’re talking about now? Of course, we’re talking about Mykonos! But, is Mykonos expensive to visit? This is the most commonly asked question by travellers planning a trip to the Isle of … Read More

Crete or Corfu: Which Greek Island to Visit?

Exploring Beautiful Crete

Choosing to visit Crete or Corfu can be a bit of a challenge, especially when considering that Greece is blessed with as many beautiful islands as it is sunny days! Some are famous for their beauty, some for their history, but some islands are best known for their hospitality. When deciding which islands to visit, two names will often pop up in people’s top memories of Greek hospitality: Crete and … Read More

The Perfect 7 to 10 Days in the Greek Islands Itinerary

Sunny Mykonos

Planning the perfect Greek islands itinerary is often top of the list for visitors to Southern Europe. Year after year, Greece tops the list of best holiday destinations in Europe. Could it be the friendly locals, the amazing cuisine, or the gorgeous islands that bring visitors back? Of course, it’s all of the above, but Greece has so much to offer to a first-timer that it can often be confusing … Read More

Oia or Fira: Where to Stay in Santorini?

Iconic Oia

If you’re planning a Santorini itinerary, it can be hard to decide whether you should stay in the town of Oia or Fira when visiting the island. When you think of the Greek Islands, the picture that comes to mind is white buildings, blue-domed churches, and endless vistas of deep turquoise seas. This vision is exactly that of Santorini – it features heavily in marketing for Greek tourism adverts, and … Read More

Naxos or Paros: Which Greek Island to Visit?

Portara Gate on Naxos

Which Greek Island should you visit? Naxos or Paros? That is a question many travellers to Greece often have to ask themselves. Despite only being separated by an hour’s ferry ride, many tourists to the Cyclades often feel obliged to pick just one of them to visit due to the lack of time they have available. While Naxos might be your choice if you’re after a very affordable and diverse … Read More

The Perfect 7 to 10 Day Greece Mainland Itinerary

Ancient Theatre in Epidaurus

The islands typically tend to be the star of the show when visiting the ancient country of Greece.  This comes with good reason, as the Greek islands are truly stunning locations for any kind of traveler or itinerary. Albeit, the mainland of Greece is a knockout destination that’s typically off the beaten path for any mainstream traveler. In this 7 to 10 day Greece mainland itinerary, expect waterfalls, mighty mountain … Read More

The Perfect 7 to 10 Days in Crete Itinerary

Lighthouse of Chania in Crete

Ask a Greek: “What’s your favourite Greek island?” – chances are they’ll say Crete. And what’s not to love? The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is a year-round destination, complete with its own unique culture, cuisine and incredible sights! But what exactly should you include in the perfect Crete itinerary? Well that all depends on how long you have for your trip – but I definitely recommend 7 to … Read More

Chania or Heraklion: Which Crete City to Visit?

Chania Harbour

If you love Greece, then you’ll adore the island of Crete – it really is an island that begs to be explored. But where do you start? Most travellers will arrive at either of the island’s two main cities: Chania or Heraklion. They both provide great bases for exploring Crete and are worthwhile destinations in their own right. Crete is an island etched into the imagination of many. Steeped in … Read More