Scotland or Ireland: Which Country Should You Visit?

Hiking on the Three Lochs Way

There are few countries throughout the world that inspire so much awe and splendour than Scotland or Ireland. They both boast incredible expanses of green scenery, beautiful nature, rugged coastlines, ancient archaeological sites, and famously friendly locals. However, they are two distinct places with cultures and traditions all their own. Therefore, if you only have time to visit one of these amazing countries, it can be difficult to choose between … Read More

Dublin or Belfast: Which Irish City to Visit?

Belfast City Hall

When considering a visit to the island of Ireland, two major cities immediately jump out: Dublin and Belfast. In an ideal world, free of both monetary and time constraints, we would have the opportunity to spend some time soaking in the cultures of both cities. But alas, we live in the real world and a visitor to Ireland is often faced with a difficult decision; Dublin or Belfast?  In this … Read More

Dublin or Edinburgh: Which City to Visit?

Trinity College in Dublin

Are you looking for a city break in the wilds of Scotland or the charming Emerald Isle but can’t decide whether Dublin or Edinburgh is the right choice for you? Well, you’re not alone. Both the Irish and the Scottish capital cities are dynamic, historic and have their own distinct energies that it can seem impossible to have to choose between the two. However, sometimes we don’t have the luxury … Read More

10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Scotland and Ireland

The beautiful turquoise sea in Scourie on the NC500

The rugged landscape and emerald green nature of Scotland and Ireland leave many travellers longing to jump on the next flight to explore these two fantastic countries. However, planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland takes a bit more preparation than simply booking a flight and packing a bag. While these two countries are, on the whole, quite easy to travel in — especially if you’re an English-speaker — there … Read More