Milan or Florence: Which Italian City to Visit?

Milan's Central Piazza

For anyone interested in European travel, perhaps one of the most sought-after destinations to visit is Italy, the beautiful and vibrant country along the Mediterranean coastline known for its incredible art and architecture, bustling food and wine scene, and truly stunning natural scenery. Being a country that has had an immensely significant cultural impact on the modern world, it is an extremely popular tourist destination that has so much to … Read More

How to Spend One Day in Bologna (or More!)

I first visited Bologna in 2010. It was the start of a two-month trip across Europe and I had managed to secure a cheap flight from my adopted home in Edinburgh. Hostel options were non-existent and I, therefore, decided to only spend one day in Bologna before catching a train elsewhere in Italy. I spent my one day in Bologna walking around aimlessly. I vaguely remember stumbling across some grand piazzas … Read More

The Case for Visiting Italy Off The Beaten Path

Italy trip cost

Impeccably dressed older men stand at the counters and knock back scalding espressos with the same ease as a hen party on their first round of tequila shots. Women laden with canvass bags point and barter with rapid speed at an array of vegetables, as fresh and colourful as the country of Italy itself. Various cured hams hang from the rafters, as at home here as they were in their cellars … Read More

An Off-Beat 10 Day Italy Itinerary

10 day Italy itinerary

Italy is a country that tops many European traveller’s “must go” lists. It’s very easy to see the appeal: the food is fantastic, the people are friendly, the weather is glorious, and there is incredible history around every corner. However, most people planning a trip to Italy tend to stick to the well-trodden path that sees them in the cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome. While there is absolutely nothing … Read More

Emilia-Romagna Food and Wine Guide

Italy or Spain

There is no shame in travelling somewhere solely because of its food. I say this because, honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I travel. I’m one of the first to tout the benefits of sampling local cuisine to get to know the country’s culture, traditions, etc. Food can be a great acumen into a region’s cultural identity; it can give invaluable insight as to how people have been living there, … Read More

5 Best Day Trips From Bologna, Italy

Day trips from Bologna

The underrated city of Bologna, often visited only as a short stopover from Florence or Venice deserves to be explored for more than just one day! Apart from exploring more of Bologna, a great reason to stay longer in the city is that there are a number of fantastic day trips from Bologna that travellers can take to explore more of the Emilia Romagna region and beyond. The area surrounding Bologna … Read More