The Best Things to do in Ptuj, Slovenia

Lovely Ptuj

The town of Ptuj in the north of Slovenia doesn’t get a lot of attention amongst international visitors, with many casting their sites on places like charming Ljubljana or idyllic Lake Bled. However, there are a number of things to do in Ptuj that make it very much worth visiting, even if only for a few hours or a day. Set on the banks of the Drava River, Ptuj is … Read More

A Guide to Driving the Vrsic Pass, Slovenia

Beginning the Vrsic Pass drive!

Do you want to enjoy some of the most incredible scenery of the Julian Alps in Slovenia? Then you must go on the Vrsic Pass drive. This winding mountain road will take you to some of the highest points in the country and provide you with some of the most awe-inspiring views of the spectacular nature that Slovenia has to offer. A country that has so much more to offer … Read More

An Essential Guide to Visiting Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

As one of the most popular places for tourists in the country, visiting Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia is a must on most people’s itinerary through this country. As an easy day trip from the capital of Ljubljana (especially when combined with the iconic Lake Bled), visiting Vintgar Gorge is something that is a must on many traveller’s Slovenia wish lists. However, it can be hard to know exactly what you … Read More

Bled or Bohinj: Which Slovenian Lake to Visit?

Assumption of Maria Church on Bled Island

Are you looking to visit some natural sites in Slovenia and don’t know if Lake Bled or Bohinj is the right choice for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You would be forgiven for thinking that Lake Bled is the only lake worth visiting in Slovenia. Because of how pervasive photos of this iconic lake are in all media about Slovenia, it’s easy to not even realise that … Read More

How to Get from Ljubljana to Zagreb by Bus, Train, Car or Taxi

Ljubljana from above

For travellers combining a trip throughout Central Europe with some time in the Balkans, going from Ljubljana to Zagreb is one of the most common ways to connect between these two regions. Travelling between the two cities as well as going back the other way from Zagreb to Ljubljana is a very straightforward journey that can be completed using a few different transport options. If you’re planning on travelling between … Read More