Malaga or Seville or Valencia? Which Spanish City to Visit

Trip to Spain cost

Should you visit Malaga or Seville or Valencia on your trip to Spain? If you’re strapped for time and have to narrow down destinations in this beautiful and diverse nation, it can be incredibly difficult to choose which city would be the best for you to visit. Spain has so much to offer and each destination has its own unique culture and charm that figuring out which cities are right … Read More

How to Do a Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona

Montserrat is a great day trip if you have 4 days in Barcelona

One of the most incredible aspects of visiting the vibrant and bustling city of Barcelona is how well connected it is to other parts of Spain. Because Barcelona (and Spain as a whole) has a great public transportation system, possibilities of places to go and things to do, both within and outside the city itself, are endless. One of the most incredible options is a Montserrat day trip from Barcelona … Read More

The Ultimate 2 to 4 Days in Barcelona Itinerary

Park Guell Sunrise

There is no city in the world quite like Barcelona. This vibrant, coastal city in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain has long been a source of inspiration, experimentation, and refuge for some of the world’s greatest artists, writers, and creatives, so it is no surprise that today, Barcelona is a top tourist destination with so many completely unique points of interest. However, oftentimes travellers aren’t quite sure how many … Read More

How Much Will a Trip to Spain Cost in 2020?

Spain in winter: Cádiz

Well-known for its sunshine, tapas, siestas and fantastic wine, Spain has always been a popular holiday destination. Boasting the second-highest amount of international visitors in the world in 2017, travelling to Spain is only growing in popularity. However, with all these people wanting to experience the Spanish sun and laid-back lifestyle for themselves, you are sure to beg the questions: Is Spain expensive? And how much will a trip to … Read More

Is Barcelona Expensive? A Barcelona Trip Cost Guide

Barcelona remains a huge draw for tourists globally, which is to be expected from a city that boasts fabulous food, atypical architecture and an intense sense of identity. It’s even gone and got itself a beach. For somewhere that has so much going for it, one who asks “Is Barcelona expensive?” or “What will a Barcelona trip cost?” may prematurely jump to the wrong conclusions. Most places are as expensive … Read More

Madrid or Seville: Which Spanish City to Visit?

Seville or Madrid

Spain is an incredible country that drives tens of millions of visitors to its sun-soaked lands each year. Boasting one of the best cuisines in Europe, a laid-back culture, and fascinating history, there is really nowhere in Spain that you could visit that would be a bad idea. However, if you only have time to visit the Iberian peninsula for a short city break or brief Spain itinerary, then you … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Spain in Winter

Seville or Granada or Cordoba

When you think of Spain, it is likely that you immediately conjure images of sun-soaked beaches and endless warm days. Spain is known for it’s warm and sunny days and it’s this great weather that draws millions of visitors to this Southern European nation each year (the food is pretty good, too). However, with rising tourist numbers harming some of Spain’s most popular spots, it is becoming more and more … Read More

Italy or Spain: Which Country Should You Visit?

Italy or Spain

Numerous Southern European nations have would-be travellers starry eyed at the idea of visiting the sun-drenched region. Destinations like Portugal are gaining immense popularity amongst international visitors and the allure of the postcard-perfect cities and crystal clear waters of Croatia continually attract tourists by the millions each year. However, there are two Southern European nations that reign supreme when looking to explore the region, and those are Italy and Spain. … Read More