One Day in Bern Itinerary: A Day Trip from Zurich

Church, bridge and houses with tiled rooftops, Bern, Switzerland

Should you find yourself with only one day in Bern, don’t fret. With a single day in this Swiss city, you can see the major highlights and get a good sense of what Bern is like. Due to its small size and efficient train system, getting around Switzerland is simple, so a day trip from Zurich to Bern is a great option if you’re using Zurich as your Swiss home … Read More

Weekend in Geneva Itinerary: 2 Days on a Budget

A Weekend In Geneva On A Budget

A weekend in Geneva is a great way to see the highlights of this beautiful Swiss city in a short amount of time. Spending 2 days on the shores of Lake Geneva is a great way to get to know this area of Switzerland. As the second-most populous city in the country, Geneva makes an excellent place to explore when visiting the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Located not far from … Read More

Is Switzerland Expensive? A Switzerland Trip Cost Guide

Panoramic view of Geneva

The answer to “Is Switzerland expensive?” can take a variety of different forms. On the one hand, Switzerland is notoriously one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe. When taking dining, lodging, transportation, and activities into account, a Switzerland trip cost can quickly become a financial burden. However, with the proper information and preparation before a trip to Switzerland, you might be surprised with just how affordable a … Read More

Zurich or Bern: Which Swiss City to Visit?

View of Zurich from Lindenhof Hill

Zurich and Bern are among the largest cities in Switzerland. If you must choose to visit just one of Zurich or Bern, consider the unique features that each city has to offer. They both have museums, delicious food, and spectacular sites to see. You’ll get all the characteristics unique to Switzerland – snow-capped mountains, vibrant turquoise waters, and luscious green landscapes. However, there are a few key distinctions that set … Read More

The Perfect 2 or 3 Days in Zurich Itinerary

Beautiful Zurich

A trip to Switzerland isn’t complete without planning a Zurich itinerary. Just one day isn’t enough to explore everything Zurich has to offer–you’ll want at least 2 or 3 days in Zurich. When planning your trip to Zurich, make sure to have a range of popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations. You’ll find a variety of exquisite art exhibits, delicious food, and fascinating history to build a packed itinerary. Keep reading for … Read More

The Perfect 1, 2 or 3 Days in Interlaken Itinerary

Beautiful Interlaken

When building your 1, 2 or 3 days in Interlaken itinerary, you’ll have more than enough options for how to spend your time. Interlaken is popular, but not quite as popular as some of the surrounding towns and cities in Switzerland — such as Geneva — which makes it the perfect balance of famous and off-the-beaten-path itineraries. Interlaken is in one of the most famous regions of Switzerland, and for … Read More