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SafetyWing Review: Insurance for Long Term Travel

Embarking on a stint of long term travel comes with a lot of considerations. What type of backpack should you choose? What are the most important items to pack? Should you invest in an international SIM card? However, arguably the most important thing to consider is choosing the best insurance for long term travel. This Safetywing review will hopefuly you help decide if this insurance might be the answer for … Read More

World Nomads Standard vs Explorer: Which is Right For You?

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Whether you’re setting out for a short international city break or embarking on a year or two of long term travel, it is vital to ensure you’re covered for any unfortunate events that might occur. Most of the time this means purchasing a valid travel insurance policy to ensure that at a very minimum you’re able to visit a hospital or return home unexpectedly without needing to worry about the … Read More