World Nomads Standard vs Explorer: Which is Right For You?

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Whether you’re setting out for a short international city break or embarking on a year or two of long term travel, it is vital to ensure you’re covered for any unfortunate events that might occur. Most of the time this means purchasing a valid travel insurance policy to ensure that at a very minimum you’re able to visit a hospital or return home unexpectedly without needing to worry about the cost of doing so.

We have long liked World Nomads as our travel insurance company of choice, however when purchasing a policy with them you are confronted with the option of choosing between their Standard or Explorer coverage. Deciding between World Nomads Standard vs Explorer is largely a decision based on what you will be travelling with, how much risk you’re willing to take on and whether your budget allows for a more expensive travel insurance policy.

Is World Nomads Worth it?

Before even considering the key differences between World Nomads Standard vs Explorer coverage, you might be wondering “Is World Nomads Worth it?” or “Is World Nomads Travel Insurance Good?”

The answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes!”

There are several reasons why we wholeheartedly continue to think that World Nomads as one of the best travel insurance companies for travellers. Some of the key reasons why we continue to use them is because they cover a lot of adventure sports such as scuba diving as part of their standard policies, you are able to extend your policy while on the road, you are able to take out a new policy when you are already travelling, their claim process is online and straightforward and they allow you to customise your policy to ensure you’re covered for the things that are most important to you.

World Nomads is also a company which focuses on making a difference in the world and actively encourages travellers to donate a small amount of money when they purchase a policy to help disadvantaged communities around the world.

Travel insurance is a lifesaver for delayed flights!

Differences of World Nomads Standard vs Explorer

Both World Nomads Standard and Explorer policies offer standard coverage for a number of essential items that are needed when travelling abroad. The differences between the Explorer and Standard plans is that you get a significant amount of extra coverage if you take out the premium plan.

Some things that both Standard and Explorer includes are protection for overseas medical expenses, emergency medical transport, cancellation costs, personal liability and theft or baggage delays. They also give you 24-hour assistance from the World Nomads team meaning you can contact them at any time if you need assistance.

Both policies use the same easy to use online system meaning that if you are required to make a claim, you are able to use their straightforward online process without any additional hassle.

The Benefits of World Nomads Explorer

Despite Standard offering basic protection for travellers, there are a number of reasons why choosing the World Nomads Explorer plan is a good decision if your budget allows for it.

Please note that World Nomads coverage does vary depending on your country of residence so you’ll need to get a personal quote to see the exact differences in benefits and claim limits. If you haven’t already, you can get a personal quote here.

1. Claim limits are significantly higher for Explorer

For the majority of claim items associated with your World Nomads travel insurance policy, the claim limit is usually significantly higher if you purchase an Explorer plan compared to a Standard plan.

This is particularly true for overseas medical expenses, emergency medical treatment and cancellation costs where there is no claim limit for the Explorer plan. While hopefully, you will never need to claim for medical expenses or treatment and even if you do, the Standard plan should hopefully be sufficient, if you’re travelling to a higher risk area, you might have extra peace of mind by choosing the Explorer plan.

Furthermore, if you are pre-booking a lot of non-refundable expensive travel such as accommodation or flights, then having no limit on cancellation costs can be worthwhile. I recommend calculating the total amount you have spent on non-refundable expenses and seeing if the amount exceeds the claim limit for cancellation costs on the Standard plan. If it does, then the Explorer plan is likely to make more financial sense to purchase than the Standard plan.

2. You can save money if renting a car abroad

While we usually recommend purchasing a separate excess reduction policy (through a company like iCarHireInsurance) if you choose to rent a car abroad, this isn’t necessary if buying a World Nomads Explorer plan.

This is because the World Nomads Explorer plan covers rental vehicle excess (excluding World Nomad’s own excess which is typically significantly less than that of a car rental company) in the event of an accident. This means that not only do you not need to purchase additional third-party insurance but you can also save on insurance purchased through the car rental company.

The Explorer Plan also covers the return of your rental vehicle if you are able unable to drive which makes the Explorer policy a great option if you plan to rent vehicles abroad for the duration of your trip.

World Nomads Standard vs Explorer
Having extra insurance for your rental car can be a life saver!

3. Explorer can be a better value if travelling with expensive electronics

While both World Nomads Standard and Explorer provide some coverage for theft or damage of electronics, the Explorer Plan has a higher limit per item. This means that if travelling with a lot of expensive gear such as computers or cameras, then the Standard Plan is unlikely to cover the true cost of your items.

While it is possible to add additional coverage for specific electronic items to your Standard Plan, the additional amount that you will need to pay can be quite expensive and it is possible that the Explorer Plan will be a cheaper alternative to covering your expensive electronics.

4. Coverage includes additional medical expenses

Another benefit of the World Nomads Explorer plan is that it covers several additional types of medical expenses which the Standard Plan does not.

This includes items such as out of pocket hospital expenses (e.g. getting nicer food or access to internet in hospital), alternative therapies such as osteopathy or visiting a chiropractor and clinical psychology in the event of a trauma.

While I don’t think these additional benefits are reason enough to purchase the Explorer plan over the Standard policy, they are useful benefits to have in the event of an unfortunate incident and something to keep in mind when deciding between World Nomads Standard vs Explorer.

5. Explorer covers sporting equipment damage

If you’re travelling to a destination with some sporting equipment such as a surf or snowboard, then the Explorer Plan offers additional protection if your equipment is damaged by a carrier.

This means that if you arrive at your destination and are unable to use your equipment then you can be reimbursed for having to hire replacement gear up to a certain amount. This can offer additional peace of mind if travelling somewhere specifically for sports like surfing or snowboarding and ensure that your trip isn’t ruined due to unexpected damage.

check the difference between world nomads standard vs explorer
Don’t let a damaged surfboard ruin your trip!

Is World Nomads Standard or Explorer Right For You?

Deciding between World Nomads Standard vs Explorer ultimately comes down to what is most important for you to have covered as a traveller and the associated cost of doing so.

If you are a budget traveller who is counting every penny for their upcoming trip and not travelling with a lot of expensive electronics, then the World Nomads Standard plan is likely to be sufficient for your needs.

However, if you have room in your budget, are travelling to high-risk areas, planning to rent a vehicle abroad, are taking expensive electronics on your trip or simply want additional peace of mind, then the World Nomads Explorer plan is likely to be right for you.

You can click here to get a quote from World Nomads or fill out the box below to see the detailed comparison of what each plan offers and how much it will cost for your upcoming trip!

Disclaimer: This comparison of World Nomads Standard vs Explorer is based on my personal opinion and it is important that you read the policy details and terms and conditions of both policies before purchasing to understand whether it is the right product for you.

Are you deciding between World Nomads Standard vs Explorer? What is your preference? Let us know in the comments below!

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