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Hi! We’re Michael and Maggie, founders of The World Was Here First, a travel website that focuses on getting off the beaten path around the world, promoting responsible tourism and supporting local economies.

The World Was Here First was created to inspire people to travel beyond the ordinary and to seek out destinations and experiences away from the conventional tourist path. We do this because of the ever-growing importance of minimising the effects of over-tourism and to stimulate local economies that otherwise see few foreign visitors. 

Travelling beyond the ordinary not only means exploring lesser-visited towns, cities, and countries around the world, but we also advocate travelling slower, digging deeper in popular destinations, and trying to reduce environmental impact. We concentrate on slow and independent travel and always aim to support local, small businesses wherever possible.

We created The World Was Here First because we were frustrated with the lack of detailed, practical, and up-to-date information out there for travellers looking to venture a bit further from the typical tourist trail.

Maggie & Michael - The World Was Here First

Why Work With Us?

We both bring unique skills and experience to the table. 

Michael is the marketing and data guru on The World Was Here First, who has 7+ years of experience working with many businesses to improve and optimise their marketing ROI. He’s also the photographer behind many of the photos you see on this website.

Maggie is the head writer and editor on The World Was Here First. An English teacher by trade, she has combined her keen eye for detail and love of language to write both inspirational travel pieces and detailed, concise destination guides that answer the specific questions her readers are asking. 

We both have extended experience travelling to offbeat destinations and use that real-life knowledge to tell our readers what we wish we would have known.

We focus on writing detailed and informative articles to ensure that our content is evergreen and travellers can find relevant and helpful travel information when planning and booking their trips. 

We also have built a loyal and engaged email list of 15,000+ readers who are passionate travellers in many regions around the world. This allows us to contact people directly without relying on the whims of social media algorithms. 

Our advice has been featured in leading publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Travel + Leisure, MSN, CNN, Yahoo! News, U.S. News & World Report and many more!

We are confident that we can provide some of the best information online about underrepresented destinations and essential travel tips using our combined writing and marketing skills. 

Our Audience

The World Was Here First targets budget and mid-range independent travellers who are travelling on short city breaks, long-term trips or anything in between.

We receive over 200,000 monthly unique visitors from search, social media and our engaged email list of over 15,000 subscribers.

Ways We Can Work Together

Press Trips – Promote your destination through the creation of long-form content, inspiring photography and email & social media marketing

Direct Advertising – Reach our audience directly with newsletter sponsorships

Brand Ambassadorship – Long-term partnerships and collaborations to promote your brand on The World Was Here First

Product & Service Reviews – In-depth and honest reviews for all types of products and services including travel gear, mobile apps, accommodation and other travel-related items

Freelance Writing – Tailored content written specifically for your brand, ranging from informative pieces to inspirational articles

Professional Photography – License photography found on our website or let us create unique and inspiring photos for your brand

Have another idea? Let’s work together to create unique deliverables specifically for your brand!

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