Greece Travel Guide

If you picture idyllic, turquoise waters and beautiful whitewashed villages, then you’re likely imagining scenes from Greece. As the birthplace of democracy and a cradle of ancient history, this southern European country has so much to offer visitors.

From the laid-back vibes of its countless islands to the peaks of Mt Olympos to the tranquil Peloponnese to the vibrant and chaotic capital Athens, Greece really has so much to offer visitors. Travellers could spend years in this country and still feel as if they’ve only scratched the surface.

Whether you’re planning a holiday in Crete or want to spend some time travelling across the mainland, the articles in this Greece travel guide are sure to help you plan the perfect trip to this dynamic nation.

Planning a Greece Route

There is far more to Greece than Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. With thousands of islands and a fascinating mainland to visit, it can be difficult to map out the perfect itinerary that suits your wants and needs.

Regardless if you’re looking to go island-hopping through the Cyclades, want to spend some time in some off-the-beaten-path coastal areas or are keen to explore the Greek Mainland, there are lots of options open to you when planning a trip to Greece.

The articles below include a number of itineraries to help you map out the perfect route and plan an unforgettable Greek adventure.

Choosing Where To Go

If you’re strapped for time, need to weed out some destinations on your itinerary or are simply looking for a standalone place to visit when in Greece, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to go in this beautiful country.

The guides below are here to help you make the best decision on destinations depending on your travel style, wants and needs and to help you plan out the best trip to Greece possible.

Places to Visit in Greece

While the majority of Greek tourism is concentrated in Athens and a handful of its islands, there are an infinite number of places to visit in Greece and everywhere has something different to offer tourists.

Whether you’re looking to spend some time on various Greek islands or are keen to see what the diverse and interesting Greek mainland has to offer, the articles below are sure to help you figure out what to do in your desired destinations.

Greek Islands

Of course, most people visiting Greece make a beeline for its countless islands and, really, who can blame them? From massive and historic Crete to quiet Paros and popular Santorini to the gorgeous beaches of Milos, there are so many islands to choose from that you cannot go wrong.

Regardless if you’re visiting a singular island as a stand-alone holiday destination or you want to hop between a few, the guides below will help you plan out your time on a number of different islands across a few archipelagos.

Greece Mainland

If you’re looking to explore some spots on the Greek Mainland, you’re really in luck. This country has so much to offer away from the islands and there is a wealth of history and natural places to take in on the mainland that you may never feel like visiting the islands at all!

From exciting Athens to the monasteries of Meteora to the historic archaeological site of Delphi and countless other places, browse through the articles below to map out your time on the Greek mainland.

Accommodation in Greece

When mapping out your time in Greece, it can get a bit overwhelming when you consider all of the locations and accommodation options available in this country. Even on the same small island, it can get confusing to choose which town to base yourself in or figure out what kind of place you want to stay.

Greece has a wealth of different places to stay – ranging from small, locally-run guesthouses to plush, luxury hotels that offer every amenity imaginable. And depending on your travel style and budget, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs while in Greece.

Whether you don’t know which neighbourhood to base yourself in order to best experience Athens or you’re searching for the perfect town to stay for your escape to Santorini, we’re here to help you make the best choice for your Greece trip.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Because of its southerly location in Europe, much of Greece has quite a temperate climate that makes it pleasant to visit year-round, so when is the best time of year to visit Greece?

There are a number of things to consider when picking which time of year to head to this lovely country and there is no straight answer as to when the best time actually is. It’s worth noting that the months of July and August are the most popular to visit the country. This means that crowds are high – along with prices.

Conversely, in the winter months, you may find prices to be lower, however, there are also going to be fewer options for places like restaurants and accommodation — especially on the islands. Crowds will also be at their smallest, so this is something to keep in mind, as well.

If you’re curious about what heading to Greece (and particularly Athens) in winter is like, then the article below will help you plan the perfect trip.

Cost of Travelling to Greece

When it comes to planning out your budget, Greece can really be a mixed bag. If you’re intentional about how and where you spend your money, Greece can be an incredibly affordable destination to visit – especially if you’re getting a bit off the beaten path or are travelling in the off or shoulder seasons.

Conversely, heading to some of the more popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini in the peak of high season can work out to be extremely expensive and you can find prices for everything from a hotel room to a cocktail to a lounge on the beach to be quite inflated.

Because of the complexity of the nature of the cost of travelling to Greece, it’s important to know what kind of prices to expect before visiting this Southern European nation. The guides below are here to help you be prepared and to work out your budget depending on where you’re planning to visit in the country.

Visiting Greece is one of the top experiences to have in Europe. Whether you’re hopping between idyllic islands, exploring incredible historic sites or getting a bit off the beaten path on the Greek mainland, you’re sure to fall in love in love with this incredible nation.