The Essential Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in Winter

Snowy Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen in the winter is like stepping into a fairy tale world. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, typically known for its buzzing summer harbourside scene, goes under a magical transformation once the winter season arrives. A Copenhagen winter is a time when the city’s charming streets, historic landmarks, and cozy cafes take on an enchanting atmosphere, making it one of the best times of year to visit the city. From … Read More

Is Denmark Expensive? A Denmark Trip Cost Guide

Danish Town of Aalborg

If you’re planning to visit Denmark, then your prospective Denmark trip cost is likely something you’ve been thinking about quite a bit. You might be wondering ‘is Denmark expensive to visit?’ and whether or not travelling to the charming Scandinavian country is feasible for you.  While Denmark is perhaps not what comes to mind for most of us when considering budget-friendly travel destinations, there are plenty of ways for you … Read More

Copenhagen vs Amsterdam: Which City to Visit?

Christiansborg Palace

Choosing whether to visit Copenhagen vs Amsterdam can be a bit overwhelming when both the Danish and Dutch capitals seem so alike. From a thriving cycling culture and liberal attitude to two rich yet diverse art scenes, both cities are known to be two of the most exciting places to visit. While both are highly recommended to visit, you may only have the opportunity to plan a trip to one … Read More

The Perfect 5 to 7 Days in Denmark Itinerary

Streets of Aalborg

Denmark is a very popular tourist destination, and the perfect visit to this stunning Nordic nation wouldn’t be complete without a proper Denmark itinerary. If you’re planning on spending 5 to 7 days in Denmark, then read on! This trip outline covers the country’s highlights, as well as some lesser-known attractions that are well worth a visit in their own right.  How Many Days in Denmark? A key part of … Read More

The Perfect 2 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary

Copenhagen skyline

Planning out the perfect Copenhagen itinerary is truly a joy. The capital of Denmark is a popular city-break destination for those looking to spend a couple of days exploring this lovely and vibrant Scandinavian city. While there are a seemingly infinite amount of things to do here that visitors could easily fill more than a week with activities and day trips, spending 2 days in Copenhagen is an excellent way … Read More

The Perfect Malmo Day Trip from Copenhagen

Malmo Old Town

Planning a Malmo day trip is one of the best things to do if you’re spending a few days exploring the Danish capital. Copenhagen itself is a great destination in itself to visit for many reasons. From its incredible food scene to some of the friendliest people and world-renowned architecture, another benefit to visiting is its proximity to Sweden. If you’re spending time in Copenhagen and would like to experience … Read More

Is Copenhagen Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Copenhagen

Colourful buildings on Copenhagen's harbour

Is Copenhagen expensive to visit? What are the average prices in Copenhagen? These are questions that countless would-be travellers to the Danish capital ask themselves before planning a trip to this lovely northern European city. With a reputation for being incredibly expensive, many potential visitors plainly assume that there is no real way to save money in the city and that a trip to Copenhagen is one that is bound … Read More

Copenhagen or Stockholm: Which City to Visit?

Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen

Is Copenhagen or Stockholm the right city for you? The Scandinavian capitals are two of the most visited cities in the region, both with beautiful surroundings, and thriving scenes of art and culture, with a truly stylish air that’s unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Perhaps you only have time to visit one of the two, or your budget will only allow you to visit one. In that case, you’ll … Read More