Where To Stay in Baku: Best Hotels & Areas

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Baku

The glitzy capital of Azerbaijan is an interesting city to visit, however, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to stay in Baku if you’re planning a getaway here. With travellers ranging from penny-pinching backpackers to luxury tourists, there are countless accommodation options in the Azeri capital that can suit all kinds of visitors. This guide will help break down the best areas to stay as well as … Read More

The Ultimate 2 to 3 Days in Baku Itinerary

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Baku

Because Azerbaijan is something of an “off the beaten path” destination, finding the ideal information on how to plan a Baku itinerary can be difficult. Though a small country, Azerbaijan boasts an incredibly diverse climate and a very interesting history dating back thousands upon thousands of years, however, most visitors to this oil-rich nation choose to visit the glitzy capital of Baku. Not a lot is known about Baku and … Read More

Is Baku Expensive? An Azerbaijan Trip Cost Guide

With a recent loosening in visa restrictions and an effort to be seen on an international scale, the small Caucasian nation of Azerbaijan is attracting more and more visitors each year. With the government investing thousands of its oil dollars to attract luxury travellers and the capital fancying itself as something of a new Dubai, many budget travellers will come to ask themselves the question: Is Baku expensive? And how … Read More

Georgia vs Armenia vs Azerbaijan: Which Country to Visit?

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Khor Virap, Armenia

If you want to take a short trip to one of the Caucasus countries but can’t decide between visiting Georgia or Armenia or Azerbaijan, then this is the guide for you! The countries of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are some of the last nations in Europe to have been fully “discovered” by mass tourism. While the three countries have been popular to visit for Eastern Europeans and citizens of the … Read More

The Perfect Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan Itinerary

Georgia itinerary: Gremi Monastery in Kakheti

Many people will know that Georgia is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst western tourists looking to get off the beaten path in Europe. The problem is, however, due to its geographic location in the far east of Europe, it is a long way to go just for a short Georgia itinerary. That is why many people looking to visit Georgia want to take the time to visit the … Read More

Georgia to Azerbaijan: Tbilisi to Baku & Sheki to Tbilisi

Baku itinerary

One of the most common ways to enter Azerbaijan for travellers going overland is to travel from Georgia to Azerbaijan. During our time in the Caucauses, we crossed the Georgia-Azerbaijan border twice: once on the night train from Tbilisi to Baku and then from Sheki to Signhaghi which follows essentially the same route as going from Sheki to Tbilisi. If you’re planning on travelling either of these routes in the … Read More

How to Get from Baku to Sheki & Things To Do in Sheki

Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan itinerary: Sheki

While the majority of people travelling through Azerbaijan, might just spend a few days in Baku and then hop back on the night train to Tbilisi or fly home, it’s definitely worth taking the time to explore other areas of Azerbaijan. A popular option is to travel from Baku to Sheki and then cross the border overland to Georgia. While there aren’t a huge number of things to do in … Read More