How to Visit Graz in One Day: Austria’s Charming Second City

The beautiful city of Graz, Austria

For travellers venturing to Austria as part of a larger Central Europe itinerary, chances are that a visit to Graz doesn’t make the cut. While places like the capital of Vienna, Mozart’s birthplace of Salzburg or overtouristed Hallstatt get most of the attention, most tourists don’t make the detour to visit Graz. This is undoubtedly a great shame as Graz provides visitors with an incredible mix of historical sites to … Read More

How to Do a Bratislava Day Trip from Vienna

The beauty of travelling around Europe is that it’s often possible to visit multiple neighbouring countries within a short period of time without having to embark upon lengthy journeys. Some major cities are in such close proximity it’s possible to pop across the border in the morning, see a few sights and be back before bedtime. A Bratislava day trip from Vienna falls suitably into this category. If you’ve sampled … Read More

How To Travel from Vienna to Graz by Train, Bus & Car

Graz's Famous Clock Tower

Neither Maggie or I were huge fans of Vienna during our previous Central Europe travels. So when we found ourselves flying to the Austrian capital after exploring Cyprus for over a week, we were on the lookout for other cities we could visit. As we’ve both always been a fan of ‘second cities’ such as Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Tartu in Estonia & Kutaisi in Georgia, we decided to travel from … Read More