France Travel Guide

As one of Europe’s most-visited countries, planning the perfect trip to France can seem a bit overwhelming when you consider just how vast and diverse this country is. From the metropolitan and multicultural streets of Paris to the beaches of the Riviera to the castles and wineries of the Loire Valley, France has something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re a foodie or a history buff, looking to ski in the Alps or lounge in the Mediterranean, a trip to France is never a bad idea. This France travel guide is here to help you map out your perfect trip to France whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been returning again and again.

Planning a France Route

Figuring out where you want to go in France and for how long can be enough to do your head in. There is so much to see and do in France that there is absolutely no way you can fit it all in unless you have months or years to play around with. This is why it’s best to concentrate on a region or two and plan your trip accordingly around that.

If it’s your first time in France, plan a healthy amount in Paris before heading off to another region to explore. If you’re returning, pick somewhere of interest and plan to dig deeper and explore that area. If you’re trying to plan the perfect itinerary for your French adventure, then have a look through the articles below to set you on the right path.

Places to Visit in France

France is a massive and diverse country with lots to offer visitors. Whether you’re looking for a ski holiday or a beach break, whether you want to stay in the city or explore the country, there really is something for everyone is this beautiful nation. The guides below are broken into areas of France so you can browse through all of the best places to visit.

Paris & Surrounds

A destination in and of itself, Paris truly deserves a number of days to be dedicated to it to truly do it justice. In fact, you could spend several days just exploring Paris and very much not get bored.

There are also lots of places to visit within easy reach of the French capital that can make using Paris as a base a very appealing option. Not only do you get to experience one of the world’s great cities, but you can also explore grand palaces, beautiful wineries, historic chateaus and much much more.

Read the articles below to figure out what to do while in Paris and its surrounding area.

French Riviera

Also known as the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera located on the southeast coast of France is one of the top places to go for a luxurious beach holiday. Whether you’re looking to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in Cannes or Nice or you simply want to lounge on the beach in a sleepy, seaside village, there is something for everyone in this gorgeous corner of the country.

If you’re planning a trip to the French Riviera, have a browse through the guides below to help map out the idea time.


Evoking images of lavender fields and historic old towns, market days and bouillabaisse, Provence is one of the top destinations to visit in the South of France. Whether you want to spend some time exploring the dynamic port city of Marseille, wandering around charming historic towns or taking in some incredible natural scenery, Provence has it all.

For those planning a Provencal adventure, make sure to have a look at the articles below.

Southwest France

The South of France is a diverse and dynamic area that is far more than simply the beaches of the Riviera and the lavender fields of Provence. In fact, there is a lot to explore in just the southwest of France that it justifies planning a trip to this region alone.

From the gastronomy of French Basque Country to the vineyards of Bordeaux to the cosmopolitan vibes of Toulouse, there are countless great places to visit in this corner of the country.

Burgundy, Lyon & The Alps

Not only does France have beaches, rivers and wine country to offer, but there is also some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Europe. Perfect for visiting in both the summer months of bountiful hiking opportunities or in the winter for some of the world’s best scenery, heading to the French Alps is never a bad idea.

And, if you’re keen to explore a city – the city of Lyon isn’t far from the base of the Alps. Perfect for foodies and for those who want to see France’s second city.

Or, if you’re keen to explore one of the most iconic wine regions in the country (and the birthplace of the famous Dijon mustard) then consider visiting the nearby Burgundy region. Full of medium-bodied reds and an incredible culinary scene, this is another wonderful area to add onto a trip to France.

Northern France

Travelling in Northern France is a completely different experience than visiting the south that you will be forgiven for thinking that you’re in a different country altogether. That isn’t to say this area of France isn’t worth visiting, however, and the north packs a lot of history and interesting places to see and explore.

Regardless if you want to take in the splendours of Mont Saint-Michel or experience the history on Omaha Beach or visit the Christmas markets in Strasbourg or explore the lovely streets of Lille, Northern France is a joy to visit. The guides below will help you map out the perfect trip to the North of France.

Accommodation in France

Finding the perfect place to stay on your trip to France can seem a bit overwhelming when you consider all of the options available to you. Which neighbourhood of Paris suits your needs? Do you want to stay in a luxury hotel or a cosy guesthouse? Is there a Provencal village that is better than others for a base? All of these questions and more can come up when figuring out where to stay in France.

If you’re struggling with accommodation options, then make sure to browse the guides below to help you find the perfect property, village or neighbourhood to stay no matter where you plan on visiting in France.

Best Time to Visit France

What time of year is best for your French adventure? Well, it really depends on where you want to go and what you want to do. Obviously, if you’re keen to hit the slopes outside of Chamonix, you’re not going to want to visit in August. Conversely, if you’ve got plans to see the lavender fields of Provence or soak in the Mediterranean sun on the beach, January is not the best time for this.

France is a large nation with lots of different climate zones. And each area has its pros and cons to visiting. Keep in mind that many things shut down in the cooler months in coastal areas but that Paris can be hot and packed with visitors in July and August. December is cold but a great time to visit for Christmas markets, but it may be better to head to France in January or February if you intend to ski.

If you’re thinking of visiting France in the winter, check out the guides below to help inform you of all you may need to know.

Cost of Travelling to France

One key factor that needs to be considered when planning your trip to France is how much it’s going to cost. A notoriously expensive destination, it can be helpful to be aware of just how much things like accommodation, transportation and activities are going to cost when you are there.

The guides below will help you budget for Paris and France as a whole so you can be aware of the prices and budget accordingly before you head out on your trip.

Packing for France

Of course, you’re likely wondering what you should be packing on your trip to France. Again, this really depends on where you visit and what time of year it is. However, no matter when and where you’re visiting, you’re going to need to bring a good, sturdy pair of walking shoes.

France is a notoriously fashionable country, but there is no need to stress about what kind of clothes to bring. One thing that is good to keep in mind is to pack lots of layers and neutral colours so you can easily mix and match outfits while taking up minimal luggage space.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your trip to make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. If you’re travelling to lots of different climate zones – layers are key!

Planning a trip to France is one of the highlights of visiting the European continent. An incredible nation with something fascinating to visit around every corner, you could spend years exploring France and barely scratch the surface. Hopefully, this France travel guide has helped you plan the perfect trip.