The Perfect 1, 2, or 3 Days in Sofia Itinerary

Bulgaria itinerary

Mapping out the ideal Sofia itinerary is a highlight of visiting Bulgaria and spending 1, 2 or 3 days in Sofia is an unbeatable experience. Sofia is a city that is often overlooked, too frequently shunted and added to “skip it” lists without a second thought. And, to be honest, it might be understandable at first sight of Bulgaria’s capital city. Sofia is not beautiful and the few architectural gems … Read More

What To Do in Plovdiv: A 1 or 2 Day Itinerary

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If you’re wondering what to do in Plovdiv, then this one or two-day itinerary is here to help you out. Bulgaria’s second city is one of the highlights of this beautiful southeastern European country. As one of the oldest cities in all of Europe (some say the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent), Plovdiv is packed full of ancient history, a charming old town, and a thriving arts district … Read More

The Perfect Bulgaria Itinerary: 5 to 10 Days (or More!)

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The Balkan nation of Bulgaria has long been overlooked on standard European travel routes, where traditional tourists rarely travel farther east than Hungary or Croatia. However, for those more intrepid visitors keen to see the delights that southeastern Europe has to offer, planning a Bulgaria itinerary is a fantastic idea. Though relatively small in size, Bulgaria has a lot to offer visitors and really can appeal to almost every personality. … Read More

Is Bulgaria Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Bulgaria

prices in Bulgaria

Is Bulgaria expensive to visit? Is Bulgaria for travellers? Bulgaria is quickly becoming a sought-after destination in Europe, with travellers eager to explore its metropolitan cities, high mountain peaks, ancient history, and beautiful Black Sea coastline. And not only does Bulgaria have a lot to offer tourists in terms of natural and historical sites, but it is also known to be an affordable destination to visit. However, if you’re planning … Read More

A Different Side of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

Black Sea in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was a country that never ceased to impress me, and along with that goes its lovely coast on the Black Sea. There truly is something to suit every beach-going personality; from the tourist-trodden streets and kitschy souvenir shops of Sunny Beach to the winding cobbled roads and sleepy feel of Sozopol to the cosmopolitan and lively city of Varna. Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is a marvellous destination to get … Read More

How to Get From Sofia to Thessaloniki by Bus, Train or Car

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If you’re undertaking a long trip through the Balkans, chances are at some point you might be wondering how to get from Sofia to Thessaloniki or vice-versa. Looping through Greece is a popular option for travellers who are spending a few days in Bulgaria and want to explore some of the highlights in Northern Greece such as Meteora before venturing to Albania. Luckily it’s incredibly straight forward to get from … Read More

Things To Do In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Old town, Veliko Tarnovo

Like much of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo is a town with a history that dates back thousands of years. Nestled high in the mountains to the north of the country, it is not a large city but has cemented itself firmly on the backpacker trail as a logical stop when heading into Romania. On top of that, it is littered with museums, historical sites, beautiful scenery, and, as the home of … Read More

Ancient Plovdiv: A Bulgarian Gem

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While standing at the bus station upon our arrival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a man approached me and gestured to my scuffed, worn boots implying that he wanted to shine them. I smiled politely and shook my head before returning to my conversation with Michael, where we were deliberating how best to get to our hostel. To my bemusement, the man didn’t leave but had returned my smile with one even … Read More