England Travel Guide

Visiting England is one of the best decisions one could make when determining where to go on a holiday. As one of the top-visited destinations in the world, there is no denying that England holds a special place in a number of people’s hearts. Far more than London, England has a lot to offer travellers from vibrant cities to beautiful natural areas, from jaw-dropping coastlines to millennia-old historic sites, England really has it all. And this England travel guide is here to help you plan the perfect trip to this majestic nation!

If you’re planning a trip to England and want to get a bit further outside of London, then look no further. We have countless guides, itineraries and other articles to help you plan the absolute best trip possible.

Whether you’re looking for a base in London and hope to enjoy some day trips or have lots of time to spend exploring different corners of this nation, you’re sure to fall in love with visiting England.

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Planning an England Route

One of the first things you need to do when planning a trip to England is to determine a rough route or itinerary through the country. As I’ve mentioned earlier, England is far more than just London and there are a wealth of things to explore here. This can make planning an itinerary actually quite difficult.

Whether you only have a week to spend in England or you’re able to dedicate longer to your England route, it is imperative that you adequately plan out your time so that you can get the most out of your trip.

There is a lot to see and do in England and without proper planning, you can easily end up overwhelmed and exhausted — especially if you try to cram too much into a short period of time!

Regardless of whether you are planning a stand-alone trip to England, want to get further off the typical tourist trail or are after an epic road trip through the entirety of Britain and Ireland, the articles below are sure to help you map out the ideal route and plan your absolute perfect trip to England!

Places to Visit in England

England is a place that, though seemingly small in size, has a lot to offer visitors with so many incredible places to see. Whether you want to ramble in national parks, enjoy some vibrant cities, see the magnificent coastline and or try to get to know London like a local, England is sure to deliver.

If you’re wondering where to go in England, then make sure to browse the articles below in order to figure out where to visit and what to do while you’re there!

Day Trips from London

Many visitors to England opt to base themselves in London and explore the country via a day trip from the capital.

While we would always recommend trying to at least venture from the capital of some of your trip (there is a lot more to England!), this can be a good option if you’re short on time.

You can easily reach a lot of the country via day trips and it can really help you to get a holistic view of England without having to move accommodation every other night.

If you’re looking for some of the best day trips from London, how best to undertake them and what to do while you’re there, make sure to have a look at the articles below!

Best Time to Visit England

Not known for its warm and sunny weather, many potential travellers to England will inevitably be wondering when the best time of year to visit is. And while there really isn’t a bad time to head to this beautiful country, depending on where you’re visiting, there are some seasons that can be preferable to others.

I’ll start out by saying that if you’re not a fan of short dark days and cold, dreary weather, then it’s probably best to stick to visiting in the summer or autumn months.

Summers in England are short but lovely, with long sunny (ish) days and mild temperatures. Though the occasional heatwave can certainly happen, you can plan for temperatures to range from about 20-24°C (68-75°F) in the months of June-August with as little rain as can be expected in England.

Autumn can be an incredibly pleasant season, particularly September — where summer temperatures can linger well into the month — and October, where the mercury will drop slightly but the colours will be absolutely beautiful.

Spring can be a bit variable. In March, temperatures can swing between freezing and pleasant, often with little warning. This is when the first hopes of a warm season may come to light.

Come April, you will start to see a few properly warm days, but it is mostly still a bit chilly and you will need to make sure that you have adequate jackets and rain gear. May, as well, can be a bit unpredictable, with temperatures swinging from chilly to beautiful at the drop of a hat.

Finally, we get to winter. English winters are cold, wet and dark, however, they’re not absolutely terrible. Days are quite short and if you do visit in the wintertime, you should be prepared for it to begin getting dark by around 3:30 PM. Temperatures can hover around freezing depending on where you are and you can be sure to expect freezing rain and, occasionally, snow.

If you are visiting England in the winter months — or any season, for that matter — make sure to browse the articles below to find the best gear for your trip.

Cost of Travelling to England

Many visitors to England will also be concerned about the prices in the country, especially if you’re planning on visiting on a budget. And while England is certainly not an incredibly affordable destination (quite the contrary, actually), it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank if you know how and where to spend your money effectively.

Of course, expect prices in England to be high — they are. But they don’t really have to be oppressively so. Though London, especially, is one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are some great ways to save money on everything from activities to accommodation to food that can make visiting accessible to the vast majority of budgets.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the prices to expect on your trip, along with our best money-saving tips, then please have a look at the articles below.

Transportation in England

When it comes to planning a trip to England, getting around is a major consideration that needs to be discussed. There are a few options available to you and they all depend on your travel style, preferences and budget.

First off, if you’re simply planning on basing yourself in London and maybe taking a few day trips, you can do this all by relying on public transit. Obviously, the public transportation system in London, in particular, is quite expansive and very easy to navigate. However, the bus and train system outside of the city is also extensive and easy to use.

If you’re planning on getting around England only using public transit, you have both the bus and the train as options available to you. The bus is the best option if you’re travelling on a budget, as trains can end up being quite expensive. The best way to save money on trains (and buses) is to book as far in advance as possible in order to secure the best prices. We like using Omio for all of your public transit booking needs.

If you want to visit some national parks, get a bit rural or off the beaten path or simply want some flexibility in your itinerary, then renting a car is a fantastic option in England. To find great prices on car hire, we recommend booking through RentalCars.com, which aggregates deals across major car hire companies.

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The back of the York Minster
The back of the York Minster

Accommodation in England

There are countless accommodation options available throughout England so that travellers of all budgets and styles will have something to choose from. Whether you’re searching for a dorm bed in a backpacker’s hostel, a cosy room in a Bed & Breakfast, a private flat in London or a plush room in a luxury hotel, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy.

If you’re wondering where to stay in London in particular, make sure to have a look at our accommodation guide below!

Travelling in England is a wonderful experience that is sure to thrill and delight. With so much to offer travellers of every creed and interest, England is a truly dynamic destination that is sure to leave you with memories for years to come!