The Perfect 1, 2 or 3 Days in Antwerp Itinerary

Antwerp's Grote Markt

With so much to see and do, you can easily spend 1, 2 or 3 days in Antwerp exploring its trendy neighbourhoods and charming historical centre. This Antwerp itinerary includes everything from amazing museums and architectural gems to glittering jewels, the Grote Markt and its gorgeous central train station. Home to Europe’s second-largest port, the cosmopolitan city is also famed for its fashion scene and fun nightlife. Although oft-overlooked in … Read More

The Perfect 5 to 7 Days in Belgium Itinerary

Canals in Ghent

Besides Brussels, Bruges and Ghent, it can be hard to know just what to include as part of your Belgium itinerary. Often said to be where the north and south of the continent meet, the ‘Heart of Europe’ is incredibly diverse with so many different sides. 5 to 7 days in Belgium allows you to see the capital, photograph famous Flemish cities and explore some lovely places. As it is … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Brussels Itinerary

Brussels skyline

If you’re currently planning your Brussels itinerary, then you’ve come to the right place! One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Belgium’s capital is lots of fun to explore but all too often overlooked. After just 2 to 3 days in Brussels though, its delicious frites, waffles and chocolate will have you questioning why you’re not staying even longer! Besides quirky street art and comic books, Brussels is … Read More

Brussels or Bruges: Which Belgian City to Visit?

The Grand Place in Brussels

Many visitors to Belgium who are short on time wonder whether they should choose to visit Brussels or Bruges on their trip. Brussels and Bruges are two of the most popular cities in Belgium among tourists. Each has its own particular culture, unique beauty, and exciting tourist attractions, making them very different from each other. In general, Brussels is a better option for those looking for a lively, big city … Read More

Bruges or Ghent: Which Belgian City to Visit?

Canals of Bruges

Bruges and Ghent tend to be among the most popular cities to visit in Belgium. They are both easily accessible by train from Brussels, but there are very different cities at their core. If you’re limited on time, you can quickly take a Ghent or Bruges day trip from Brussels, but we recommend staying a little longer. When trying to decide whether you should visit Bruges or Ghent, take several … Read More

One Day in Ghent Itinerary: A Day Trip from Brussels

Old Town of Ghent

With its close proximity to Brussels, it’s no surprise that Ghent is a popular day trip. Ghent itself is a charming Belgian city with plenty to see and do–from castles seated in the middle of the city to beautiful walks along the central canal. One day in Ghent is enough to explore the highlights without feeling rushed. This guide includes everything you should consider seeing and doing to create a … Read More

The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Bruges Itinerary

Beautiful Bruges

Located in the Flanders region of Belgium, most people pay a visit to Bruges as a day trip from nearby Ghent or Brussels. While you can get a decent sense of the city in one day, 2 to 3 days in Bruges is best to get the full experience. As you’re building your Bruges itinerary, you’re going to find yourself immersed in so much local culture, cuisine, and history that … Read More