Backpacking Europe

Backpacking Europe Packing List & Pre-Trip Checklist

Beautiful streets in Olomouc

Your flight is booked, you’ve secured your first few night’s accommodation, and you’ve had “going away drinks” with friends. You’re nearly ready to embark upon your European adventure, but you still haven’t packed your bag! Figuring out the perfect Backpacking Europe packing list can be a daunting task, but luckily I have been there before and can offer sage words of advice to guide you through this stressful time! Backpacking … Read More

Five Great Backpacking Europe Routes

Republic Square is a great way to start your Belgrade itinerary

For many, the act of donning a backpack and wandering aimlessly throughout the European continent is seen as something of a right of passage — a way of finding oneself before embarking on the mundane path of adulthood. However, backpacking Europe need not only be reserved for barely-legal teens on a gap year with an unlimited amount of time to see and do whatever might come their way. Travelling on … Read More

How Much Does Backpacking Europe Cost in 2023?

View of Prague from the Charles Bridge

Are you planning a budget trip on the continent and want to know how much will backpacking Europe cost? Look no further. For many, the act of donning a backpack and wandering aimlessly from city to city and hostel to hostel throughout Europe is a right of passage (looking at you, young Aussies on gap years!). Unfortunately, however, Europe has a reputation for being an expensive destination to visit and … Read More

18 Must-Have Backpacking Europe Essentials

Charles Bridge in Prague

So it’s only a few weeks until you get on a plane and fly off to Europe. You’ve spent months planning your perfect backpacking Europe route. You’ve saved for your trip and know your daily budget back to front. You’ve narrowed down the list of hostels you want to stay at in each city. Yet as your trip gets closer and closer, have you wondered what you may have forgotten? Never … Read More

The Best Shoes For Backpacking Europe

One of the most stressful parts of planning a backpacking Europe trip might be figuring out what to pack. While you may have your clothing and other miscellaneous items sorted, it can be difficult to determine what are the best shoes for backpacking Europe to bring. This guide will help you decide what shoes you’ll need and which ones you can leave at home! Want a quick answer? My choice for the … Read More