Munich or Frankfurt: Which German City to Visit?

Munich skyline

When planning a trip to Germany there are always a few must-see big cities at the top of your bucket list, but sometimes the circumstances don’t allow you to see them all. So out of all the beautiful cities, you might be wondering whether to visit Munich or Frankfurt. While the two cities are different from each other, they are both loved for those differences. Whether you’re looking to experience … Read More

The Perfect 1, 2 or 3 Days in Dusseldorf Itinerary

MedenHafen & Rhine Tower in Dusseldorf

Whether you like historical or modern architecture, you’ll get both beautifully blended in Dusseldorf. As Germany’s fashion capital and with a big international business hub, there are tons of interesting things to do in this Dusseldorf itinerary. Now that you’ve decided to visit this lovely city, we’ll help you decide whether you need 1, 2 or 3 days in Dusseldorf to get the full experience in the next section. For … Read More

The Perfect 3-Day Black Forest Itinerary

View of the Black Forest

When planning a Germany itinerary, the beautiful and iconic Black Forest is at the top of most people’s bucket lists. This Black Forest itinerary will include everything you need to know to have the perfect 3 days in the Black Forest.  In German, the forest is called der Schwarzwald, which references the pine trees’ deep dark green colour, making the forest look almost black. If you are a fan of … Read More

One Day in Heidelberg Itinerary: A Day Trip from Frankfurt

Old bridge in Heidelberg

Since Frankfurt is only about an hour or so away, you can easily enjoy one day in Heidelberg filled with its beloved highlights and explore the city. As soon as you reach the town your eyes will find the magnificent Heidelberg Palace tower above the city which will be included in your Heidelberg itinerary. Located on the Neckar river and south of Frankfurt, Heidelberg is perfect for a day trip … Read More

How Many Days in Berlin? Planning a 2 to 4-Day Itinerary

Berlin Skyline

If you planning a trip to the German capital, you could be wondering how many days in Berlin is enough to do it justice and if a 2 to 4 days in Berlin itinerary is sufficient. Since the fall of the wall that divided it, Berlin has grown to become a leading European city break destination. Much of this Berlin owes to its links to both the Cold War and … Read More

Is Berlin Expensive? A Guide to Prices in Berlin

Museum Island Berlin

Is Berlin expensive? What can you expect the prices in Berlin to be when travelling to this famous German city? Berlin is a city synonymous with the Cold War era, no thanks in part to the dividing wall which ran through it. The wall’s destruction was one of the most significant events in modern Europe and the reunification of Berlin, and Germany in general, kick-started a transformation that has seen … Read More

Cologne or Dusseldorf: Which German City to Visit?

Historical Cologne

With so many places to see in the world and not enough time on your hands, you might be forced to cut a few cities off your German trip, which can leave you contemplating whether you should visit Cologne or Dusseldorf. Being so close to each other, the two urban centres on the Rhine have competed against each other in various categories for centuries. However, these days their friendly rivalry … Read More

The Perfect 1 to 2 Days in Cologne Itinerary

Cologne skyline

Planning the perfect Cologne itinerary can be a bit difficult when you consider al there is to do in this lovely city. Situated in western Germany you’ll find Cologne. Pronounced “Köln” in German, this charming city is a lesser-visited destination for tourists. Most visitors to Germany flock to Munich or Berlin, leaving Cologne as a great destination for anyone wanting the history, food, and culture that Germany is famous for … Read More