Western Europe Travel Guide

Travelling through Western Europe is often what springs to mind when would-be visitors dream of a European holiday. Whether it be snacking on croissants in Paris, trekking in the Swiss Alps or taking in the tulips and canals in Amsterdam, there is so much to see and do in Western Europe.

Though it can be a broad designation and region, this Western Europe travel guide will help you plan a trip to a wide array of nations and, hopefully, have you booking a flight for a dream European adventure in no time!

Western Europe Countries

The term “Western Europe” can be a bit ambiguous and somewhat loaded as it can hypothetically comprise a wide array of countries depending on who is doing the classifying. For the purposes of this Western Europe travel guide, we are concentrating on the countries of Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

For information about countries such as Portugal, Greece, Spain & Italy, please visit our Southern Europe page.

For information about countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, visit our Nordics page.

If you already know where you want to visit in this incredible region, then make sure to browse our country-specific articles and guides.

Places to Visit in Western Europe

With so many countries comprising this region, there are countless amazing places to visit in Central Europe. No matter what kind of holiday you’re after – whether you’re looking to lounge on a beach, learn about history or hit the ski slopes – there is something for everyone here.

From famous, historic and international cities like Paris and Amsterdam to swoon-worthy cuisine to history spanning centuries, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands are fascinating destinations that won’t soon be forgotten.


As one of Europe’s most visited countries, the nation of France is really a wonderful destination to visit. There is so much more to this beautiful country than the cosmopolitan streets of Paris or the beaches of the Riviera and a trip here isn’t one that is soon to be forgotten.

If you’re planning a trip to France, make sure to have a look at the articles below to map out the ideal holiday for you and your travel style.


Steeped with history, modern Germany is a dynamic and interesting European destination that has something new around every corner. From ultra-cool and gritty Berlin to the depths of the Black Forest to the beer halls of Munich, Germany is an excellent destination that is so worth taking the time to explore.

If you’re heading to Germany on your Western European adventure, make sure to have a look at the guides below to help point you in the right direction.


Though geographically small in size, the nation of Switzerland really has a lot of diversity and interesting places to visit. From exciting, metropolitan and international cities like Zurich and Geneva to gorgeous Alpine getaways like Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is absolutely gorgeous and a true joy to visit.

For those who have a Swiss adventure in the cards, make sure to browse the articles below to make your travel planning a breeze.


Known for beer, chocolate and frites, Belgium is an interesting and historic place to visit that is a fantastic addition to any trip through Western Europe.

Whether you want to explore the EU capital of Brussels, party into the wee hours of the night in Antwerp or get lost on the cobbled streets and canals of Bruges, Belgium is truly a delight to visit. Have a look at the articles below to ensure you don’t miss a thing while travelling through Belgium.


Famous for tulips, canals and coffee shops, the Netherlands is more than just the bicycle-laden streets of Amsterdam. Wherever you’re interested in visiting in this small but fascinating nation, you’re sure to fall in love with the Dutch history and lifestyle.

If you’re planning to visit the Netherlands – whether as a city break or as a longer trip – then have a look at the articles below to make you’re planning just a bit easier.

Western Europe has so many dynamic and diverse places to visit that planning a trip to this area of the continent can be seriously overwhelming. Whether you’re planning a whirlwind tour through the major capital cities or have a long, leisurely time to dig deep and explore far-flung areas, hopefully, this Western Europe travel guide will help you along your journey.