Where to Stay in Riga, Latvia: The Best Hotels & Hostels

Riga, the capital of the Baltic nation of Latvia, has experienced significant growth in tourism over recent years. This has been driven by a number of budget airlines operating flights from around Europe, its affordable prices and unique culture that makes it a great stop for a weekend break or as part of a longer Baltic travel itinerary. Travellers wondering where to stay in Riga are spoiled for choice as … Read More

Tallinn or Riga or Vilnius: The Best Baltic City to Visit

Baltic Travel Itinerary

Can’t decide between visiting Tallinn or Riga or Vilnius for a Baltic city break? Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia seem to be growing in popularity as tourist destinations each year, with bold new tourism campaigns and fairytale-like Old Towns drawing more and more people to this northeastern corner of Europe than ever before. Despite their seemingly diminutive size, the three Baltic States are vast and diverse and travellers could easily spend … Read More

The Perfect Baltics Itinerary: Explore Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania

Baltics Travel Guide

Are you planning a trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and are looking for the perfect Baltics itinerary? Well, look no further. The countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia all make up what are colloquially referred to as the Baltic States. These three countries, though small both in size and population, have a lot to offer travellers, especially if they’re looking to get off the beaten path. Not only are the Baltics one … Read More

3 Days in Riga Itinerary: Things to Do in Latvia’s Capital

Tallinn or Riga or Vilnius

Spending 3 days in Riga wasn’t just like travelling to another European city for me. As the birthplace of both my parents, who left over thirty-five years ago thinking they’d never return, it’s remarkable that Riga has now firmly established itself as a popular tourist city. Travellers here come from all walks of life ranging from cruise ships visitors exploring the Old Town during their one day in Riga itinerary … Read More

How Much Will a Baltics Trip Cost?

Tartu Travel Guide

How much will a Baltics trip cost? Many potential travellers will ask themselves this before heading to this area of the world. The Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia sit nestled in the northeastern corner of Europe and see very little international tourism outside of their respective capital cities. However, since joining the EU in 2004 and adopting the Euro as currency in 2015, travelling through these countries is … Read More

Things To Do In Liepaja: A Two-Day Itinerary

Baltics Travel Guide

Are you thinking of heading to one of Latvia’s beautiful coastal cities and are looking for the best things to do in Liepaja? Liepaja, Latvia’s third-largest city, doesn’t see nearly the amount of foreign tourism that it deserves. Situated along the Baltic coast about 60 kilometres north of the Lithuanian border, Liepaja is a charming city boasting an interesting history, numerous lush parks and open-air markets, and one of the … Read More

A Guide To Latvian Food And Drink

3 days in riga

One of the reasons people love to travel is to learn about and try the local food. I’m no different in that respect however for me this goes far beyond eating at a hip restaurant or finding an authentic hole in the wall take away place. I love to understand how and what locals eat on a day to day basis and one of the best ways to do this … Read More

Finding Paradise on a Baltic Beach

Baltics Travel Guide

The Baltic countries are a relatively unexplored area of Europe and those who do end up visiting tend not to venture any further than the capital cities. This is an immense shame, however, because this small corner of Europe has so much to offer any traveller — including miles upon miles of beautiful, pristine coastline. We had both been keen to visit a Baltic beach before leaving the region but … Read More