The Perfect 1, 2 or 3 Days in Basel Itinerary

City of Basel

In northwest Switzerland close to the border of France and Germany, is the wonderful town of Basel; with its incredible old town, mass of museums and location close to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, you can’t go wrong over 1, 2 or 3 days in Basel. Our Basel itinerary will show you how to reach the city, as well as how to move around from hotspot to hotspot. … Read More

One Day in Lauterbrunnen Itinerary: A Great Swiss Day Trip

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a picturesque alpine village with enchanting natural beauty. Planning a Lauterbrunnen itinerary is a pleasure, with so many unforgettable experiences on offer. This fairytale destination, also known as the ‘Valley of 72 Waterfalls’, is surrounded by towering cliffs and lush alpine meadows. Lauterbrunnen village exudes a tranquil charm with its traditional Swiss chalets, winding streets, and stunning mountain vistas. If … Read More

The Ultimate 7 to 10 Days in Switzerland Itinerary

Matterhorn Mountain from Zermatt

Switzerland is a landlocked country in the heart of Western Europe, nestled between France, Italy, Germany and Liechtenstein. Planning a comprehensive 7 to 10 days in Switzerland itinerary will help you make the most out of your stay – it may be small, but this magnificent country has a lot to offer. From charming Swiss towns to glacial lakes framed by towering snow-capped mountains. Pristine ski slopes, mountain bike trails, … Read More

Interlaken or Lucerne: Which Swiss City to Visit?

Interlaken Town

If you are planning a trip to central Switzerland, you are sure to have asked yourself – Interlaken or Lucerne. Both offer crystal-clear alpine lakes and snowcapped surrounding mountains, characterful medieval buildings and traditional Swiss cuisine. With only 60 km between the two, there are plenty of similarities, but each offers something unique.    The biggest difference is in size. Interlaken is a town with an intimate, rustic feel, whereas Lucerne … Read More

The Perfect 1, 2 or 3 Days in Lucerne Itinerary

Town of Lucerne

A picturesque city in the heart of Switzerland, planning a Lucerne itinerary is a joy when mapping out a visit to this beautiful country. Located where the river Reuss meets the northwestern shore of the picture-perfect Lake Lucerne, this charming city is surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps, offering breathtaking views around every corner. Lucerne is known for its perfectly preserved medieval architecture, delicious Swiss cuisine and incredible snowcapped mountain … Read More

Geneva vs Zurich: Which Swiss City to Visit?

Jet D'Eau in Geneva

If you’re looking for a city break in Switzerland, it can be hard to decide whether Geneva vs Zurich is the right choice for you and your travel style. Home to a plethora of picture-perfect lakes and majestic mountains, Switzerland boasts phenomenal natural beauty. Visitors can explore the terrain by hiking and soaking up the sun at the lakes during the summer or skiing and snowshoeing in winter. The Swiss … Read More

One Day in Bern Itinerary: A Day Trip from Zurich

Church, bridge and houses with tiled rooftops, Bern, Switzerland

Should you find yourself with only one day in Bern, don’t fret. With a single day in this Swiss city, you can see the major highlights and get a good sense of what Bern is like. Due to its small size and efficient train system, getting around Switzerland is simple, so a day trip from Zurich to Bern is a great option if you’re using Zurich as your Swiss home … Read More

Weekend in Geneva Itinerary: 2 Days on a Budget

A Weekend In Geneva On A Budget

A weekend in Geneva is a great way to see the highlights of this beautiful Swiss city in a short amount of time. Spending 2 days on the shores of Lake Geneva is a great way to get to know this area of Switzerland. As the second-most populous city in the country, Geneva makes an excellent place to explore when visiting the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Located not far from … Read More