Best Places to Eat in Copenhagen on a Budget

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Copenhagen isn’t a cheap city by any measure. Danes, however, love to eat out which has led to the foodie scene exploding in Copenhagen over the last decade. This makes it a real shame if you come to the Danish capital and don’t check it out. We spent a lot of our long weekend in Copenhagen hunting for great affordable eateries. So with that in mind, here are some of the best places to eat in Copenhagen on a budget for every meal of the day!

Please note: At the time of writing in 2017, 40kr is equivalent to about 5.30 euros


If you’re keen to get straight into sightseeing and want to have a quick breakfast, I recommend heading to one of the many bagel shops that are dotted around town where you can pick up a bagel for between 40-60kr.

For a similar price, you can also get some smørrebrød, a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich that usually contains salad, fish or meat. Beware of some of the tourist traps in the Old Town and head to Aamanns Deli in Østerbro which has become a favourite for locals and actually also has a branch in the airport if you fancy a snack before you leave the city!

bagels copenhagen
Breakfast bagel!


Brunch is a weekend institution in Denmark. If you walk down the streets of Copenhagen on a Saturday or Sunday morning, expect to see places packed with people from the early hours of the morning.

Our favourite brunch spot in Copenhagen was undoubtedly Mad & Kaffe which has two locations; one in Vesterbro and one in Amagerbro. The premise of the place is simple, you get handed a menu with a list of food elements and can choose either 3, 5 or 7 items for your brunch.

Maggie and I both went for 5 items which cost 120kr each and was definitely enough to satisfy our hunger. The highlights were the smoked salmon, blueberry yoghurt, chilli avocado and perfectly prepared eggs. The drink menu is also phenomenal offering a great range of coffees, juices and iced teas. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen.

Mad & Kaffe brunch best places to eat in copenhagen
Awesome brunch from Mad & Kaffe

Mad & Kaffe gets packed on the weekend so if you get there after 9 expect to wait for your table. They are, however, quite efficient at turning over tables and you can order drinks while you wait. We arrived at about 9:30 and were seated within a half hour.


One of the most popular places for lunch (and dinner) is the Copenhagen Street Food market located on Paper Island,which is a logical stop if you’re walking between the Old Town and Christianshavn.

While somewhat lacking in traditional Danish food, this place is packed with some of the best international food stalls in all of Denmark. If you’ve got a craving for Asian, Mexican or Middle Eastern food, this is one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen.

Maggie and I couldn’t pass up the Mexican burrito and taco truck located near the front entrance. A burrito or three tacos here will set you back about 90kr and according to Maggie is some of the best Mexican she has had outside of Mexico.

If the weather is nice, take your food outside and find a seat overlooking the canal where they often have some live music playing.

Afternoon tea break

The Latin Quarter tucked away behind the main train station is the place to go if you want to find a cosy and inviting coffee shop to waste away a few hours in the afternoon.

The Living Room, located close to the Town Hall Square is a popular spot for locals and expats alike as it’s quite spacious and cosy — making it a perfect place to bring your laptop and get some work done.

the living room cosy copenhagen
Cosy space in The Living Room

A cup of coffee or tea will set you back between 25-35kr and they also offer sandwiches and other baked treats if you have a case of the afternoon munchies.  I highly recommend the ginger, lime and elderflower tea which is made on the spot with fresh ingredients.


The Meat Packing District in Kødbyen is the place to go if you’re after a fancy dinner at reasonable prices for Copenhagen. Similar to its namesake in New York, this area is packed with international and local restaurants and seems to be the place to be on weekends, particularly if you’re planning on sampling the nearby nightlife after your meal.

We ate here a couple of times and can recommend both Mother, an Italian restaurant that specialises in wood fire pizzas and Juicy Burger, a hipster burger joint that offers a simple menu only allowing a handful of variations to your burger but with a focus on freshness and quality ingredients.

pizza mother best places to eat in copenhagen
Delicious pizza from Mother

Expect to pay about 80-120kr per person for a meal in this area but it definitely worth it as this area is one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen!

If you want a cheaper alternative, head to one of the many kebab places in the centre of town where a meal will cost about half the price.


In the words of our Airbnb host, if you want to be seen drinking with the cool people in town, head straight to Istedgade Street in the hip and gentrified region of Vesterbro. Expect to pay about 40kr for a beer and at least double that for a cocktail.

Alternatively, both the Meat Packing District and the Street Food Market have a number of bars where you can get drinks for similar prices.

If you’ve already spent most of your money on all the amazing food this city has to offer, follow the lead of the locals and head to a convenience store to buy a beer and enjoy it in one of the many squares or parks that surround the city.

Copenhagen is no doubt an expensive city, but if you follow these suggestions you can eat out and still have some money left in your pocket!

Have you been to Copenhagen? What are your favourite places to eat in Copenhagen? Add a comment below!

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