The Perfect 5 to 7 Days in Denmark Itinerary

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by Emily Marty

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Denmark is a very popular tourist destination, and the perfect visit to this stunning Nordic nation wouldn’t be complete without a proper Denmark itinerary. If you’re planning on spending 5 to 7 days in Denmark, then read on! This trip outline covers the country’s highlights, as well as some lesser-known attractions that are well worth a visit in their own right. 

How Many Days in Denmark?

A key part of planning any holiday is figuring out how many days to spend at your destination. If you’re putting together an itinerary for a trip to Denmark, you’re probably wondering what the minimum length of time you’ll want to spend there to get a feel for the place is. 

Naturally, this varies somewhat from person to person, and will largely depend on what you like to do on your holidays, as well as what appeals to you about visiting Denmark in the first place.

With that in mind, trying to spend at least 5 days in Denmark is advisable, as it will allow you to visit a few of the country’s major cities and ensure that you don’t feel rushed in going from point A to point B. 

Bear in mind that both Denmark and its cities are remarkably compact, so getting around is generally quick and straightforward. In fact, you can see a great deal of the country in just five days as a result 

Having said that, you’re hardly going to run out of things to do if you end up spending one week in Denmark, instead.

Having an extra couple of days in the Nordic nation means you can visit some of the countryside, for example, or explore some of its nature reserves or even head to places like Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød or Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, several of which are fairly easy to access from the cities.

On the other hand, if you only have 3 days in Denmark or less, then plan on spending that in Copenhagen and maybe heading out on a day trip from the capital rather than planning to explore Denmark in its entirety. 

Streets of Aalborg
Streets of Aalborg

Getting To & Around Denmark 

One of the best things about visiting Denmark is how easy it is to get around once you’ve arrived in the country. Let’s be honest – Denmark is definitely on the smaller size, especially compared to other Nordic and Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Combine this with the comprehensive and reliable Danish train network, which will take you to just about any town or city with ease (and often in a fairly short span of time, too), and Denmark is pretty much the ideal destination if you’re planning on travelling without a car. 

In fact, Denmark is perhaps one of the few countries in Europe where hiring a car has arguably next to no benefit beyond the flexibility that it offers.

Rail services in Denmark will get you pretty much anywhere a car can in the same amount of time, and, naturally, if you end up hiring a car for your trip, you’ll need to worry about parking, paying for petrol, and so on. 

Buses represent another great alternative to travelling by car in Denmark. Much of the country is well-serviced by buses, tickets for which tend to be on the more affordable side, compared to equivalent train services. You can view train & bus schedules here.

As far as airports are concerned, flying into Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport, which is Denmark’s largest, will give you access to the greatest range of airlines and flight routes.

Conveniently, you can take the local metro service directly from the airport into downtown Copenhagen and Copenhagen Central Station, which usually only takes around 15-20 minutes.

The country’s other major airports are near the cities of Aarhus, Aalborg, Billund, and Odense.

Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen
Nyhavn in Copenhagen

5 to 7-Day Denmark Itinerary 

This itinerary will see you arriving in Copenhagen, the country’s cosy capital. After spending a few days there, you’ll be moving onto Aarhus, where you’ll spend a couple of days; this is where the five-day version of the itinerary ends.

If you decide to stay for 7 days in Denmark, then you’ll be heading to Aalborg for days 6 and 7 of the trip. 

Day 1 – Copenhagen 

For day 1 of your trip, you’ll be arriving in Copenhagen! A city with seemingly endless charm and charisma, Copenhagen is the historic and unique capital of Denmark and is home to beautiful architecture, quaint canals, and plenty to do and see. 

Why not start your holiday off with a bang and visit some of the city’s royal palaces? The castles of Rosenborg, Amalienborg, and Christiansborg are all well worth checking out, featuring some stunning and fairly distinct architecture.

Make sure to purchase a Copenhagen Card if you plan on visiting a lot of attractions. You can also take a bike tour if you want to explore some of the sights with a tour guide.

For unforgettable views of Copenhagen, you can climb to the top of the city’s Round Tower – just try not to get dizzy! 

Finally, you can finish the day off with a walk around the city’s iconic Nyhavn district and wandering around the cobblestone streets in the centre of the city. Known worldwide for its charming, colourful townhouses, cafes, and bars, Nyhavn is pretty busy in the warmer months, but its atmosphere simply has to be experienced firsthand. 

If you’re hungry, head to one of Copenhagen’s many fantastic food markets such as TorvehallerneKBH or Reffen. For those looking for something a bit more high-end, there are also countless fine dining establishments that call the Danish capital home. You can also take a food tour to try some of the nation’s iconic dishes.

It’s also recommended that you spend tonight, as well as nights 2 and 3 of your trip, in Copenhagen. 

Christiansborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace

Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Ascot Hotel – This luxury hotel is in the centre of Copenhagen close to most major attractions. They offer a large range of rooms as well as breakfast daily and a gym onsite.

The Square – This 4-star hotel is right across from Tivoli Gardens and has rooms suitable for singles, couples and larger families. There’s also a bar and common lounge for guests to enjoy.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel – If you’re travelling solo or visiting Denmark on a budget, then this hostel has dorm and private rooms, excellent common areas, 24-hour reception, and a bar on site!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Copenhagen hotels!

Day 2 – Copenhagen 

On the second day of this Denmark itinerary, you’ll be visiting some of Copenhagen’s cultural highlights, including its world-famous Tivoli Gardens. The second-oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli is, naturally, pretty old-school, but it’s still worth checking out for its historical value and unique atmosphere. You can pre-buy tickets here.

Afterwards, you can head to the National Museum of Denmark, which is home to a number of vital artefacts from the Viking era. The impressive Gundestrup Cauldron, thought to have been created sometime in the Iron Age, is a particular standout. 

The second day is also the perfect opportunity to try some delicious baked goods, which are something that Denmark is actually pretty famous for. We recommend the chain Meyers Bageri; with several locations across the city, their cinnamon rolls are not only traditional but absolutely delicious!

What’s more, at the end of each day, they donate any unsold bread and cakes to charities across Copenhagen that work to support the homeless, so your money will be going to a good cause. 

The world-famous Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens

Day 3 – Humlebæk & North Zealand Day Trip 

For the third day of your holiday, we recommend taking a day trip from Copenhagen to North Zealand, described by many as the ‘Danish Riviera.’

It’s a popular holiday destination among Copenhageners, and Humlebæk, one of the region’s more significant towns, is just over 30 km away from Copenhagen itself and easily accessible via train. 

Humlebæk is home to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which actually happens to be one of the most famous modern art museums in the world. So, if you’re a fan of the arts, then you’ll definitely want to head to Humlebæk and get to know some of the finest contemporary artworks in the world. 

Afterwards, you can either explore more of Humlebæk and the charming nearby beach of Nivå or head further afield and discover more of the North Zealand region.

If you’re not keen to head to North Zealand, consider heading out on a day trip to nearby Malmo, Sweden. Or, if you’re interested in Viking history, head to Roskilde which is also within easy reach of the Danish capital and won’t take long to get back to Copenhagen. Its main cathedral is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Do keep in mind that the next day of your trip will see you travelling from Copenhagen to Aarhus, so you might want to make sure not to overdo it! 

Malmo Old Town
Malmo Old Town

Day 4 – Aarhus 

On day 4, you’ll be making the trip from Copenhagen to Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city. If travelling by train, you can expect the journey to take a little over three hours. 

Once you’ve arrived, we suggest acquainting yourself with the city by going on a walking tour of its downtown area. The food market Aarhus Street Food is the perfect place to grab some authentic and delicious local fare; located just off the wharves in the Kødbyen district, this is a fantastic option if you’re keen for a more relaxed, affordable location for a bite to eat. 

Then, you can pay a visit to the open-air museum Den Gamle By, which features reconstructions of a variety of historic buildings and feels like something of a time capsule! 

Note that you should plan to spend tonight and tomorrow night in Aarhus. 

Where to Stay in Aarhus

Hotel Oasia – This 3-star hotel is an excellent choice for those looking for a hip place to stay in the centre of Aarhus. They have a great, central location, plenty of plush rooms on offer and a lovely breakfast buffet available in the morning.

Villa Provence – Those looking for a bit of luxury will love this plush hotel in the Aarhus canal area. Located within easy reach of the train station and close to the top attractions, they have a range of lovely rooms to choose from.

BOOK1 Design Hostel – Budget and solo travellers will love this highly-rated hostel in the centre of Aarhus. They have a range of dorms and private rooms available along with good self-catering facilities for guests to use.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Aarhus hotels!

Colorful houses in Den Gamle By
Colorful houses in Den Gamle By

Day 5 – Aarhus 

We recommend that you use day 5 of your trip to visit some of Aarhus’ excellent cultural attractions, starting off with the tranquil Botanical Garden (the greenhouses are especially impressive!). 

Then, you can head to the ARoS Art Museum and Moesgaard Museum; ARoS is one of Scandinavia’s most significant art museums, while the Moesgaard Museum features a number of fascinating exhibits related to archaeology and anthropology. 

If you’re planning on seeing Denmark in 5 days only, then this will be the last day of your trip. So, if you’re flying home from Copenhagen, make sure to factor that into your plan for the day; note that the time it takes to reach Copenhagen from Aarhus via train is usually around 4 hours. 

Aarhus Botanical Garden
Aarhus Botanical Garden

Day 6 – Aalborg

Seeing Denmark in 7 days? Then, for day 6 of your trip, you’ll want to head north from Aarhus to Aalborg; travelling between the two cities usually takes a little over an hour by train. 

Once you’ve arrived in Aalborg, we suggest heading to the Maritime Experience Centre at Springeren, which is a must-see for enthusiasts of maritime history. 

Or, if Vikings are more your thing, you can head to the Viking Museum at Lindholm Høje, which is just north of Aalborg city. Home to museums and a burial ground, the Viking Museum is absolutely fascinating, even if you don’t have much existing knowledge of the Vikings or their culture. 

Afterwards, you might like to climb the observation tower, Aalborgtårnet, for a view over the city. You can easily combine this with a walk into downtown Aalborg, which makes for a fantastic way to get your bearings here. 

If you’re keen on sampling the local Danish fare during your trip, then you may want to consider heading to Mortens Kro for dinner tonight. Regarded by many as one of the best restaurants in the city, Mortens Kro specialises in serving up fairly typical Danish cuisine, as well as a number of vegetarian options. Both a la carte and tasting menus are available, and booking in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. 

We suggest that you spend the night in Aalborg, keeping in mind that tomorrow may be the last day of your trip, and, as such, you’ll need to make arrangements to return to Copenhagen then, if that’s where you’re flying home from. 

Exploring Aalborg
Exploring Aalborg

Where to Stay in Aalborg

Zleep Hotel Aalborg – Those looking for a hip, mid-range place to stay in Aalborg will love this 3-star hotel. They have chic rooms on offer, an on-site bar to lounge in and a great breakfast available for guests each morning.

KOMPAS Hotel – If you’re after a bit more luxury in Aalborg, then this hotel is an excellent choice. Located in the heart of the city close to all of the best attractions, there are lovely rooms to choose from, a great breakfast on offer and plenty of other amenities for guests to enjoy.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Aalborg hotels!

Day 7 – Aalborg 

For the last day of your trip to Denmark, we recommend taking a day trip from Aalborg to Rebild National Park (Rebild Bakker in Danish). Buses departing from central Aalborg will take you to and from the national park, with a journey time of a little under an hour. 

The area comprises some lovely hilly heathland and is the perfect place for a hiking trip or picnic. Don’t expect much elevation gain, of course, but the park is truly tranquil, making for a nice change after nearly a week spent exploring Denmark’s incredible cities. 

Once you’re back, we suggest (unless you’re vegetarian/vegan) sampling the local seafood, which makes up a massive part of the local cuisine. One of the best places for it is the restaurant Fisk & Skaldyr, which specialises in serving seafood of the highest standard to diners. 

With oysters, salmon, mussels, prawns, eel, lobster, and halibut on the menu, seafood lovers are truly in for a treat here. The desserts are also to die for!

Note that there aren’t any vegetarian/vegan mains on the menu, so plant-based diners will likely want to contact the restaurant ahead of time to see if they’re able to accommodate dietary requirements. 

Rebild National Park
Rebild National Park

Have More Time? 

If you’d like to spend more than 7 days in Denmark, then you may want to head to Odense from Aalborg; the 3rd-largest city in Denmark, Odense is the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen and has its own unique character and plenty to see and do! Billund is home to the original LEGOLAND, too, which is great fun for children and adults alike. 

Or, if you want to see Denmark at its ‘peak,’ you can visit Himmelbjerget; it’s one of the highest points of the Danish landscape with an elevation of a whopping 147 metres! Its name even translates to ‘sky mountain,’ in reference to its height (which is impressive by Danish standards, in any case). 

Denmark is an incredible country, and both its cities and its countryside have so much to offer visitors. We hope that this itinerary helps you craft the perfect plan for your trip to Denmark and that you have an amazing time there!

Are you planning to visit Denmark? Have any questions about this itinerary? Let us know in the comments!

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