7 Best Places to Stay in Hvar for Tourists

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by Maggie Turansky

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As such a popular island to visit in Croatia, it can be hard to know what are the best places to stay in Hvar if you happen to be visiting as more than just a day trip. Dotted with little towns and villages and beautiful beaches, this island has something to offer everyone – whether you’re looking for a great place for nightlife or a family-friendly spot.

There are so many things to do on Hvar that it’s well worth spending a few days on the island to really make the most of it. And with all of the things to do, there are just as many great places to act as a base.

So if you’re wondering where to stay in Hvar, use this guide to figure out which town is best for you on this beautiful Croatian island!

Best Areas to Stay on Hvar Island

Hvar Town – Best Area for Nightlife

The most popular and obvious option for a base in Hvar is in Hvar Town. This little town is often considered to be the gateway to Hvar Island and it’s easily accessed via high-speed catamaran from Split. Because of all it has to offer, it’s also the best area to stay in Hvar without a car.

Hvar Town is a charming place to explore in its own right – it boasts a delightful seaside promenade, lovely winding streets and you can get excellent views of the town from above from the Spanish Fortress. There are also some swimming spots in the town itself or you can easily reach some nice beaches with an easy walk or taxi ride.

Hvar Town is also an excellent jumping-off point for exploring the nearby Pakleni Islands. This archipelago is a great place to kayak or boat to and boasts excellent swimming spots.

Of course, Hvar Town is also the epicentre of the island’s notorious nightlife. So if you’re coming to Hvar to party, this is the town for you and it boasts a number of beach clubs and bars that can see you into the wee hours. No doubt that Hvar Town is the best place to stay in Hvar for nightlife.

Where to Stay in Hvar Town

Pharos Hvar Hotel – Mid-range visitors to Hvar Town will love this 3-star hotel. Located in the centre of the town, there is great access to both activities and nightlife. They have an array of rooms available and a range of amenities for guests to enjoy. 

Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel – This luxury, 4-star hotel is a great option for accommodation in Hvar Town for those after a plush stay on the island. Offering a beautiful seaside location, a swimming pool and spa, gorgeous rooms to choose from and plenty more to make sure your holiday is unforgettable. 

Villa Hosta Apartments – If you’re after self-catering Hvar accommodation, then these apartments are an excellent choice. They have a range of fully-furnished flats to choose from, some with terraces and sea views, along with a great location for exploring the island.

Hostel Villa Skansi – Budget and solo travellers will love this hostel in the centre of Hvar Town. Highly rated among visitors, they offer both dorms and private rooms and also have free pizza available each evening and a pub crawl organized every night.

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Hvar Town Promenade
Hvar Town Promenade

Stari Grad – Best Area for Couples

Those looking for a romantic escape on Hvar, look no further than Stari Grad. This little town is the port of entry for car ferries coming from Split but all too often, visitors skip the town altogether and make a beeline for Hvar Town. This is really a shame as Stari Grad is absolutely charming and perfect for couples looking to spark a bit of romance.

Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns on the island of Hvar, dating back to 384 BCE – in fact, the name literally translates to old town in Croatian. There is a lot of history here, however, the winding streets and waterfront promenade are equally just charming and relaxed.

Stari Grad also has plenty of restaurants and open-air cafes where you can have an alfresco meal or a drink. The town is also surrounded by vineyards and you can find places to sip locally-made wines within the town, as well.

This town has an altogether quieter vibe than Hvar Town without sacrificing amenities or things to see and do. It’s also conveniently located within easy reach of a lot of the top places to visit on the island, so it makes for a great base.

Where to Stay in Stari Grad

Hvar Places Hotel – Situated only a stone’s throw from the sea, this is one of the best hotels in Hvar to stay if you’re looking for a base in Stari Grad. They have a swimming pool along with several rooms to select from plus plenty of other amenities.

B&B Heritage Villa Apolon – This boutique bed and breakfast is another great option in Stari Grad. Well located for exploring both the town and the island, they have great, air-conditioned rooms to choose from.

Anchor Apartments – If you’re after a quieter stay in self-catering accommodation, then these apartments in Stari Grad are an excellent option. They have a range of different flats available along with an exceptional breakfast on offer each morning. 

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Old Streets in Stari Grad
Old Streets in Stari Grad

Jelsa – Best Area for Families

Located about a 30-minute drive from Hvar Town and about 15 minutes from Stari Grad, the village of Jelsa is located on the north coast of the island and is one of the best areas of Hvar for families.

This village has a laid-back vibe to it but still has a fair amount going on – plenty of little swimming places, an abundance of different restaurants and cafes, charming little streets and, of course, a delightful harbour and seaside promenade.

Jelsa is a popular destination for families on Hvar for good reason – it has the most to offer both adults and children alike. So if you’re after a beautiful location that’s great for the whole family, then Jelsa is the best part of Hvar to stay in and is a great town on the island to make as a base.

Where to Stay in Jelsa

Guest House Jelsa – This cosy guesthouse is a great place to stay in the town of Jelsa. They have many comfortable rooms to choose from, ranging in size, a great location and they also happen to be pet-friendly.

Apartments Adria Blue – If you’re after your own flat when in Jelsa, then these apartments are a great choice. With a few fully furnished properties to choose from, they all come equipped with everything you may need for a great stay on Hvar.

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Jelsa Promenade
Jelsa Promenade

Vrboska – Best for a Local Feel

Located up to the west of Jelsa on the coast of Hvar, little Vrboska feels a world away from the tourist crowds of Hvar Town, despite not being far at all. If you’re wondering where locals go to hang out on this Dalmatian island, then Vrboska is the answer.

This little village is much quieter than the previous towns we’ve discussed, however, there is still the standard waterfront promenade, plenty of restaurants and cafes and other things worth enjoying in Vrboska.

For those who love wine, there are also some local wineries in the village where you can go and have a wine tasting and enjoy some local specialities.

All in all, Vrboska is the best place to stay on Hvar Island for those who want a quiet, local-centric village while still being close to the top attractions and sites on the island.

Where to Stay in Vrboska

Guest House Marinna – This Vrboska guesthouse is an excellent choice for a quiet stay in this lovely little town on Hvar. They offer both king rooms and apartments, there’s a delightful terrace to enjoy along with an on-site restaurant.

Apartment Smuljic – Those looking for a self-catering option in Vrboska will love these lovely apartments. They have a few fully-furnished flats to choose from that are equipped with everything you may need during your stay on Hvar.

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Vrboska Promenade
Vrboska Promenade

Milna – Best Area for Beaches

Located directly to the east of Hvar Town, Milna is a great place to base yourself if you want the best of both worlds – access to the amenities and nightlife of Hvar Town along with the quiet, seaside vibes of a quaint island village. Because of its seaside location, Milna is also one of the best areas on Havr for beaches.

While the beaches on the island are pebbly and you’re not going to find a sandy beach, there are many within easy reach of Milna. So if you’re a dedicated sun seeker, you can easily grab a prime spot early in the day without having to wake up at the crack of dawn!

Milna, for instance, is very close to the delightful Pokonji Dol Beach – one of the most popular on the island – and you can reach it within walking distance from the village centre. Plaža Dubovica – one of the best beaches in Hvar – is also just a short drive away.

Where to Stay in Milna

Villa Stonehouse – This little hotel in the village of Milna is a fantastic choice for those looking to be close to the beach! Offering an array of bright, spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, they have plenty of other perks to ensure your stay is a great one.

Hotel Fortuna – Boasting a pool, beachfront access and a delightful on-site bar, this hotel is perfect for those who’ve decided that laid-back Milna is for them. They also have several great rooms to choose from and breakfast available in the mornings.

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Pokonji dol Beach
Nearby Pokonji dol Beach

Zavala – Best for a Secluded Stay

Situated on the southern side of the island in one of the more remote parts of the island, the village of Zavala is one of the best places to stay on Hvar if you just want to get away from it all.

Accessible through a one-way tunnel (which is manned by traffic lights so it’s not dangerous to enter) and a switchback road, Zavala is home to a lovely pebble beach and plenty of other quiet swimming spots.

There are a few bars and restaurants in the village, however, the majority of Zavala is made up of private apartments and tourist accommodations and it’s perfect if all you want to do is lounge on the beach, have a few drinks and work on your tan.

Though Hvar is an exceedingly popular and busy island to visit, you would never know in relaxed Zavala, which makes it the perfect place to stay for a secluded visit.

Where to Stay in Zavala

House Zaca – Located right next to Zavala’s pebbly beach, this quaint guesthouse is one of the best places to stay in this little village. They have a few rooms to choose from along with breakfast and an on-site bar.

Apartment Lenka – This studio apartment is perfect for those who want to get away from it all while staying in Hvar. Furnished with everything you may need during your stay, it has a great location near Zavala Beach – perfect for sun-seekers.

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Zavala Beach
Zavala Beach

Sucuraj – Best for Quick Mainland Access

Though not the most popular place to stay on Hvar, the village of Sucaraj is a great base if you’re looking for quick access to the mainland and it’s the port of entry for the ferries from Drvenik.

In fact, you can reach mainland Croatia in just about 40 minutes via car ferry as opposed to a couple of hours from Split to Stari Grad.

Located on the eastern end of the island about a 1.5-hour drive from Hvar Town, Sucaraj is a pretty quiet place, though there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy along with lots of swimming spots.

It’s not a packed tourist town as most arrivals tend to make a beeline for the west of the island once alighting from the ferry so Sucaraj is an excellent place to stay for those looking to get a bit off the beaten path while visiting Hvar.

Where to Stay in Sucuraj

Apartment Franic – These apartments are an excellent option for those who’ve decided to stay in Sucaraj. They have a range of fully-furnished flats available (some offering sea views!) along with a lovely location right in the centre of the village.

Apartments Piacun – Another great self-catering option while staying in Sucaraj, these fully furnished apartments come in a range of sizes. They also have free parking, barbecue facilities, a lovely terrace and a location close to the beach.

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Sucuraj Lighthouse
Sucuraj Lighthouse

Figuring out here to stay on the island of Hvar is paramount to crafting the ultimate trip to this Croatian island. Regardless if you’re looking for the best place to party into the night, a family-friendly village or a secluded beach escape, there is something for everyone on Hvar!

Are you wondering where to stay in Hvar? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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