The Ultimate Korcula Day Trip from Dubrovnik

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Going on a Korcula day trip from Dubrovnik is an excellent way to visit one of Croatia’s most famous islands in an easy and convenient way. If you don’t have a lot of time in your Croatia itinerary and you want to pack in as much as possible, heading to Korcula island from Dubrovnik is an excellent way to explore this lovely oasis on the Adriatic sea.

A bit more laid back with more than a few more vineyards than lively Hvar, Korcula is one of the top islands to visit off the coast of Croatia.

It isn’t hard to see why – the medieval old town is a delight to wander through, the beaches are some of the best in the country and it’s absolute heaven for wine lovers. And while you can easily spend a few days on Korcula, visiting as a day trip is generally enough to get a good feel for what this Croatian island has to offer.

Accessible in around 2 hours from Dubrovnik by a number of different methods, going on a day trip to Korcula island is never a bad idea!

How to Get from Dubrovnik to Korcula

Whether you want to visit the island via an organised tour, passenger ferry or want to drive yourself, there are lots of ways to arrive into Korcula from Dubrovnik.

By Organised Tour

Those who want the easiest Korcula day trip of them all will likely want to go via organised tour. While you won’t have the flexibility to do whatever it is you’d like on the island, you don’t have to deal with coordinating ferry times and navigating your own way around the island.

There are tons of tours that will take you from Dubrovnik to Korcula. For example, this full-day tour includes transport to and from Dubrovnik and includes a stop in the town of Ston on the Peljesac Peninsula before taking you on to explore Korcula. There is also a similar tour available here.

If you want to include some wine tasting in your day out, this guided group tour is another great option. It also includes a stop on the Peljesac before jumping on the ferry from Orebic to Korcula and includes the opportunity to sample some delicious wines and liquors at a local winery.

And if you’d rather forgo the group tour, then this private tour from Dubrovnik is an excellent option. It includes time to enjoy some sites and gastronomy on the Peljesac Peninsula before allowing you ample time to explore Korcula itself.

Vineyards in Lumbarda on Korcula Island
Vineyards in Lumbarda on Korcula Island

By Ferry

Those who want to forgo the organised tour and would rather go independently will need to get to Korcula via ferry ride.

If you’re not taking your own car, then you can easily grab a passenger ferry directly from Dubrovnik to Korcula. However, it’s worth noting that these ferries only run in the high-season summer months.

Ferries from Dubrovnik leave at 7AM and arrive into Korcula Town at 9AM. If you’re taking the national ferry service Jadrolinija, then there is only one return journey daily – leaving at 7:25PM and arriving into Dubrovnik 2 hours later.

It’s a long day, but this gives you ample time to explore the island. There are also some private ferries you can take for your return journey if you wish to leave earlier. You can view private ferry schedules here.

Note that all of the ferries that go directly from Dubrovnik to Korcula are passenger ferries, so this is only an option if you don’t wish to bring a car on your day trip to Korcula.

Approaching Korcula from the ferry
Approaching Korcula from the ferry

By Car

Those who want the utmost flexibility on your day trip to Korcula from Dubrovnik may want to drive – however, keep in mind that this is generally going to amount to a long travel day.

There are no car ferries that go directly from Dubrovnik to Korcula, instead, you need to catch the ferry from the port of Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula. It generally takes just under 2 hours to drive from Dubrovnik to Orebic.

From Orebic, the ferry to Korcula is short and sweet and the journey is only about 15-20 minutes. The car ferry doesn’t dock directly in Korcula’s old town, but rather a few kilometres south of it so you will need to drive to a car park closer to the old town than if you were taking a passenger ferry.

With your own car, you can have the opportunity to explore more of the island and visit some further flung places. For instance, you can head to some of the lovely beaches on the south of the island or go wine tasting in the vineyards around Smokvica.

If you need to rent a car for your time in Croatia, you can browse which compares prices across major companies.

Peljeski Most connecting Peljesac Peninsula to the mainland
Peljeski Most connects Peljesac Peninsula to the mainland

Korcula Day Trip Itinerary

Whether you’re visiting by car or via passenger ferry, the following itinerary is perfect for seeing Korcula in a day.

Korcula Town

Begin your time on the island by exploring the beautiful and compact Korcula Old Town. Often described as a mini Dubrovnik, Korcula Town can be explored within the confines of an hour, but it is worth taking a bit more time to really take it in.

It’s a charming little town, full of winding alleyways and beautiful little back streets. If you want to learn more about the history of the city, you can take a walking tour.

Begin your exploration at the Korcula Town Gate. This is one of the historic entrances to the old walled city and it is a sight to be seen. There is a grand staircase leading up to the ornate gate that makes for some excellent photo opportunities, as well.

Upon entering the old town, make your way to St Mark’s Church, the main focal point of the old town of Korcula. If you’d like an excellent view over the town and of the surrounding area, you can also climb the bell tower for €5 per person.

Korcula Town Gate
Korcula Town Gate

Across from the church, you will find the Korcula Town Museum, where you can learn all about the history of this place.

One interesting thing is that Korcula is one place that lays claim as the birthplace of the famed Venetian merchant Marco Polo. However, there is little evidence to back this up. You can even see the exteriors of the House of Marco Polo in the old town, however, the interior of this attraction is now closed to the public.

You also can take in sites like the Kanavelic Tower and the Great Governor’s Tower – some of the few towers that used to make up the old city walls. Below the latter tower, there is also a small beach that can be a good place to catch a few rays and splash around should you wish.

And if you want to get some spectacular views over the old town of Korcula, then make sure to walk up to the Panorama Korcula viewpoint. There is a city staircase that will wind you up here and the views are worth the hike – it’s absolutely beautiful to see the panoramic view of this lovely town from above.

Kanavelic Tower
Kanavelic Tower

Honey Tasting

After spending an hour or two exploring the old town of Korcula, it can be a good idea to hire some bicycles from the old town and head a bit outside of the centre to visit OPG Komparak. If you’re interested in local gastronomy or spirits, then this is a great place to check out.

Run by a passionate owner, this is a private organic bee farm that makes fantastic local honey, olive oil, delicious jams and he even distils his own gin! You will even find the gin on some bar menus in the town.

You can book a degustation here online – he offers tastings and demonstrations of honey and olive oil and another package that includes gin.

If you’re not after a degustation, you can simply pop by the shop and browse some of the products – they make for excellent souvenirs and are certainly more unique than a refrigerator magnet or a shot glass!

OPG Komparak
OPG Komparak

Sveti Antun Church

Not far from OPG Komparak is the Sveti Antun Church, which is an excellent place to visit if you’re up for a bit of a climb.

Situated atop a steep staircase, this historic church can provide lovely views of the scenery below. It’s quite a tranquil place and because it’s a bit outside of the main tourist centre, it doesn’t attract a lot of visitors.

Though the climb up may be a bit tiring, the area is shaded by cypress trees and there are plenty of benches for you to relax on before taking off and enjoying the rest of your Dubrovnik to Korcula day trip.

Sveti Antun Church
Sveti Antun Church


One of the best places to visit while spending one day in Korcula is the lovely little town of Lumbarda. Located about 6km from the Sveti Antun Church, it’s easy to reach here via bicycle (a very popular option) or via taxi if you don’t have your own vehicle.

There are also organised tours such as this wine tour or this wine and bike tour.

The town of Lumbarda isn’t really much to write home about, however, it is known for being a winemaking mecca on an island already dominated by vineyards. So if you’re at all interested in sampling local wine, then make sure to make a stop at some of the many wineries in Lumbarda.

Lumbarda is also well known for having some of the only sandy beaches not just on the island, but in Croatia. So even if you’re not into wine, this can be a good place to visit if you want to kick back and enjoy a bit of a beach day.

Because of its sandy soil, Lumbarda is home to a unique grape that is only grown in this area on this island – Grk. The Grk grape is a white grape that thrives in sandy soil. It also happens to only produce female flowers, so it must be planted next to the more ubiquitous red Plavac Mali grape in order for it to be pollinated.

Lumbarda Vineyards
Lumbarda Vineyards

If you want to go wine tasting in Lumbarda, there are a number of different wineries that you can hop between and sample some of the local wines and enjoy a glass or two of the famous Grk wine.

Some of our favourite wineries to visit are the Sabulum Winery and the Vitis Winery, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the great vineyards on the island.

Most wineries offer wines by the glass along with degustations and food options, so you can have a good snack and sample some meats and cheese along with a great glass of vino.

After spending a long and leisurely afternoon, you can mosy your way back to Korcula town and catch a ferry back to Dubrovnik.

If you have a little bit more time to kill, then consider grabbing a cocktail at the famous Massimo Bar which is located in one of the towers in Korcula Town. Another great option is to grab another glass of local wine at the nearby Mariolo wine bar.

Wine Tasting @ Sabulum Winery
Wine Tasting @ Sabulum Winery

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Boutique Hotel Porto – Those looking for a great base for a day trip to Korcula will love this boutique hotel located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. They have a number of bright, clean and comfortable rooms available and is close to the top attractions. Click here to check availability

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Old Town Hostel – Budget and solo travellers will love this hostel located right in Dubrovnik’s old town. They have both dorms and private rooms to choose from and common areas to make it easy to meet other travellers. Click here to check availability

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse other Dubrovnik hotels!

Planning a day trip from Dubrovnik to Korcula is an excellent way to visit one of Croatia’s most popular islands even if you’re a bit short on time. While you’re not going to see everything that Korcula has to offer within the confines of a day, seeing Korcula in a day is enough to get a great feel for the beauty and laid-back nature of this historic place.

Are you planning to visit Korcula? Have any questions about this day trip? Let us know in the comments!

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