Is Santorini Expensive? A Santorini Trip Cost Guide

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by Audrey Webster

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Is Santorini expensive? How much will a Santorini trip cost? These might be the questions on your mind as you consider a trip to the island.

This popular destination for tourists is well known for being a honeymoon hot spot as well as attracting an abundance of solo travelers.

The white buildings with blue dome roofs and once-in-a-lifetime sunsets are some of the features that have made the island famous.

However, there are so many parts of the island to explore–each with their unique geological feature or historic site. Taking all this into consideration means that visitors can spend any amount of money while visiting Santorini

When it comes down to planning for your Santorini trip, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Ask yourself what your preferences are for your visit. Would you rather spend more of your budget dining in fine restaurants or staying in a private villa with an unforgettable view?

It’s wise to start by researching what you’d like to do while there, then prioritize and build a budget. Here we’re breaking down the various average costs for a visit to Santorini, so you can budget and plan for your trip as accurately as possible. 

Santorini Trip Cost Guide

Travellers to Santorini will find the city more expensive compared to many places in Greece and can expect to spend around €95 to €385 (approximately $104-420 USD) per person per day. However, these prices will vary depending on how you choose to spread your costs across accommodation, food, transport, activities and entertainment.

Sunset over Pyrgos on Santorini
Sunset over Pyrgos on Santorini

Accommodation Prices

Your accommodation in Santorini is most likely a top concern when creating a budget. You’ll find the best deals when you stay in the more populous areas like Fira and Oia.

On a budget for one person, you could easily find a hostel dorm at somewhere like Caveland Hostel for around €45 per night or lower-budget hotel room starting at around €85 outside of the high season. If you choose to stay centrally in either town, you’ll most likely be paying a premium for the location.

Alternatively, you could stay a 15-minute walk from town and save. A more standard hotel room such as at Kalimera Hotel for two people averages around €130 in the shoulder season.

If you’re wanting a sunset view from your room such as at Seaside Breeze, maybe a private pool or patio, you can expect to pay upward of €250-300. There are several high-end lodging options available.

You will pay more to stay at accommodation near the popular beaches compared to the lesser-trafficked mountain towns. 

Just like with all Greek destinations, making your reservation as far in advance as possible is your best chance at finding the best deals to fit within your Santorini trip cost. You’ll also have more options available to you, so you can get your first choice on where you want to stay in Santorini. 

Akrotiri in Santorini

Transportation Prices

The first cost of transportation in Santorini comes to getting to the island itself, which can be done by either ferry or flight, depending on your preferences. In general, booking in advance is going to be a lot less expensive than booking closer to your travel date.

The best way to get around the larger towns on the island is by foot. For the days that you plan to venture to other areas of the island, consider renting a car or an ATV.

It’s very common to see ATVs throughout the island and they’re an affordable option for daily rentals. The only caveat with an ATV is they fit two people maximum unless your party has more than one person willing to drive.

They also are not the safest option, so make sure to use caution if you choose this option. Most local hotels and hostels work with local ATV rental companies, so you can sort that detail out upon arrival

If you’re traveling in a larger group, renting a car and splitting the cost might be the best option. You can rent a compact 4-person car for as little as €30 per day.

You should reserve a rental car in advance through one of the local rental companies or a larger rental company. You can browse to compare prices.

If you choose to rent a car or an ATV, expect your average daily price for transportation in Santorini to be around €20-30 per person. 

Public transportation is an option, though it provides less flexibility than having access to your own car or ATV would. The public buses are the cheapest mode of transportation at just a couple of euros per person per ride.

There are plenty of public buses that operate throughout the island. If you choose to only rely on public transit, your costs will be significantly reduced – you can expect to pay as little as €5 per day per person.

Finally, if you’re less budget-conscious and don’t want to organise your own transport, you can take day trips around the island such as this catamaran cruise, this highlights tour and this wine tour.

Kamari Beach in Santorini

Food Prices

Santorini food prices have perhaps the most variety.

You can expect breakfast prices to usually be a little cheaper than lunch and dinner. Your accommodation might also offer a small complimentary breakfast.

You can cut costs by shopping at the grocery store for lunch and having a picnic somewhere with a view instead of splurging on a nice meal out.

Breakfast at a small local bakery, including a pastry and coffee, may cost around €5 per person while a pre-packaged sandwich from the grocery store could cost around €8 per person if you include a beverage. Small cafes are also going to have more affordable prices for breakfast and lunch, but will average closer to €15 per person for a full meal.

The average cost of a meal in Santorini is about €25 per person. This usually includes an main for one person, and perhaps a small appetizer, at a mid-range restaurant. That said, you could easily spend more or less depending on how you want to allocate your food budget.

If you want a sunset-watching experience with dinner, you should plan to have one or two nice dinners out. For a high-end restaurant, including appetizers, an entree, drinks, and possibly dessert, estimate spending around €75 per person.

There are several restaurants with views of the ocean that provide their guests with both delicious food and optimal sunset-viewing seats. You might be paying more than the average meal price per person to dine at these restaurants, but it will be well worth your money for a special evening with a spectacular view. 

Thirassia harbor
Thirassia harbor

Activities Prices

There is no shortage of activities to do in Santorini. There are free activities like walking through villages and exploring the island’s towns.

You can also opt for guided tours to experience different sections of Santorini. For example, a guided tour of Thirassia Island such as this full-day tour might be around €60. A guided day trip to the historic villages and wine tasting such as this half-day tour could cost closer to €150 per person. 

If you’re traveling on more of a budget, you can hike from Fira to Oia and watch the sunset from Oia for free or close to free.

This will allow you to visit the stunning beaches and wander the mountain villages at a more affordable price. If you want a guided tour experience such as on this day trip, you will need a higher budget.

The amount of money you spend on activities in Santorini is entirely up to you. Make sure you set aside some of your budget to travel to other parts of the island and visit local historical museums.

Museums average around €12-15 for a single ticket. Keep in mind that often, entry prices are often reduced by half in the low season.

On average, visitors spend around €15-30 per person each day if you plan to do some guided tours and visit some museums. However, you can spend closer to €100 per person per day if you do a longer guided tour each day.

Amoudi Bay
Amoudi Bay

Entertainment Prices

While in Santorini, you’ll definitely want to budget some of your Santorini vacation cost for entertainment activities. This includes events, drinks, and other activities beyond your daily tours and island exploration.

At a small cafe or coffee shop, a simple cup of coffee might cost around €3 while a mid-to-high-range restaurant will charge closer to €6.

Some bars run happy hours that offer cocktails for as little as €3, but on average, restaurants and bars facing the caldera (a sunken volcano in the Aegean) price drinks around €15. At a regular restaurant or bar, expect a glass of wine to cost around €5-6 and a draft beer to be around €5.

Santorini’s nightlife largely consists of bars and restaurants with open-air seating that overlooks the ocean. The charming towns of Fira and Oia also have shops and galleries that stay open later into the evening. 

Sunset in Oia
Sunset in Oia

Is Santorini Expensive? Average Prices in Santorini

The good news is that visiting Santorini is feasible on a range of budgets. The island offers a wide variety of accommodations, dining, and activities to fit within budgets across the board. Your Santorini trip cost can be as personalized as your trip itself.  

For a trip to Santorini, most travelers should plan to budget for around €65-290 per person per day. This can be broken down across accommodation, transport, food, activities and entertainment as follows.

Accommodation: €45 – €150 / night

Transportation:  €5 – €30 / day

Food: €25 – €75 / day

Activities: €15 – €100 / day

Entertainment: €5 – €30 / day

Total: €95 – €385 / day

The low end of these prices would mean visiting Santorini on a budget and staying in cheaper accommodation, using public transit, eating out less and opting for affordable or free activities. The higher end will mean you can stay at some nice hotels, take some guided tours and enjoy more restaurant meals and drinks at the bar.

These prices do not include any pre-trip expenses such as airfares or travel insurance.

Beautiful Oia town on Santorini island, Greece
Iconic Santorini

Visiting Santorini will be unlike anywhere you’ve been before. The island is popular among tourists, and for good reason. The white-washed walls, blue-domed roofs, and outstanding sunsets make Santorini a perfect destination for travelers of all kinds.

Creating a budget for your Santorini vacation cost in advance means you won’t have to think about planning and budgeting while visiting–simply enjoy your time exploring this beautiful Greek island.  

Are you planning to visit Santorini? Have any questions about the prices? Let us know in the comments!

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