10 Best Things to Do in Maribor, Slovenia: A One-Day Itinerary

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by Maggie Turansky

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If you’re looking to get a bit off the beaten path in Slovenia and are wondering about the best things to do in Maribor, then you’ve come to the right place.

Located only 130 kilometres northeast of the capital of Ljubljana, Maribor is situated in the Styria region in the heart of Slovenian wine country.

It is a small city but it packs a lot of charm, history, and wine into its picturesque cobbled streets. Though diminutive in size, there is a lot to see and do in Maribor and its distinct lack of tourist crowds makes it an attractive alternative destination to some of Slovenia’s more popular destinations.

Is Maribor Worth Visiting?

Before I dive into all of the attractions in Maribor, I need to answer the question that many travellers to Slovenia ask themselves: “Is Maribor worth visiting?” With a distinct lack of information about the city available out there (especially when compared to Ljubljana or Bled), it is understandable why potential visitors might ask this.

However, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to visit Maribor, the resounding answer is yes, it is. Maribor has a lot to offer — just as much, honestly, as the capital city of Ljubljana. With a lot of fascinating history and even more delicious wine, Maribor is a destination that is sure to charm any visitor to Slovenia.

Maribor also sees far fewer tourists than other destinations in the country, making it easier to make a local connection and understand day-to-day Slovenian life. Maribor is also a great winter destination to visit if you want to include some affordable skiing in your Slovenia itinerary.

There is a ski resort located fewer than ten kilometres outside of the city centre, meaning you can enjoy a quaint city break and a skiing getaway all in one location.

Maribor deserves more attention than it gets and it is very much a Slovenian destination to add to your itinerary.

Maribor view
The lovely city of Maribor

Getting To & Around Maribor

As the second-largest city in Slovenia, Maribor is reasonably well-connected to other major cities in the region. Due to its proximity to Austria, you can easily reach Maribor by train from Vienna or Graz and there are also numerous bus and train connections from Ljubljana.

If you want to visit Maribor as a day trip from Ljubljana — which is very doable, though you may miss out on some things — you can easily do this independently via bus or train as it only takes about an hour to reach the city from the capital.

Once you are in Maribor, it’s easiest to get around on foot. The city centre and old town of Maribor is incredibly compact and walkable and there aren’t too many hills that will tire you out.

There are also numerous streetside cafes and wine bars that are sure to be inviting should you need to rest your feet from all of your exploring.

Maribor Bus Station
Maribor Bus Station

10 Best Things to Do in Maribor: A One-Day Itinerary

The city of Maribor is small and its highlights and main sites can be easily seen in one day. Whether you choose to spend the night in Maribor or visit as a day trip, follow this one-day itinerary to plan your perfect trip to Slovenia’s second city:

Glavni Trg

Start your day in Maribor’s charming main square — Glavni Trg (which literally translates to “main square” in Slovene). This cobbled square is incredibly charming and an excellent starting point to explore Slovenia’s second-largest city.

Here you can see the lovely Renaissance-style architecture of the Maribor Town Hall and also snap a few photos of the elaborate Plaque Monument — dedicated to the victims of the Bubonic Plague epidemic that claimed a third of the city’s population in the 15th Century.

There are a few streetside cafes here and a distinct lack of tour groups, ever adding to this square’s charm. Historically, this was home to Maribor’s merchants, however, today it is simply a meeting place in the city.

Glavni Trg - Maribor's Main Square
Glavni Trg – Maribor’s Main Square

Rooster Coffee

After wandering through the main square, head into the Old Town and stop for a pick-me-up at Rooster Coffee.

This hip cafe has fully embraced the speciality coffee trend and serves up some delicious drinks from their freshly roasted beans at affordable prices. They also have a brunch and lunch menu that is sure to please if you’re feeling a bit peckish before you begin to properly explore Maribor.

Due to its relative proximity Vienna and to and its Austro-Hungarian roots, there is a strong cafe culture in Maribor and no visit to the city is complete without at least one stop in a streetside cafe.

Head to a Museum

After you’ve been sufficiently caffeinated, it’s time to learn a bit more about Maribor’s history at one of the city’s museums.

If you’re interested in the broad history of the city of Maribor itself, then make sure to head to the Regional Museum, which is located in what was once the Maribor Castle in the oldest part of Maribor. Here you can learn everything about the archaeology, ethnology, and history of Maribor.

If you’re more interested in Maribor’s modern history, then make sure to head to the Museum of National Liberation, which covers Maribor’s role, struggles, and occupations, through World War I, World War II, the formation of Yugoslavia and Slovenia’s independence. The museum is small and you will only need about an hour to see it all.

Maribor Regional Museum
Maribor Regional Museum

Old Town Walk

After learning about Maribor’s history in one of its museums, take the time to let your feet guide you through the charming cobbled streets of the Old Town – no trip to Maribor is complete without exploring this area. There is a great energy and laid-back pace of life in Maribor, along with some beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture that is sure to enchant you.

Plan to spend some time just strolling along the lovely lanes, popping into some shops, and seeing where your feet may lead you. This is one of the best ways to get to know any European city and Maribor is no different.

Make sure to stroll by the Maribor Cathedral and if it’s a Saturday or Sunday, you can climb to the top of the bell tower free of charge.

In the bell tower, you will also find a small exhibition to the fire watch woman who used to live there while also being able to experience some beautiful views of the city. Also, make sure you walk by (or even go inside) the beautiful Franciscan Church on the other side of the old town.

You also can’t miss Liberty Square and the spherical WWII monument erected there. If you look closely at the monument, you will find that there are faces etched into the metal of some of the Maribor soldiers who fought in the war — including the former Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito.

And of course, make sure to wander along the Drava River and check out some landmarks there, such as the medieval water tower.

Franciscan Church in Maribor
Franciscan Church

Lunch at Sedem

After you’ve spent your morning leisurely exploring the old town, it’s almost certain that you’ve worked up an appetite. Luckily, there are numerous fantastic lunch options in Maribor depending on your particular tastes. However, if you want to sample some of the best Styrian cuisine to be found in the city, then make sure to head to Sedem.

This fine dining restaurant is a great lunch option because of its fantastic and affordable set menu option. There are varying degrees of the lunch menu, but you can get an incredibly high-quality meal with local specialities for a very affordable price. The restaurant also operates as a school and it is the only such restaurant in Slovenia.

If you want something a little bit more casual or more kid-friendly, we recommend heading to La Pizzeria in the old town. This pizza place serves a range of delicious thin-crust pizzas at good prices.

Lunch from Sedem in Maribor
Delicious barley risotto from Sedem

Maribor Synagogue

After lunch, it’s time to get back at it and head to the riverside to see the Maribor Synagogue. Though this building does not look like much and is not in active operation today — it does still operate as a Jewish cultural centre — it is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Europe.

Jews were expelled from Slovenia in 1497 and while some did return before WWII, there isn’t much of a Jewish community in Maribor today, but the continued existence of this small house of worship is sure to bring to mind the Jewish culture that once existed in Maribor.

Maribor Synagogue
Maribor Synagogue

Old Vine House

Now that you’ve had lunch, visited the synagogue, and had a bit of a stroll, it’s time to visit one of Maribor’s most famous sites: the Old Vine House. The reason this house, located on the riverfront just down the hill from the main square, is so famous is that it is home to the oldest grape-producing vine in the world.

This vine, which winds its way around this historic house, dates back over 400 years and still produces between 35 and 60 kilograms of grapes for wine each year.

There is a small museum in the house explaining the history of this vine, however, the main attraction of the house is definitely to try some Slovenian wines. The Old Vine House offers numerous different levels of tastings that can introduce you to the world of Slovenian wine.

The Old Vine House
The Old Vine House

Vinag Wine Cellar

If you didn’t get enough of Maribor’s wine culture at the Old Vine House or you’re just interested in learning more, then it’s time to head to the Vinag Wine Cellar.

This is a wine bar and massive underground cellar that you can go down and explore. Though the cellar itself is not in use any more, it operates as a museum and it is an important aspect of the history and heritage of Maribor.

Guided tours of the cellar are available, however, you can also tour the cellar independently. You will receive a detailed map of the cellar with descriptions of what you’re looking at, so if you can’t make a tour it ensures you are not missing out.

After touring the cellar, you can sit up at the cafe and enjoy a glass or tasting of even more delicious Slovenian wines!

Vinag Wine Cellar
Vinag Wine Cellar

Mestni Park

After all of that wine in the late afternoon, it’s time to work it off by exploring some of Maribor’s lovely green spaces. Maribor’s City Park (Mestni Park) is an excellent place to start as its tranquil setting and tree-lined pathways just invite you to stroll through it.

The park is quite large and has everything from beautiful grassy spaces to numerous benches for relaxing, and even some duck ponds. This is the perfect place to go for a leisurely stroll with some people watching.

Pyramid Hill

If you want a bit more of a workout, want to see some great views of Maribor and the surrounding countryside, or just want to find a great place to watch the sunset, then you have to climb up Pyramid Hill – known as Piramida in Slovene.

This small hill overlooking Maribor is a popular place for locals to stroll up and there is a pathway that winds through the vineyard-lined hillside that will take about 20 minutes to summit, depending on your fitness level.

The path isn’t too steep and it is a very easy hike. If the weather is fine, it is also incredibly pleasant to enjoy the late sunshine with all of the grapevines surrounding you.

The views from the top of the hill are simply lovely and lend a panoramic vista of Maribor and some of the surrounding wine country, making it an excellent place to end your day and one of the top things to do in Maribor.

Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill

Where to Stay in Maribor

Whether you’re looking for a budget guesthouse, a private apartment or a comfortable hotel, there are lots of places to stay in Maribor to suit your needs.

Anna House — If you’re a more budget-conscious traveller in Slovenia looking for an affordable yet comfortable place to rest your head, then this hotel is a great option for you. It’s centrally located and there is a range of rooms available for all types of travellers.

Hotel Maribor — If you’re after a more plush hotel during your time in Maribor, then this is a fantastic choice for you. There are numerous clean and comfortable rooms available — all equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a patio with river views — and there is a great breakfast included in the room rate.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Maribor hotels!

View of Maribor from the Cathedral
View of Maribor from the Cathedral

Slovenia’s second city is such an underrated destination and truly deserves more visitors. There are numerous things to do in Maribor that are sure to delight any type of traveller.

Are you wondering what to do in Maribor? Have you been? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My Mom was born in Maribor in 1914. She came to America 6 years later. She never returned for a visit. Her family all came here. Would the town hall have a record of her birth ?

    • Hi Susan! Unfortunately, I have no idea if the Maribor town hall would have a record of your mother’s birth. I would recommend contacting them directly. 🙂

    • Hi Marie, I don’t know a lot about accessible hikes outside of Maribor if you don’t have your own car, unfortunately. I’d recommend stopping by the tourist info centre while you’re there to see if they have any tips for you!

    • Yes. Take the bus number 6 to end up of the route (2$) to Vzpenjaca. You will exit at Vzpenjaca which is gateway to Pohorje Ski Center where many routes for walking or biking available. You can also take a cable car (10$) on top of the ski center and walk down into the town or explore walking routes on top of ski centre. If you not keen on slopes than walk by river Drava from City Centre toward Koblarjev zaliv or even further to Kamnica or Brestanica. Google Sidro pizzeria for final destination (nice place by river with amazing pizzas) or go to Mexican place next to it if you not fan of pizza.


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