Where To Stay in Baku: Best Hotels & Areas

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by Michael Rozenblit

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The glitzy capital of Azerbaijan is an interesting city to visit, however, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to stay in Baku if you’re planning a getaway here.

With travellers ranging from penny-pinching backpackers to luxury tourists, there are countless accommodation options in the Azeri capital that can suit all kinds of visitors.

This guide will help break down the best areas to stay as well as which are the best-rated hotels and hostels in the city. Hopefully, the information here will have you booking a trip to this dynamic and interesting South Caucasus city in no time!

Want a quick answer? For tourists or short term stays, staying in Baku Old Town or Downtown is ideal. These are some top accommodation choices:

Baku Old Town: Sahil Hostel & Hotel (Budget), Boutique Hotel Avenue (Mid-Range), Four Seasons Hotel Baku (Luxury) & Old city apartment (Private Rental)

Baku Downtown: Travel Inn Hostel (Budget), Deluxe City Hotel (Mid-Range), JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel (Luxury) & Nizami Apartment (Private Rental).

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Baku for Tourists

While Baku is a large city, there are only a few areas that make the most sense for tourists to stay in for a trip to the Azeri capital.

Baku Old Town

The Old Town, known locally as Icheri Sheher, is an excellent area to stay for those looking for a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere amongst a bustling city centre. The Old Town of Baku is a UNESCO World Heritage site and feels a world away from the modern buildings and the busy streets of other districts.

Not surprisingly, the Old Town is also going to be home to a good portion of the historic sites that visitors want to check out. The Palace of the Shircanshahs is a top attraction, as is the imposing Maiden Tower. There are plenty of historic mosques, however, calls to prayer are not broadcast over loudspeaker in Baku so prayer times are quiet in this area.

There are also several museums to take in while wandering around this area. The Museum of Miniature Books is a popular and charming place to take it – it houses countless tiny books from all over the world. The museum even claims to be home to the world’s oldest miniature Quran!

The Old Town is particularly charming to stroll around as the sun sets – at this time you can enjoy the beautiful colours the setting sun casts upon the sandstone buildings. One of the best places to take in a view of Old and New Baku is in this area, as well, from the 12th-century city walls.

When staying in the Old Town, you’re also within easy reach of the fascinating Azerbaijan Carpet Museum and the lovely, expansive park that lies alongside the Caspian Sea.

Baku's Old Town with the modern Baku in the background
Baku’s Old Town with the modern Baku in the background

Budget & Mid-Range Hotels

Sahil Hostel & Hotel – Consistently rated as one of the best places to stay in Baku on a budget, this hostel and hotel offers both dorms and private rooms. Their dorms include private curtains and individual sockets. There is also a large common room for guests to use as well as a kitchen and laundry facilities.

Sahil Inn Hotel – A comfortable mid-range hotel in Baku, they have some rooms that offer views of the Formula One. They offer a couple of different room private room options with breakfast included in the daily rate.

Boutique Hotel Avenue – Located in the heart of Baku Old Town, this mid-range hotel has a wide range of private rooms suitable for couples, singles and small families. Rooms are modern, with private bathrooms and some rooms also have kitchen facilities.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse other budget & mid-range options

Luxury Hotels

Four Seasons Hotel – Located between the Old Town & Caspian Sea, rooms are incredibly luxurious and elegant with a number of restaurants and bars on site.

Theatrum Hotel– Located inside Baku’s Old Town, within walking distance of the main sites, this hotel offers a wide selection of luxury private rooms. Decorated in a classic and elegant style, the hotel offers guests superb service with breakfast included in the nightly rate.

Promenade Hotel– This hotel is located in the southern section of the Old Town, offering guests spacious modern private rooms with a restaurant on-site and breakfast included daily.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse other luxury options!

Private Rentals

Old city apartment – Located right in the centre of the Old Town, this modern two-bedroom apartment is close to all the major attractions of Baku. It’s well equipped with WiFi and modern facilities.

Baku Central Apartment – This modern city centre apartment is ideal for couples or families as it has one bedroom but can sleep up to 4 people with its pull-out sofa.

Baku's Maiden Tower
Baku’s Maiden Tower

Baku Downtown

Those looking to stay very centrally – within easy reach of the Old Town and the site within it – but also want to be in the thick of Metropolitan Baku, the Downtown area is for you.

This is where the glitzy, glam part of Baku really shines. Where the Old Town is a gorgeous restored, historic area, Downtown Baku is much more modern and far more energetic.

There is a lot to see and do in this area, as well, and no trip to the Azeri capital is complete without taking the time to explore glam Baku Downtown – so it’s a great place to make as your base when visiting the city.

This area is perhaps most famous for the pedestrianised and luxurious Nizami Street. Here, you can take in the grand, early 20th-century architecture and browse some of the high-end shops that line the street.

Not far from this iconic thoroughfare, you will also find the gorgeous Fountains Square. So-called after the massive fountains that adorn this square, this is a central meeting point for residents of the city.

This area also has plenty of restaurants, cafes and shopping malls making it ideal if the purpose of your visit isn’t necessarily the sightseeing of the Old Town.

Nizami Street
Nizami Street

Budget & Mid-Range Hotels

Travel Inn Hostel – Another good option for backpackers in Baku, this hostel offers primary dorm rooms only with a couple of larger private rooms suitable for families also available. Rooms are modern and air-conditioned with 24-hour reception and a kitchen for guests to use. Click here to check availability

Deluxe City Hotel – Located in Baku downtown but still within walking distance of the Old Town, this mid-range hotel has a selection of rooms suitable for couples. There is a restaruant on site and 24-hour reception.

El Royal Hotel – A modern mid-range hotel located in Baku downtown, they offer a wide selection of private rooms suitable for solo travellers, couples and families. Rooms are air-conditioned, contain a private bathroom and breakfast is included in the daily rate.

Luxury Hotels

Landmark Hotel – A modern and spacious luxury hotel, located in the heart of Baku’s downtown. They offer a range of rooms suitable for couples and larger families. There is an on-site restaurant and guests have the option of including daily breakfast in their nightly rate.

JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel – One of the most luxurious hotels to stay in all of Baku, this five-star establishment offers guests world-class service and amenities. Rooms are incredibly modern, with some offering great city views and guests have access to on-site restaurants, a swimming pool, gym and sauna.

Private Rentals

Nizami Apartment – A spacious two-bedroom apartment close to all of Baku’s major attractions, this place is well furnished with a balcony and hot tub!

Central Baku Luxury Apartment – A renovated one-bedroom apartment in Baku Downtown, it is perfect for couples and has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

A fountain in Baku
A fountain in Baku


Located to the Northwest of both the Old Town and Downtown areas of Balu, Yasamal is a great option for those looking to stay in a more locally-focused area of the city. While there aren’t as many tourist sites in the district, per se, you can still enjoy the vibrant city streets and take in a lot of the culture of the Azerbaijani capital.

One major landmark worth taking in in this area is the Təzə Pir Mosque, a gorgeous 19th-century house of worship that is super interesting to see. Surrounding the mosque, you will also find the large Central Park – a lovely green space that can be a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Throughout this district, you can find lots of more locally-focused restaurants and teahouses that may be interesting for visitors to check out, as many places aren’t specifically geared toward tourists. There is also just a great energy in this district that is lively and energetic without being too glitzy – unlike some areas more central.

All in all, Yasamal is an excellent area to stay if you want to be within easy reach of the top tourist attractions within Baku but still in a more local neighbourhood where you can really experience the day-to-day life of some average city residents.

Baku State Circus near Yasamal
Baku State Circus near Yasamal


Seven Boutique Hotel  – Located in the Yasamal district but still within talking distance of all of Baku’s major attractions, this boutique hotel is a great mid-range option for travellers. They offer a range of private rooms suitable for couples and larger families with breakfast included daily and a shared kitchen to use.

Flamingo Hotel Baku – Another great mid-range option that is also located within walking distance of Baku’s Old Town and is located next to a park. There’s a wide selection of private rooms with a restaurant on-site and the option to include breakfast in your nightly rate.

Hyatt Regency Baku – Located a few minutes’ drive from the Old Town, this 5-star hotel gives guests access to modern and elegant rooms as well as a state-of-the-art fitness and spa centre. There is also a selection of restaurants, cafes and lounges on the premises.

There are several excellent places to stay in Baku that can suit all kinds of travel styles and budgets. No matter your price range or specifications, you’ll be sure to find a suitable place to enjoy the Azeri capital!

Are you wondering where to base yourself while in Baku? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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