Dollar Flight Club Review: Is It Worth Signing Up?

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Finding cheap flights is a time consuming process. While I can happily spend hours on end browsing various online flight search engines, this is undoubtedly not the most efficient process. In fact, you could very well argue that it’s just a downright waste of time. Luckily, there are companies out there that have managed to streamline the process and make it easy for you to find great deals. Enter: Dollar Flight Club.

Dollar Flight Club is an online company that searches the web for the best flight deals and sends them directly to your email or mobile phone based on your preferences. This Dollar Flight Club Review outlines exactly how it all works and aims to help you decide whether it is worth signing up for.

How Does Dollar Flight Club Work?

The premise of Dollar Flight Club is quite simple. You tell them where you live, where you want to go and then receive deals directly to your inbox or phone. Depending on whether you choose to sign up to the Dollar Flight Club Free, Premium or Premium Plus versions, you will receive different benefits.

All the flight deals direct you to Google Flights which means you get to book directly with the airline rather than with third parties. Many other airline search engines claim to have cheap flight deals but require you to book with a third-party which can cause complications with your booking. We always book directly with the airline and recommend travellers do the same.

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Dollar Flight Club Review: Free Plan

The free version of Dollar Flight Club allows you to get a taste of the service that they provide but makes it difficult to actually cash in on the savings! When signing up to the free version, you have to pick a “departure region” rather than a specific airport. You are then able to select a dream destination which Dollar Flight Club uses to determine what type of flight deals to send you.

Members of the free Dollar Flight Club plan will also only receive a fraction of the emails that premium members do. Having signed up to both the free and premium plans, I also noticed that the same deal gets sent out later on the free plan compared to the premium plan. This makes it more likely that the great saving Dollar Flight Club sends you, might not be available by the time you check your email!

Ultimately, with the free plan you might get lucky and find a great deal but it’s really meant to just give you an idea of the service that Dollar Flight Club can provide.

dollar flight club review
Find cheap airfares can be tricky!

Dollar Flight Club Review: Premium Plan

Luckily, if the free Dollar Flight Club plan doesn’t sound worth it, you can click here to receive a free 14 day trial of their Premium plan.

The Premium Plan has some significant advantages compared to the Free Plan. One of the main benefits is you are able to completely personalise the type of flight deals you receive. In your dashboard, you can select you favourite departure airports and destinations as well as your preferred airline so you can ensure that the deals you will receive are highly relevant to your travel plans.

With the Premium Plan, you also get access to all of the deals that are relevant to your preferences and mistake fares which Dollar Flight Club excludes from the Free Plan. Mistake fares are often where some of the best savings are available so having them included is a major advantage!

Other benefits of the Premium Plan over the Free Plan include the option to get alerts via text message and no advertisements in the e-mails that you get sent.

During the free 14 day trial of the Premium Plan, you are able to cancel anytime without incurring any costs. Therefore, if you want to try out Dollar Flight Club, I recommend signing up to the free trial of their Premium Plan rather than the Free Plan. That way, you can accurately determine whether there is value in paying for the Premium Plan once your trial is over.

After the free trial ends, the cost for the Premium Plan is $69 annually.

Dollar Flight Club Review: Premium Plus Plan

While the Premium Plan focuses predominately on economy fares, Dollar Flight Club has recently launched a Premium Plus service that aims to give travellers who fly business or first class access to great deals.

The Premium Plus Plan comes with everything included in the Premium Plan but will also send you alerts for business or first class fares that the team finds. You also get an additional benefit of a 20% discount on a Mobile Passport Plus Plan which helps you get through airport security quicker!

Similarly to the Premium Plan, you can get a free 14 day trial of Premium Plus to test it out for yourself. After the free trial ends, the annual cost for the Premium Plus Plan is $99 annually. However, if you click here and use the discount code DFCbusiness50 you can get 50% off a Premium Plus plan!

How to Sign Up to Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club makes it incredibly easy to sign up and to start getting emails into your inbox within minutes! Here is the step by step process.

1. Go to the Dollar Flight Club Sign Up Page

There is one box to enter your e-mail address. It’s simple enough.

Dollar Flight Club Review

2. Select your Departure Airport

In this section, add your preferred departure airport. Dollar Flight Club recommends selecting the largest airport near you that you are happy to travel from to ensure you get the most deals. If you sign up for a Premium or Premium Plus Plan, then you can select additional airports later in your dashboard.

3. Click Sign Up

You will be given two options on the sign up page: 14 Day Free Trial or FreePlan.

The 14 Free Day Trial allows you to try out the Premium Plan or the Premium Plus Plan so you can see the full value of Dollar Flight Club without any obligation. Alternatively, you can just sign up to the Free Plan instead at this stage.

4. Login to your Dashboard

Once you’ve signed up the 14 day free trial, you will be sent a password to your nominated email address. You should then go to the login page, sign in, change your password and select your preferences under the settings menu.

In this section, you can select multiple departure airports, favourite destinations and airlines which Dollar Flight Club will use to determine the most relevant deals to send you.

You also have the option of adding in a mobile number if you want to receive SMS notifications.

Dollar Flight Club Review

5. Watch the deals come in!

After all that is set up, you just need to sit back and watch the deals come in. We received multiple deals in the first few days of signing up as a premium member. You can also see any current deals (as well as past deals) in your dashboard.

Dollar Flight Club Review

6. Example Deals

Here are some examples of the great deals that I have received from Dollar Flight Club to show you how much is possible to save by using their service. These airfares are all round trip prices!

Europe to Chicago from $306. Average Saving of $510

USA to Bergen from $367. Average Saving of $558

London to Auckland from $665. Saving of $535

So Is Dollar Flight Club Worth It?

In our opinion, Dollar Flight Club is worth it for travellers that fall into these categories.

1. Flexible Travellers

The best flight deals that you receive are often specific to certain dates so you need to be flexible both with the time that you are travelling and also your departure airport or destination if going to places like the USA and Europe.

2. Frequent Travellers

Dollar Flight Club will provide better value to frequent travellers who fly at least 3-4 times per year. This is because even if you find just one deal over the year that you can use, the average flight saving will be significantly greater than the $69 you pay for their annual plan.

3. Time Poor & Budget Travellers

There is also a significant benefit for signing up to Dollar Flight Club if you are time poor and a budget traveller. As somebody that can spend hours browsing through flight search engines, it is undoubtedly a huge time suck. Having the convenience of getting emails directly to your inbox for your preferred destinations will save you a lot of time!

4. International Travellers & Domestic US Travellers

Historically, the majority of flight deals that Dollar Flight Club sent were international economy fares. However, Dollar Flight Club now includes their Weekend Warrior Deals for Premium members that also send deals for domestic US flights that are perfect for weekend getaways!

In November 2019, they launched the Premium Plus Plan which also sends business and first class deals to travellers.

Still can’t decide whether Dollar Flight Club is worth it? Sign up to their free 14-day trial and decide for yourself!

Did you find this Dollar Flight Club Review? Are you wondering whether Dollar Flight Cub is worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. If I sign up for dollar flight club, can I buy tickets for my husband who may travel alone?
    Also, I am more interested in visiting Japan. Do you have great sale for Asia too?

    • Hi Masako, Dollar Flight Club only send you the deals, you don’t book through them so you can buy flights for whoever you want. I’m not sure about current deals but you if you sign up for a trial you can get an idea of the type of offers they send!


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