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by Michael Rozenblit

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If you want to learn more about Worldpackers before you use your Worldpackers discount code then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll go through everything you need to know about using the platform.

Worldpackers Promo Code – $10 Discount

Click this link and use the coupon code WORLDHEREFIRST to get a $10 discount off your Worldpackers membership!

Worldpackers Review

This review will tell you everything you need to know about the platform, the benefits of using it and how it all works!

What is Worldpackers?

Have you dreamt of travelling the world but are limited by your financial situation? Or do you want to experience something beyond just going on a typical backpacking route?

With the rise of technology, it is now easier than ever to find jobs on the road while travelling that can save you money on travel expenses such as food and accommodation.

While in prior decades, travellers would have to take their chances and hope to find some work while they’re already on the road, you can now search for and organise free accommodation in exchange for work before you leave your home!

This is where Worldpackers comes in.

Worldpackers operate as an exchange between travellers and hosts so you can find a place to work while travelling and significantly cut down on your expenses.

There are a variety of different hosts around the world that advertise on Worldpackers. Some require limited or no experience, such as helping hostels & guesthouses with checking in guests and cleaning rooms or working at farms & eco-villages helping to grow and farm produce.

Other opportunities might let you leverage the skills you already have and want to develop further. For example, there are a number of opportunities available for people with website & social media skills, photography or videography and musicians.

Another interesting thing to keep in mind when looking at potential hosts on Worldpackers is that, while some of the opportunities are typical work exchanges in places like hostels, there are also several NGOs and social projects that advertise opportunities which is great for people that also want to have a social impact when looking for a Worldpackers opportunity.

The wide range of possibilities makes using Worldpackers and volunteering abroad a realistic option for most travellers. In fact, the difficulty might be in narrowing down the huge number of options available!

 There are many opportunities to volunteer at hostels!
There are many opportunities to volunteer at hostels!

Benefits of Using Worldpackers

There are a number of benefits of using Worldpackers when travelling. In fact, I’m sure you’ll be able to think of many more than we’ve listed. However, here are some of the top reasons to consider signing up!

Save Money

I’ve touched on this already but ultimately if you’re concerned about being able to afford to travel, then this is arguably the best personal reason to use Worldpackers.

While most of the opportunities won’t offer you any cash in hand, the fact that you can exchange your skills for accommodation and possibly some meals are covered means that you have reduced your major expenses and can significantly increase your time on the road.

Learn new skills

If you’ve ever wanted to develop certain skills, taking the opportunity to volunteer with Worldpackers is a great way to do this.

This is particularly true for many opportunities that exist on farms, eco-villages and within permaculture. The skills you learn while volunteering can undoubtedly lead you to new career paths and opportunities long after you’ve finished travelling.

Connect with locals

The majority of hosts on Worldpackers are locals from the area that the volunteering opportunity is based in. This gives travellers a unique opportunity to connect with locals and immerse themselves in the culture.

This is usually quite difficult when travelling on a short trip and only staying in places for a few nights. So if this is something that is important to you, then volunteering through Worldpackers is a great option!

Can add to your CV

If you’re concerned about having a large blank period on your CV while travelling, then volunteering through Worldpackers can help remedy that. The new skills you learn through your time abroad can undoubtedly be valuable in helping you secure a new job if you eventually decide to return back home.

You can find volunteering opportunities at vineyards!
You can find opportunities at vineyards!

How does Worldpackers Work?

Now that we’ve touched on what Worldpackers is and some of the benefits of using them in this Worldpackers review, let’s break down the exact steps that you need to get started.

Browse volunteer opportunities

The first step is to see whether you can find any relevant hosting opportunities on Worldpackers. You don’t need to sign up to do this, so simply head to the Worldpackers.com website and browse what is currently available.

There are a huge number of opportunities and the advanced search feature lets you filter by a large number of factors so you can narrow it down easily!

Worldpackers have even introduced a ‘Higher Chance of Approval’ filter which lets users instantly filter which hosts have been active on the platform recently and message hosts which are more likely to review your application quickly.

You can also filter by things like ‘Top Hosts’ if you want the extra piece of mind of getting a great volunteering opportunity or by ‘Opportunities for couples or pairs’ if you’re travelling with a friend or partner.

All hosts are verified and need to add a significant amount of detail to their listings to ensure you know exactly what you are agreeing to and can feel as safe as possible when choosing an opportunity.

This will include things like how many hours per week you’re expected to work and what type of accommodation and/or meals are provided. You can read reviews from other travellers who have volunteered there to give you a better idea of what your experience could be like.

Verify your membership

If you’ve found something that you’d like to apply for, you’ll need to sign up for a verified membership in order to be able to contact the hosts.

By using the promo code WORLDHEREFIRST as your Worldpackers coupon code when signing up, you get $10 off your membership so you only need to pay $39 for a year. This will easily pay for itself when you factor in the cost of accommodation and food around the world!

Fill out your profile and message hosts

Make sure to fill out your profile with as much information as possible to increase your chances of finding a volunteer position. Once your profile is filled out you can begin messaging hosts and organising your position!

Try to apply about a month or two before you plan on leaving though you might also get lucky and find some last-minute opportunities if plans have recently changed for the host.

Some other tips for ensuring you find a place is to try and write detailed and personalised messages to each host, explaining why you specifically want to volunteer at their place and widening your search to include a number of cities or destinations and not just one specific area.

Worldpackers have also recently introduced a “Host Response Guarantee”. This means that if you are unsuccessful at finding an opportunity to volunteer within 30 days after messaging 5 or more hosts, then they will refund you the annual membership cost. You really have nothing to lose!

Pack your bags!

Once you’ve managed to secure a host, it’s time to pack your bags and organise your trip! Consider taking out a valid travel insurance policy (like Safetywing) and check out our packing list to ensure you don’t forget any essential items like a good pair of hiking shoes!

backpacker on hill
Pack your bags!

Other Benefits of Worldpackers

Aside from providing a great platform to find work exchange and volunteering opportunities, Worldpackers also provide a number of additional benefits to travellers who use their platform.

Couples/Friends Memberships

Worldpackers have introduced couples & friends memberships for $59 USD for an annual plan (or $49 USD if you use the coupon code WORLDHEREFIRST).

This means you get all the great benefits of Worldpackers but can split the cost with your partner or friend. It is a great way to save if you’re on a tight budget and have somebody to share the experience with.

Worldpackers gives you the ability to connect both your individual profiles and apply for opportunities together.

Worldpackers Insurance

You have the option of applying for Worldpackers Insurance after you found a hosting position. While this isn’t a substitute for a good travel insurance policy, it provides you with some extra reassurance if something goes wrong.

If there is a problem with the host, they will try to find you another host nearby or if that’s not possible pay for up to 3 nights accommodation so you have time to rework your plans if you’re on a basic plan. You can see more details here.

This is a great advantage of using Worldpackers compared to other sites like HelpX or Workaway.

Packs Memberships

Regardless of whether you are travelling as a single or couple, Worldpackers allows you to choose a pack plan that gives you a host of extra benefits.

Their standard pack plan includes things like up to 7 days of Worldpackers insurance (rather than the standard 3 days) as well as discounts on travel insurance, hotel bookings and SIM Cards.

They also have a Pack Plus option which extends the insurance to 14 days. These can be purchased as solo memberships or as couples/friends memberships.

Worldpackers Support Team

After you have confirmed a position, you have access to the Worldpackers support team before, during and after your trip.

While the Support team is available to anybody interested in Worldpackers, they prioritise verified members and those that have a hosting opportunity so you can feel confident you’ll get a quick response via email in case you need to reach out to them!

Worldpackers Acadamy

Worldpackers offers a collection of videos and courses that can help make your volunteering or travel experience easier if it is one of your first times abroad. All verified Worldpackers members have access to over 210 lessons with the “Traveling with Worldpackers course”.

This includes a range of videos filmed by other travellers for travellers on a range of subjects for personal and professional development while travelling. This is a great perk of being a Worldpackers member that allows you to fully take advantage of your time volunteering.

If you want some additional support, there is the option of upgrading your membership to include access to Worldpackers’ “Planning and budgeting for travel” and “Make a living while travelling as a lifestyle” courses.

To get access to these courses, you need to be on the ‘Worldpackers Pack’ plan which is a higher tier compared to their standard plans, however, you can also use the discount code WORLDHEREFIRST to get $10 off this plan.

Extra Income Opportunities

Before leaving on your trip, you can take advantage and apply to one of the Worldpackers Programs initiatives which gives you an excellent opportunity to earn some extra income while you’re on the road.

Opportunities include writing content for their community blog, creating videos of your experience, providing support to other travellers and referring hosts to the platform.

This can make for a nice additional supplementary income so you can afford to travel more after your work exchange or volunteering is finished.

So what are you waiting for? By using the promotional code WORLDHEREFIRST at checkout you get a $10 Worldpackers code so it only costs $39 per year for a solo traveller and it will open the door to a huge number of volunteering and work exchange opportunities to help you get more out of your travels and stay on the road for longer!

Did you find this Worldpackers review useful? Have you used a work exchange site or considering it for a future trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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