FlyLine Review: A New Way to Book Flights

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These days, there are more and more flight routes from different airlines opening up all over the world. However, with ever-changing airline alliances and dynamic pricing, it can be difficult for the occasional traveller to know how to best take advantage of new routes or deals and plan a trip. While I personally love searching the web and finding the best options for travelling, most people simply don’t have the time for this and want an easy and straightforward way to do this. That’s where FlyLine comes in.

FlyLine is a new service that has recently launched to help travellers get the best deals on flights and make it easy to take advantage of cheap fares as they become available. In this FlyLine review, we’ll outline exactly how the service works, the differences in their subscription plans and show you examples of the money you can save!

How Does FlyLine Work?

FlyLine has developed a toolkit for travellers to use to book flights around the world. The first component of this is their booking engine which accesses flight routes and prices from a single database that lists the wholesale prices of flights. This has a couple of advantages for users when compared to other booking engines.

FlyLine is offering travellers a new way to book flights

Firstly, there is an opportunity to get cheaper rates on flights than are available elsewhere, as FlyLine is able to offer the wholesale price of airfares. This is an advantage over booking with a full-service airline (i.e. not a budget airline like Spirit, Ryanair or Wizz Air) where prices can be marked up from the wholesale price.

The second advantage of using the booking engine that FlyLine has created is a process known as ‘virtual interlining’. Simply put, this means that when searching on FlyLine’s booking engine, they are able to display results that combine one-way flights from different carriers and airlines that aren’t partners. This is a huge point of differentiation when compared to other online flight engines who don’t offer this service.

Virtual interlining means that if, for example, you want to fly from a city in the US to a city in Europe where there are no direct flights, FlyLine can show you options that connect two different one-way flights from different airlines who aren’t partners. This can make it significantly easier to find cheaper options and to book in one place rather than having to do the searching yourself and book separately.

In addition to these benefits, FlyLine also provides deal alerts from your preferred airports as well as automatic check-in 24 hours before boarding if you book through their booking engine.

Searching for Flights with FlyLine

Travellers who sign up with FlyLine are given access to a personalised dashboard where they can search for flights, keep track of their deals and access previous flight searches. At the top of the dashboard, users have access to the FlyLine booking engine where they can search for flights.

Your personal FlyLine dashboard

Users are able to filter search results by price, their preferred airlines, the number of stops and more. You’re also able to easily exclude certain types of airlines, such as budget carriers, if you prefer not to fly them.

Let’s compare the prices and options available for flying from Phoenix, Arizona to Rome, Italy in February 2020. There are no direct flights between these two cities so this allows us to test whether there are any benefits of the virtual interlining feature that FlyLine offers.

The search results give us a number of one-stop options with minimal layover times. The cheapest one-stop options cost $491 for combined flights from Delta & Air Italia (both members of the SkyTeam Alliance) or American Airlines & Air Italia (members of different airline alliances).

FlyLine Review: Comparison with SkyScanner
Phoenix to Rome for $491 on FlyLine

If we do the same search on Skyscanner, the cheapest option that comes up is $2,593 – over five times the price of what’s available on FlyLine!

The equivalent route on Skyscanner is $2,593!

Another benefit of using their virtual interlining feature becomes apparent when searching for flights from Dallas, Texas to Dublin, Ireland in March 2020. The results on FlyLine show the cheapest one-way fare as $445 by combining a one-way flight from Spirit Airlines and American Airlines.

Doing the same search on Skyscanner yields the cheapest fare of $791 – nearly double what is available on FlyLine!

If you want to take advantage of any of the flight options available on FlyLine, simply click the ‘Book Now’ button, where you’ll be directed to the booking page. You’ll be able to add items such as checked baggage as part of the booking process. You can book multiple passengers on any route you find under a single FlyLine account.

If you need to make any changes or cancel your flight after booking through FlyLine, you are able to contact them directly. While they’re are able to get in contact on your behalf with full-service airlines, you’ll need to reach out directly to budget airlines if you want to make any changes.

FlyLine Membership Plans Review

If you want to take advantage of FlyLine’s service, they currently offer two plans: Basic & Premium.

FlyLine Basic Plan

The FlyLine Basic Plan is targeted towards leisure and solo travellers as it only allows a maximum of 6 bookings every year. It includes access to the FlyLine search engine as described above as well as the perks of having deal alerts and automatic check-in on bookings.

An annual membership for FlyLine’s basic plan costs $49.99.

FlyLine Premium Plan

The FlyLine Premium plan is designed for frequent travellers or families who don’t want to be restricted to only a handful of booking per year. On the Premium Plan, FlyLine offers unlimited bookings as well as the option to add an additional user to your account. The additional user you add can also use the FlyLine service under your account making this the ideal option if you travel frequently with a friend or partner.

An annual membership for FlyLine’s premium plan costs $79.99. This makes it a cost-effective option for travellers who will make use of the additional user feature or plan to make more than 6 bookings annually.

FlyLine Membership Plan Options

FlyLine offers travellers a new way to access cheaper flights compared to what is available on competing flight booking engines. If you’re planning on travelling in the new year and are tired of scouring the web in order to combine one-way flights then FlyLine might be a good option for you! Click here to visit their website.

Did you find this FlyLine review useful? Have you tried their service before? Let us know in the comments below!

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