The Perfect Madrid to Segovia Day Trip

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by Maggie Turansky

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Aside from Toledo, going on a Segovia day trip from Madrid is arguably one of the most popular days out from the Spanish capital. Known for its beautiful Roman aqueduct, incredibly grand cathedral and gorgeous Alcázar, Segovia has a lot to offer visitors and it is not surprising why it is so popular to visit.

Segovia is also quite easy to reach from Madrid with numerous options connecting the historic town to the Spanish capital. Its compact nature makes it easy to explore within the span of a few hours while still allowing visitors to take in several interesting and beautiful historical sites.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an easy guided tour or want to visit independently, this is one of the best day trip options within easy reach of Spain’s lively capital.

Getting from Madrid to Segovia

Located about 90 kilometres northwest of Madrid, Segovia is easy to reach via several different methods.

Whether you want to take the planning out of your day trip to Segovia and opt for an organised tour or you’d like to go independently by train, bus or car, there is no shortage of ways to visit this historic town.

By Organised Tour

For those who would rather leave the logistics and planning for their day out to someone else, then an organised tour is going to be the best bet for you.

There are countless day tours from Madrid to Segovia to choose from so you are really spoilt for choice when planning your day trip.

If you want to see two (or even three) of the top day trip destinations from Madrid, this full-day tour or this full-day tour will take you to Segovia and Toledo and gives you the option to add on Ávila, as well. You can also book a similar private tour.

This guided day tour and this guided tour combines a morning exploring Ávila before busing you to Segovia to explore for the afternoon. You can also book a similar private tour.

And for those who would like to see Segovia from a unique vantage point, you can book a hot air balloon ride over the city and the tour is also included with the option for transport to and from Madrid.

Beautiful Segovia
Beautiful Segovia

By Train

If you’re visiting Segovia independently, then one of your best options to reach the city from Madrid is via high-speed rail. With a journey time of under 30 minutes, this is arguably the quickest way to get to Segovia, as well.

In practice, even if you do opt to take the train, the total time it will take to get from Madrid to the city centre of Segovia will be a bit longer than thirty minutes.

Trains to Segovia leave from Madrid Chamartín Station in the north of the city. The trains go to Segovia Guiomar station and they take about 30 minutes in total.

Segovia Guiomar is located a few kilometres outside of the city centre so it is necessary to take a bus to the centre. This is very straightforward, however.

Bus lines 11 and 12 leave from directly in front of the train station and take you directly to the aqueduct (acueducto in Spanish). The bus takes about 20 minutes and it costs €2 per person – you can purchase tickets directly from the driver (cash only).

Because Segovia is a very popular day trip destination from Madrid, it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance here.

Segovia Train Station
Segovia Train Station

By Bus

If you want to save a bit of cash (though it’s not significantly less expensive), then taking the bus from Madrid to Segovia can be a great option for day-trippers. Buses leave very frequently and it is a straightforward journey,

Buses depart from Madrid’s Moncloa Station in the west of the city and go directly to Segovia’s central bus station. The journey time is about an hour and a half.

Also, contrary to the train station, Segovia’s bus station is only about a five-minute walk from the aqueduct and the beginning of the historical centre of the town.

Much like with the train, it is advisable to book tickets online in advance for your day trip. You can browse timetables here.

By Car

For those who would like the ultimate flexibility with their day trip to Segovia from Madrid, then going by car is a great option.

This way, you are not beholden to bus and train timetables, you can make some stops along the way and spend as little or as much time in Segovia as you’d like.

There are car parks outside of the city centre – the historical centre of Segovia is best navigated on foot. The drive from Madrid to Segovia is about an hour and ten minutes, depending on the route you take and the traffic conditions.

If you choose to hire a car for your trip from Madrid to Segovia, then we suggest browsing to compare prices across an array of companies.

Exploring Segovia
Exploring Segovia

Segovia Day Trip Itinerary

If you are travelling to Segovia independently, follow this itinerary to get the most out of this beautiful, historic town and to ensure your day is an excellent one.

Roman Aqueduct

Situated at the entrance to the historical centre, the first stop on any day trip to Segovia has got to be the Roman Aqueduct.

As one of the most iconic landmarks in the town, this beautiful ancient structure is truly impressive and incredibly striking.

Built in the 1st Century CE to channel water from nearby mountain springs into the city itself, the fascinating thing about this UNESCO-listed historic site is that it continued to be in use until 1973.

The aqueduct is considered to be one of the best-preserved Roman aqueduct bridges in the world and is definitely a symbol of the town of Segovia. It is very impressive to see and the perfect way to set the tone for your day in this town.

Roman Aqueduct
Roman Aqueduct

Iglesia de San Martín

Wandering under the aqueduct and into Segovia’s old town (which is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list), make the next stop on your itinerary be the beautiful Iglesia de San Martín – or St Martin’s Church in English.

This beautiful Romanesque-style church was founded in the 12th Century and has major historical significance in the city of Segovia.

The church also sits on the Plaza de Medina del Campo, a wide square that is known for the statues of the Sirena de Segovia – stone statues of the Sirens, the creature from Greek mythology.

Plaza de Medina del Campo
Plaza de Medina del Campo

Plaza Mayor

Winding your way down the main drag in Segovia you will eventually hit the imposing cathedral, but before we discuss that, take the time to take in the energy of Plaza Mayor – Segovia’s main square.

Constructed in the 16th Century, this square sits with the backdrop of the ornate Catedral de Segovia and is lined with benches, shops and cafes. There is also a gazebo that sits in the centre of the square.

The Plaza Mayor is a great place to sit back and people-watch before continuing on your sightseeing in beautiful Segovia.

Plaza Mayor in Segovia
Plaza Mayor

Catedral de Segovia

Along with the aqueduct and the Alcázar (more on that later!), one of the most iconic sites of Segovia is its grand cathedral. The Catedral de Segovia is a vast and incredibly ornate Gothic cathedral that is very much a focal point in the old town.

Built between the years 1525 to 1577, this massive cathedral was constructed in the Late Gothic style and is incredibly striking, even from the outside. However, if you want to tour the interior of this grand church, this is also a possibility.

You can purchase tickets directly at the door (general admission is €4 per person, but there are lots of different options available at various price points) or you can buy skip-the-line tickets online in advance.

For those interested in learning more about the history of this incredible structure, then consider booking a guided tour of the cathedral in order to get a bit more historical context.

Segovia Cathedral
Segovia Cathedral

Alcázar de Segovia

The final iconic stop and one of the best things to do in Segovia is the imposing Alcázar de Segovia. This medieval castle is absolutely beautiful and one of the top sites to visit in the entire area.

Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a castle has stood in this place since at least the 12th Century and it served as the Royal residence in the city of Segovia.

The architecture is far more medieval than many other Mudéjar and Moorish-style palaces that one sees in places like Seville or Granada, so it is a unique place to visit in Spain, as well.

If you’re interested in touring the interior of the Alcázar, entry tickets start at €7 per person and cost €9 per person if you also want to climb the castle tower.

Alcazar de Segovia
Alcazar de Segovia

Murallas de Segovia

After visiting the Alcázar, take the long way back to the aqueduct and old town by strolling along the old city walls — the Murallas de Segovia in Spanish.

Though certainly not as impressive as the city walls in nearby Ávila, you can still get some viewpoints and enjoy some of the turrets on these walls, too.

It is also a great route to take when you are winding your way over to the old Jewish quarter of the city.

Murallas de Segovia
Murallas de Segovia

Jewish Quarter

Make the final stop on your Segovia day trip from Madrid be the city’s old Jewish Quarter. Like many historic Spanish cities and towns, Segovia was once home to a thriving Sephardic Jewish community that was expelled (or forced to convert to Christianity) in 1492.

This area today is quiet and tranquil and doesn’t attract the hordes of crowds that other areas of the old town draw, despite being located just below the cathedral and still in the historic centre.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Jewish community in Segovia, then consider heading to the Centro Didáctico de la Judería de Segovia, a local Jewish museum.

Jewish Quarter in Segovia
Jewish Quarter in Segovia

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Planning a day trip to Segovia is one of the best ways to see a smaller, historic Spanish city within easy reach of Madrid. Segovia is easy to navigate, filled with interesting sites and is absolutely beautiful to boot.

Are you planning a trip to Segovia? Have any questions about this itinerary? Let us know in the comments!

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